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Ram Rampage, Future Ford Maverick Rival, Spotted Testing

The Ford Maverick has thus far proven to be a smash hit not only in the U.S., but also Brazil, where the compact pickup officially launched roughly one year ago. Since then, the Maverick has been named Car of the Year by The Premia Group – a non-profit organization composed of journalists – and it will soon be joined by the hybrid version, which has already arrived in the South American country in the form of demo units. However, the Maverick won’t have the compact pickup market all to itself for much longer, as a Stellantis competitor named the Ram Rampage was originally spotted by Ford Authority in January, and was recently confirmed to be testing in the U.S. Now, Ford Authority has spied the new Ram Rampage testing yet again, this time covered in heavy camo.

Though it’s difficult to discern any styling details present here – given the fact that the compact pickup is wrapped in a ton of camo designed to conceal its looks – there’s no mistaking the fact that this is a small pickup with some familiar styling cues up front. It’s also easy to play connect the dots given the fact that Stellantis recently released a teaser video of the new Ram Rampage, previewing a few of its exterior features.

Those details include styling that’s similar to the existing, larger Ram pickups, such as its familiar-looking headlights, a bulging hood with a “Ram” logo and “turbo” written beneath it, and a “Ram” script badge on the tailgate. Otherwise, Stellantis didn’t give us much to go by, though previous rumors suggest that the Rampage will reportedly ride on the automaker’s “Small Wide” 4×4 architecture that underpins existing models like the Jeep Compass, Jeep Commander, and Fiat Toro, and is slated to be built at the Jeep plant located in Brazil. Wider and longer than the Toro, the Rampage will reportedly utilize an updated, turbocharged version of the 2.0L Tigershark I-4 and the turbocharged 2.2L Multijet II I-4, both of which will be mated to the ZF nine-speed automatic transmission.

Though we know that the Ram Rampage will be sold as a Maverick rival in South America, it’s currently unclear whether or not the new model will be available in the U.S. as well. In any event, the new model is expected to launch later this year for the 2024 model year.

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  1. BaubKnaubCaub

    Looks less wimpy than the Mav.
    Dual exhaust, center mounted plate, higher in the rear.
    Or maybe it’s all the Camo?

  2. Michael J Genzale

    Any Maverick competitor will have to be avaible as a hybrid at the same price point. Look at how the Maverick is burning Santa Cruze in sales volumn.

  3. Don Cleveland

    A 6 speed manual with a 300 hp 4 turbo with adjustable suspension. Would sell very well and let’s not forget the coyote powered Maverick for those of us who think there’s never enough power.

  4. erock9202

    It will be interesting if this compact pickup sits somewhere between the Maverick and the Ridgeline in size, especially considering that Ram has nothing smaller than the 1500. This could be a two-birds-one-stone winner if done correctly.

  5. grumpyunk

    Definitely something that will bring customers into the showroom, and if they can’t sell one of these, they can tout their 1500 herd out on the lot. With so many unsold RAM 1500 vehicles, this may just be a showroom attraction, with production lagging behind, just like the Maverick.
    Personal opinion is that Stellantis is not a car/truck company, but a financial conglomerate that just happens to own some factories. Ask their CEO to change oil in the Italian-manufactured Jeep, and I bet he could not even find the dipstick.


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