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New Ford Maverick Two-Inch Level Lift Kit Now Available

The Ford Maverick has been a smash hit for The Blue Oval as consumers have sought out the affordable, efficient compact pickup in throes, which has also led to a burgeoning aftermarket. Aside from performance upgrades like tunes and various other parts and accessories, Ford Maverick owners can also buy things like leveling/lift kits and larger tires, helping to make the unibody pickup look more like, well, a proper truck. Now, that list continues to grow, thanks to the launch of this new two-inch Ford Maverick leveling kit from Flatout Suspension.

Ford Maverick Flatout Suspension Leveling Kit

This new leveling kit lifts the Maverick a total of two inches in the front and 1.5 inches in the rear, though owners can also lift both ends by two inches if they wish to keep the factory rake. However, for Tremor models, the front lift only equates to 1.5 inches, thanks to that model’s unique hardware. Those that choose to go the full two inches are advised to also install subframe spacers to re-center the rear tire and reduce the angle of the CV.

Like many leveling kits, this one utilizes a spacer in the front that mounts on top of the factory strut, while the rear gets a height adjustable spring perch and new springs. Shoppers can choose between either a comfort or overload spring, with the former retaining Ford’s OEM rate and load capacity, while the latter increases load capacity – which helps eliminate sagging when carrying things like a hitch-mounted cargo basket or rear tire carrier.

This leveling kit is compatible with all Maverick models – both two- and four-wheel drive, as well as the Hybrid. Pricing starts out at $449 without the recommended subframe spacers, while the price goes up to $674 with those items included.

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    How about an article on lowering the Maverick 2″ and if it is done at a dealership, will it effect the warranty. There are a couple of kits I have read about but no seems to be able to definitively answer the warranty issue, most assume it will void the warranty.

  2. David

    Since Ford can’t build a Maverick? What good are these accessories on a vehicle That ford can’t even deliver to a customer. I have been waiting since september sixteenth, Nine months and still waiting when are they gonna actually start

    1. Gayla

      I agree….. ordered my XLT hybrid July 2022. Ford tells me they are having trouble getting parts. Yet they don’t have trouble building the Maverick and selling it all over South America.
      Now a lift kit !!!! For a truck that you can’t get. It’s a unicorn. I’m researching the new Tacoma hybrid that is expected to be for sale early 2024. Good luck to you and all of us that have an outstanding Maverick order.

    2. Bill Byrne

      9 months WOW I have waited 18 months-It finally came in,we bought something else in Jan. so dealer was TICKLED PINK I did not buy it as they sold it for 5,000 over sticker, I I would have paid sticker, minus the 2,750 from Ford. and another note NO word from Foed the 18 months ,I had to call tehm every month and check, and the dealer too, seemed to have NO CLUE. too bad, I had had new fords since 1974, but not any longer.

    3. Mike

      Here’s a mind blower! I finally received my Maverick Hybrid in March-waited 16 months…I love it! BUT-I started getting notices from Ford that my new Maverick was scheduled to be built, then built, then shipped…AFTER I got mine. Got a call from my dealership that said a new Maverick, IDENTICAL to mine just showed up on the lot attached to my name! I didn’t have the means to buy another (knowing I could make a killing if I re-sold it). Told them to just sell it to someone FAR AWAY. I am the only one in my area with the hot pepper red:). So if you run, Griffith Ford in San Marcos TX has one on the lot today!

  3. Fred McMurray

    I would be interested in a lift kit for the Maverick Hybrid if it ever shows up placed my order in August 2022 and still don’t have the truck it will be a year old by the time I get it as the 2024 will be featured


    I find it is very pathetic that we are only getting information, (customers who have ordered a new Maverick) ,that brag of the high sales and popularity of the vehicle but no updates or progress reports or possible discounts to restore our faith in our purchase decision.

  5. Danny B

    I waited 11 months and 3 days to get my 22 XLT Hybrid. May 26th is a year & 15k miles. I’ll reluctantly let it go for $50k and your spot in line…

  6. George Lebsack

    Is anybody receiving a 2023 Maverick XL hybred-I’ve received three emails from Ford on the delay problems(8 months on order). It would be nice if Ford would give approximate build dates for customer orders after 6 months.

    1. Mike

      Took me 16 months to get my Lariat Hybrid. Ford does not apologize. Sadly it IS a good product and even after the ridiculous wait and horrific communications, glad I have it and it is awesome. But competition is coming and i
      my next purchase will likely go elsewhere where they actually CARE about life-long customers!

  7. Clifford easton

    I have waited 9 months for my 2023 ecoboost mav. Getting tired of it

  8. Matthew Hart

    I have a question about the 2023 Ford Maverick that I ordered last September. If Ford knows that they have more orders than they can fulfill, then why don’t they convert the unscheduled orders to 2024’s on July 17? They could keep the order bank closed for new orders, until they schedule all the outstanding orders. Does that make sense or am I missing something?


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