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2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Get New Tuning Support From Cobb

The very last 2023 Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line at Flat Rock Assembly plant months ago, marking the end of the S550 generation pony car and the beginning of the all-new, S650 generation. However, the last-gen pony car figures to be popular among enthusiasts for years to come, largely thanks to the fact that it’s pretty easy to extract extra power from that particular model. Previously, Cobb was among the aftermarket companies to offer tuning support for the popular pony car, and now, it has extended that line of offerings to include the 2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, too.

2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Cobb Power Packages Accessport

Cobb offers a variety of tuning packages for the 2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, starting with its Stage 1 Power Package. That selection includes both an ECU upgrade solution and a high flow intake panel filter, giving owners the ability to use the company’s Accessport device to offer up easy power gains that can be achieved in minutes for around $650. Additionally, the Accessport device allows owners to accomplish other tasks such as read and clear codes, log data, and measure performance.

Stepping up to the Stage 2 Power Package adds the same hand held device – albeit with a more aggressive tune – plus Cobb’s front mount intercooler, which helps keep heat levels under control and prevents them from robbing the pony car of power for a cost of $1,425.

2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Cobb Power Packages Stage 2

In addition to these power gains, Cobb’s Power Packages give users tons of cool features such as a transbrake, bump and creep capability, and launch control, all of which are great options for those that routinely take their cars to the track. These features aren’t reserved for cars with the 10-speed automatic transmission either, as manual-equipped pony cars also get launch control and flat foot shifting capability, too.

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