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Unrestored 1978 Ford Pinto Up For Auction

Though it’s a much-maligned model from Blue Oval history, the Ford Pinto was still a massive hit in its heyday, as well as a model that’s enjoying a small bit of a resurgence today. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a few of these compact cars pop up for sale at auction, including a 1971 runabout tribute and a nicely-kept 1979 Squire wagon, to name just a couple. Now, that list continues to grow, as this unrestored and highly original 1978 Ford Pinto is set to be auctioned off at Mecum’s upcoming Indianapolis sale.

Unrestored 1978 Ford Pinto Auction - Interior 001

With just 77k miles on the clock, this Bright White 1978 Ford Pinto certainly looks like what one might call a survivor, which is not a huge surprise given the fact that it has lived most of its life in the ownership of the same family. Clearly, that group of folks has lovingly cared for this particular economy car for a very long time, because it’s in mostly excellent condition today.

Unrestored 1978 Ford Pinto Auction - Engine Bay 001

That includes the exterior, which remains intact with no replacement panels or major bodywork, its factory paint still in place as well. Peek inside the cabin, and it’s clear that no one abused this particular Pinto there either, because the original blue upholstery looks essentially new, with no rips or tears to be found – just a little discoloration and staining, as we can see in the photos.

Unrestored 1978 Ford Pinto Auction - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

In terms of power, well, this 1978 Ford Pinto doesn’t have much, which was the norm back in the late 1970s – rather, it’s powered by its original 2.3-liter inline-four cylinder engine, which is mated to an automatic transmission. But in all fairness, the Pinto wasn’t about providing owners with a sporty or thrilling ride – rather, it was designed to be an affordable and economical method of transportation. For those that still appreciate such a thing, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what this one sells for.

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  1. RWFA

    Don’t know if it can still blow cold but this car is equipped with air conditioning.

  2. Randy

    2.3L with A/C and an automatic, sundial used to measure acceleration.
    Somebody should buy it, perfect car for car show, you’ll get a trophy every time ’cause you will be the only one! The reason this sticks in my mind is this, a light powder blue Pinto shows up almost every year at the Ford shows and he usually goes home with a trophy!

  3. Randy

    P.S. I had a 71 Pinto sedan and a 72 Pinto wagon. Both were 2.0L engines with 4 speeds. Got rear ended in the 71, didn’t explode. The 72 was no better, rear ended in a parking lot, side swiped on the freeway and T-Boned in a parking lot, didn’t explode either time.

  4. Robert

    I had a 6-cyl ordered from the factory…A/C…had a nice heavy ride. No one who rode with me could believe it was a Pinto since it had such a nice heavy ride. With the electronic ignition it gave me 7 years of trouble-free driving. It had the same factory installed battery when I traded it in 1985. I got new car fever and ended up with a ‘85 Ranger that I hated. Should have kept the Pinto.

  5. Richard Rassh

    Learned to drive stick on my dads 75 2.3L mustang ii which is almost identical like firebird and camaro. Prolly slowest car i ever drove in my life and the exhaust was more radioactive than chemo

  6. Memohis

    I was stuck with a 1973 runabout. The only car Dad would cosign for. He wouldn’t give me the 600 bucks to buy the neighbors 1965 mustang gt convertible. Had to be a new car. 2300 msrp. No couldn’t cosign for a little more. 3200 got you a new 240z. Bitter? Party of one your tables ready.

  7. Alicia

    I had a 78 in Jade and loved it. Never gave me any problems. I wish now I had kept it.


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