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Two Ford Suppliers Resume Talks As Strikes Continue

Two Ford suppliers have resumed negotiations with their unionized employees this week, as both companies deal with shuttered facilities after the UAW decided to initiate strikes at both plants. While some of the back and fourth between the parties has been acrimonious at times, it seems like things are improving, as all involved parties are talking, per a report from Automotive News. The strikes arrive shortly before The Blue Oval is itself facing contract talks later this year, with the UAW and with Unifor.

Constellium and the UAW are engaged in dialogue once again, according to the publication, after a period where the two parties experiences a breakdown at the bargaining table. Workers at the company’s plant in Detroit have been officially on strike since Wednesday, and they decided to walk off the job over safety concerns and dissatisfaction with compensation levels. The union previously alleged that the company refused to talk with the organization. A number of important components for the Ford F-Series and Ford Explorer are manufactured at the plant.

Meanwhile, the UAW is talking with Ford supplier Clarios once again after a somewhat hairy situation developed last week where union tactics prompted the company to take the organization to court. A judge ruled that the union had to change its tactics, and at the time, it seemed the two parties were at an impasse. That does not seem to be the case, and both parties have said that the restarted talks are being conducted in good faith. The plant impacted by this strike is located in Toledo and manufactures 12V batteries for Ford and General Motors.

Things could potentially get interesting later this year, as The Blue Oval faces contract negotiations with the UAW, and with Unifor. The newly elected president of the UAW has stated his intention to organize all joint-venture battery electric plants and has told members that he will be more aggressive with the Detroit 3 than prior leaders.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Robert T Arthur

    Brilliant strategy for the union. Finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel from foreign suppliers, Covid issues, and chip shortages, so let’s replace that with a man made domestic supply crisis and lose even more jobs due to lost sales!

  2. Micky W. Hartgrove

    I just took delivery of a 2023 Ford F-150 Lariat that I am displeased with. First I wrecker my 2021 King Ranch in November 2021. I go to try and replace it with one exactly like it but cannot get some options on this 2023 that me and my wife dearly loved and was helpful with my partial disability. Then when the truck I ordered arrives there are some options I thought I had ordered on the truck were not on it. Plus I had picked out over $6,000 worth of exercise from the Ford catalog to go on it expecting 15 percent off the purchase that I still don’t think I really got. There was not a front license plate bracket on it nor.cargo hooks in the bed that I had gotten on the last 4 fords I had ordered nor the trailer backing harness or the round plug in fo a trailer . It has the auto backing system on it with no wiring harness that was on the 2021. Also I bought a Leer camper cover for it and the truck has the wrong harness for the third brake light to work so they keep it fo 30 days waiting on a wiring harness for it and they sent the wrong one. Well while waiting on the truck it got damaged by a hail storm and they replaced 2 pieces of chrome that was damaged. So anyway I,m not satisfied with the truck so I send an email to my salesman and say I am not satisfied with the truck and it has less than 500 miles on it will they give me a complete refund. Well he told his Manager Mr. Barton about it and he said they ordered it like I wanted and put the options on it I had ordered and they would give me back fair market value for it. So I guess I am done with Ford .I have bought around 12 new ordered Ford’s in my 69 years and this is the first one I have been dissatisfied with and done with Ford. But you don’t care I am a dieing breed to old to order a new vehicle . If ONLY I could have gotten a 2023 King Wranch just like the one I wrecked life would still be good. When I was told of some of the options not available on the 2023 King Ranch I decided to order the Lariat and still didn’t get what I thought I was ordering. Very Dissatisfied and disappointed Micky Hartgrove


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