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New Ford Maverick, Bronco Sport Production Details Disclosed

Both the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick have proven to be popular entities with customers since the launch of each, with the Maverick – in particular – still quite difficult to get one’s hands on. The Blue Oval announced that it planned on ramping up Ford Maverick production back in early March by adding a third shift at the Hermosillo Assembly plant – where the Bronco Sport is also built – as it works to ensure that supply can catch up with extreme demand. As part of its recent Q1 2023 financial report, FoMoCo also revealed the details of that particular expansion.

The Blue Oval is planning to expand its Ford Maverick and Bronco Sport annual production run rate by a total of 80,000 units by the end of the year, which is presumably for both models, combined. However, it’s worth noting that this means the Hermosillo plant will have the capacity to build 80,000 additional units of these vehicles – not that it will, which is important since the automaker is still facing some lingering supply chain issues that continue to hamper production.

Regardless, things have certainly improved in that regard over the past few months, as Ford Maverick and Bronco Sport production ramped up significantly in Q1 of this year. Over the first three months of 2023, Ford built 41,328 Bronco Sport crossovers and 25,486 units of the Maverick, in fact.

For those interested in placing an order for a Maverick, in particular, order banks for the 2024 model year are set to open up on July 17th, 2023. Production of the 2024 Maverick is also expected to begin at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico on October 16th, 2023, though as always, these dates are subject to change – particularly as automakers like Ford continue to navigate various global supply chain issues.

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  1. David Clausen

    I ordered Dec 23 2021. Still have no build date. Many trucks that was ordered 10 months after I ordered. Why

    1. James Peoples

      I ordered my 2022 maverick on July 7th 2021 just recently received email a build date of week of the 23rd of June and will be a 2023 model.

    2. Slickmojo

      Go back to the dealer and reorder a ’23 as priority 10 and you’ll have it in 2 months.

      1. John

        You can’t order a 2023

  2. jack

    ford is probably sending them to their dealers, so the can add an extra 5000 to the sticker price.if it is ordered they cant add the 5000.this just happened at a west pa dealer of course this is second hand i’m sure any trustworthy dealer would not do anything like that

    1. Allan

      Yes, this is going on at a Ford dealership in NJ..a customer ordered an XLT Maverick and canceled it. The sticker on it says 26,385, my daughter was interested in it until they said there is a 5,000 mark up!?!? Give me a break, these trucks on the lower end were supposed to be affordable. They have some nerve jacking up the price. I hope it sits there till it rots and nobody is stupid enough to buy it for the extra 5 grand!!! Definitely not worth it…

  3. VideoAdsAreIntrusive

    According to those numbers, they’re close to 80K units total already. If it’s an increase, it’s probably 80K units of each.

  4. Jeff

    I ordered my 2023 Ford Maverick in September 2022 still no word of when it will go into production

  5. Pete Miller

    I ordered 2023 ford Maverick in September 2022 nothing so far,so I’m going to reorder this July 17 trying again

    1. Adam

      Does anyone have an idea of the current production dates (ie. if you get your date today) … I suspect they are into July as I have seen a couple of recent posts of getting dates in June.
      Add on 8+ week’s delivery time and I’m guessing if you haven’t heard anything yet you won’t see your truck until September/October 🙁

  6. Bill Strong

    This is may be the last year Ford doesn’t have competition for small trucks. They need to get/make this right or Maverick orders will start being canceled. They new the Hybrid models would sell more but did nothing to upgrade production. Now they’re facing Toyota, Ram, hell even Volkswagen is getting into the market. And I’ll bet they won’t have supply chain issues.

    1. Bill

      No one has announced they are entering the compact truck segment. Hyundai has the Sanata Cruz, but it’s not selling like the Ford.

  7. Jeff H

    Ordered my Maverick XL hybrid September 20,2022 and still nothing planned. Never received my 45 day update on May 3rd so I have no idea as to what is going on. My dealer has only called me one time on April 7th and would not answer my questions. If I get rolled over to a 24 do I have to pay the certain price increase.

    1. Slickmojo

      If you don’t get it this year there are no roll overs to a ’24. Order another in July

  8. Hugh B

    Waiting patiently for info on EV Bronco build in 2024

  9. Dave

    I ordered my Maverick the first day the order bank opened in September. It was going to be a retirement gift for myself. I’m afraid that I will never see it. I guess I will drive my 2007 ranger until I stop drivivg.

    1. Slickmojo

      Hold out for a hybrid, well worth the wait. Mine took 18 months

  10. Ford sucks

    I’ll never buy a ford from a ford dealership, sales greed will destroy ford

  11. Robert anonymous

    I ordered mine in September 22′. Last I heard, no hybrids have been started yet. We’re screwed either way.

  12. grumpyunk

    You would think the extra capacity would be used to build Maverick trucks, and satisfy the demand already shown. The Bronco Sport series are not selling as well as some Toy models, but the profit is higer per unit than that on a Maverick, so guess which one will get a boost in production? I got my Maverick almost exactly 6 months after ordering, and feel lucky at that. I do not know if I would go through another wait as it appears customers are suffering right now.
    The phrase, from long ago, was: “Make hay while the sun is shining.” … Ford seems to have never heard that you take advantage of the current market and do all you can to fill the demand, even at a lower profit margin, as if you get a new customer, you may keep them, but if they go to competitors, you may never see them again. The guys/gals in charge of production mix seem to be asleep at their desk…
    There is no doubt that competitors are chomping at the bit (pun intended) to compete with the Maverick, and they will produce some vehicles that may put the Maverick to shame. Competition will show up, and FoMoCo will miss the boat again as they turn customers away at the door to the dealership.

  13. Adam

    Just put a deposit down on a RAV4 hybrid. Expect to get it in 4 weeks. I haven’t had any word on my sept. 22 maverick order so I figure I’m not getting one for at least another 3-4 months. I really want the maverick but I need a car. Sad days…

  14. Bruce Sattler

    Ordered my maverick lariat on Sept 16, 2022. Dealer has build date. June 19, 2023. Ford has not sent me a build date.


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