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Overloaded Ford F-150 Lightning Can Still Tow: Video

Though it has received mostly positive reviews since its launch for the 2022 model year, the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning has also been subjected to more than one payload and towing test, which revealed its shortcomings in that regard. In all fairness, this is true of all EVs, which lose a considerable amount of range when straddled with heavy loads, but it’s still a sticking point for those that engage in such activities on a regular basis – at least while covering long distances. However, what we haven’t seen – until now, at least – is someone exceeding the maximum tow ratings of the Ford F-150 Lightning and testing it out, though Zack Nelson of the YouTube channel Jerry Rig Everything recently did precisely that, with some interesting results.

Ford F-150 Lightning Towing 10,000 Pounds Test - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Borrowed by Ford, this F-150 Lightning is strapped up to a trailer carrying a Hummer H1, which is a heavy load, indeed. Pulling the same exact combination, Nelson’s Rivian R1T managed to make it right at 100 miles before running out of juice, so this makes for an even more interesting comparison. As Nelson points out, the Ford F-150 Lightning has some advantages right out of the gate, including its regular, non-off-road tires, and its superior range rating – not to mention warmer weather on this particular day.

By his own estimates, Nelson believes that his combination weighs right around 10,000 pounds, which just so happens to be the truck’s max towing capacity. However, he winds up discovering a bit later on that the combination exceeded that by just a touch – or around 700 pounds. Regardless, the Ford F-150 Lightning proves up to the task, pulling this heavy load without breaking a sweat.

After a roughly 80 percent highway to 20 percent city driving mix, the Ford F-150 Lightning ultimately made it around 112 miles on this particular trip, and it still had 18 miles of charge left. That’s a significant 30 miles more than the R1T, though in all fairness, the weather likely had a lot to do with that. Either way, it’s an impressive result by any measure.

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  1. Bigburningassteve

    112 miles!!! Oh boy that’s just great, sorry Ford, I’ll keep my F250 diesel! And sorry charging is not free!

  2. Steve

    Wow, holy smokies Batman, a whole 112 miles. Then I can wait 4 to 6 hours to recharge, which is NOT free, unless you are a thief, Ford Owner. Are you a thief? No thanks. I don’t need a truck that can just spontaneously start on fire. Then burn for 3 days. I’ll keep my 16.4 MPG Bronco. Drive my 360 miles then wait a whole 5 minutes to refuel, then drive another 360 miles. Any Lighting owners our want to race for pinks? 400 miles round trip.

  3. Shockandawe

    Maybe they should raise the price another 10k! EV’s are smoke and mirrors perpetrated by Brandon and company.

    1. Are You Even Awake?

      Okay, got it!

  4. Cptmorgemaker

    I love typical truck owner comments. Not far enough for the one time I pull every 3 years. I need to be able to pull 5 million miles at once! Tired of seeing daily truckers saying oh, you can’t pull when I never see a single one of them having a trailer

  5. Aus10

    What was the purpose of the green bungy cord. Seen on passenger side from trailer to hummer


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