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Three Row Ford EV Will Have 350 Mile Range, Sleek Styling

We’ve known for some time now that an all-electric version of the Ford Explorer was in the works – which figures to be completely different than the Explorer EV for Europe, which rides on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. However, details regarding this future model have otherwise been mostly lacking, save for the fact that it will likely offer Pro Power Onboard and a large frunk, riding on its own dedicated platform like all second-generation Blue Oval EVs, and wearing unique styling. However, while speaking at Ford’s 2023 Capital Markets Day presentation, Doug Field, chief advanced product development and technology officer, revealed a few more interesting details regarding what we can expect from this future three-row Ford EV.

“When we set out to build our generation two three-row, we started by changing the way we think about the tires with lower rolling resistance, squeezing every little drop of propulsion system efficiency out, optimizing everything in computer simulations,” Field said. “We took a bunch of mass out, we lowered the ride height, we changed the aerodynamics, and the result is a different product. It’s a three row family vehicle with 350 miles of range that can still cover 300 miles when you’re cruising at 70 miles per hour. It’s got a battery that’s one-third smaller and lighter, thousands of dollars less expensive. With the same amount of scarce battery raw materials, we can bring our product to three customers instead of two. Those three customers are going to get a new and a better product.”

“As Jim said, we call it a personal bullet train. It’s beautiful and it’s unlike anything in the segment so far. It’ll be affordable. It’ll be longer, sleeker, quieter vehicle with amazing size and features of an interior space. We’ve engineered the battery and charging, so not only can you travel those distances on the highway, but you can stop for less than 10 minutes and pick up 150 miles of range.”

While Field didn’t come out and specifically refer to what future Ford EV he’s speaking of, it’s almost certainly the Ford Explorer EV, which figures to be the next addition to The Blue Oval’s growing EV lineup. Expected to launch in 2025, both the Explorer EV and Lincoln Aviator EV are slated to be produced at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada following a retooling, as that facility currently builds the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus for North America.

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  1. Dan Lewis

    Can you guys please report on the 2024 Ford Explorer – I’d love to hear about both the interior and exterior design changes as well as any new or different colors that will be available.

  2. Mike Cee

    Those are overly optimistic numbers for the EV. The F-150 lightening going for $73k has a measly range of 240 miles. Seeing is believing.

  3. Bill

    Just watched a Nova documentary about getting to net zero by 2050. They borrowed a F150 Lighting to drive from Boston to somewhere in Maine. It was a total 1000 miles round trip. They had to stop 8 times and the trip to twice as long as a gas vehicle.


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