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Photos Suggest 2025 Ford Expedition Interior Overhaul Coming

Earlier this month, Ford Authority spotted a refreshed 2025 Ford Expedition prototype for the very first time, revealing that a few changes are in store for the full-size SUV. Since then, Ford Authority also spotted a potential 2025 Expedition Timberline, and reported that the Expedition lineup is also set to gain a set of 24-inch wheels at some point in the near future, too. Now, new photos of this 2025 Ford Expedition prototype’s interior reveal that an overhaul is coming in that particular area, too.

As we can see in these photos, the interior of this particular Expedition prototype is covered up with heavy camo, making it difficult to tell exactly what’s going on here. However, the presence of that camo across the steering wheel, the entire dash, and the infotainment screen means that there are some notable changes going on underneath – which is precisely why those parts are covered up in the first place.

There are a few things we can make out, regardless, including the fact that the BlueCruise sensor is located in front of the steering wheel as opposed to the current model, in which the sensor is located next to the top of the Sync 4 screen on the center stack. This sensor is used to ensure that drivers are paying attention to the road ahead. Additionally, the fact that the infotainment screen is covered up hints that a new setup is coming, perhaps with even a bigger screen than the current model. Currently, the standard screen in the Expedition measures 12 inches, while the optional portrait-oriented unit is a rather large 15.5 inches.

Aside from these interior updates, the 2025 Ford Expedition figures to remain largely unchanged on the outside after receiving a refresh for the 2022 model year, aside from a new front clip, possibly a new hood, a new liftgate and taillight design, and a rear wiper that’s been relocated out of sight – potentially underneath the third brake light.

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  1. cj

    they really need to make major changes to exterior….its the blandest of the big SUVS…..some chrome accents and body redone would help…like the Lincoln Navigator..though…more class..

  2. Tom Budlong

    “a new liftgate and taillight design” ??
    Let’s hope the new liftgate design is a split tailgate, where the bottom half hinges down to make a flat, level working space, like the old Land Cruisers. To have that working space a few moments after stopping is one of the handiest design feature on the Land Cruiser that I have been running for over 35 years.

  3. Earl

    A coyote v8 would be nice to compete with the rst Tahoe chevy and gmc Yukon have gained in sales due to having a v8 as well as Lincoln Navigator compared to the Escalade with the v8 it would be an excellent option


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