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Second Generation Ford EVs May Have CCS and NACS Ports

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, during a conversation with Tesla/Twitter CEO Elon Musk, Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed that The Blue Oval has signed a deal with Tesla that will grant current and future Ford EV owners access to that company’s massive Supercharger network. This is already possible via a “Magic Dock” adapter present on select Supercharger station chargers, but now, Tesla will develop an adapter using the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard to interface with its V3 Superchargers. Farley also revealed that all existing owners of Ford EVs will receive NACS (North American Charging Standard) adapters, but it was a bit unclear if FoMoCo was planning on selling its second-generation models with a CCS port, though it seems as if they may utilize more than one type of connector.

“There is a transition period,” Emma Bergg, Ford’s global director, electric vehicles and BlueOval City communications, wrote on Twitter. “We’re engineering for NACS starting in ’25. Having both inlet ports is an option for us – but nothing more to share right now. More to come!” With companies still trying to figure out which type of EV port will ultimately prove to be the standard, such a move makes quite a bit of sense – after all, owners of Ford EVs likely won’t be pleased if their vehicles are rendered incapable of charging at future stations, or if they’re forced to use an adapter to do so every time, too.

The very first second-generation Ford EVs are expected to launch in 2025, riding on their own dedicated platforms and presenting customers with a simplified, fully-updatable product offering plenty of digital experiences. Those changes are also expected to result in Ford turning the proverbial corner and raking in a profit from its Model e EV division, which is notable as the current-gen models are not.

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  1. Bill Howland

    If they include an adapter, why have 2 ports?

    More complication must be part of Farley’s simplification program.


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