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10K Mile 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport Up For Auction

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of nice, low-mile Panther platform cars go up for sale, including a 20-mile Mercury Grand Marquis, a 5k-mile 2003 Marauder, and a 13k-mile Ford Crown Victoria. Enthusiasts have long loved these cars for their massive size and cushy, comfortable ride, but it seems as if the collector car market is starting to favor them as well, and now, we have yet another interesting Panther-based car to bid on – this 10k-mile 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport that’s up for grabs on eBay.

10K Mile 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport - Interior 001

This 2005 Ford Crown Victoria is in rather immaculate condition thanks to its low mileage total, but it’s also quite rare, as one of just 152 built with its particular set of options, according to the seller. The car comes with plenty of documentation including the window sticker, its first insurance card, the original airbag warning sticker, quality control documents, the bags that the floor mats came in, and even a factory block heater that was never installed.

10K Mile 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport - Engine Bay 001

The LX Sport was available between the 2002-2006 models years, though it lived on through 2008 as the LX Premium Sport Handling package. Designed to appeal to a younger demographic, the Sport provided a sportier look, as one might imagine, with a monochromatic exterior treatment and dual exhaust. However, it also featured revised springs, shocks, and stabilizer bars for better handling performance, a rear air suspension, 17-inch five-spoke wheels, leather seats with front buckets, a floor shifter, and 3.27 rear gears.

10K Mile 2005 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

The seller notes that this Crown Vic is a very nice example that could use a professional detailing/paint correction to make it perfect, as it does have some scratches and other imperfections in the paint. However, it’s unclear just how much someone will be willing to pay for such a car – in spite of its rarity – though bidding has already crested the $12k mark, but hasn’t quite met the reserve price yet.

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H/T to Ford Authority reader Ben for sending us this cool ride!

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  1. edbbasher

    I actually bought one of these new back in the day. Only difference was I had the grey interior.
    It was a great car that had a lot of kick for a vehicle its size thanks to that V8 under the hood.

  2. Dale

    2005 Panther cars are an odd year. Notice how it has the 2006+ steering wheel, but the 1998-2004 gauge cluster. Having owned a 2005 Grand Marquis I found out they’re a bit of an odd duck. 2004, 2005, 2006 cars all being different. It’s a mixed bag of parts from the older and newer cars. My Grand Marquis had about 50,000 miles. Immaculate car I wish I still had, but my 2011 Crown Vic is just as nice.

  3. John

    It’s a shame how these cars interiors got worse and worse as the years rolled on. My mom’s 2008 Grand Marquis was shameful inside. Cheap materials, poor quality, it was embarrassing to a Ford guy. She traded up to a 2012 Taurus and it’s still looking like new inside (the only exception being the chrome on the shifter). Now has 50K more miles than the G.M. it replaced.

  4. Deborah

    I want one and how much they look nice

  5. James M Scott

    How to bid on this car?

  6. James M Scott

    I want to bid on this car now!

  7. James M Scott

    So much for your Ford Web site. Lol!


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