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2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Eligible For $3K Inventory Discount

Thanks to high demand and short supply, incentives for the Ford Mustang Mach-E have historically been hard to come by, though in recent months, The Blue Oval has provided shoppers with a few enticing deals related to its EV crossover. For the month of June, that includes Red Carpet Lease Offers for select markets with terms that vary by geographical location, as well as a special 2.9 percent APR financing deal for 60 months through Ford Credit. However, the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E is also eligible for a “secret” inventory discount as well, according to a dealer incentive bulletin recently seen by Cars Direct.

The amount of this particular discount varies depending on trim, with 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium and California Route 1 models getting a $2,000 incentive, while Select and GT customers can nab a $3,000 discount. However, as one might imagine, there is a big catch to this particular deal – only 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E models ordered before May 1st qualify, which means that it’s limited to vehicles that are already sitting on dealer lots.

Regardless, those that are able to take advantage of this inventory discount stand to benefit greatly, particularly since those that utilize the hybrid lease/finance Ford Options Plan to acquire an EV crossover can stack an additional $1,000 discount on top of the $3,000 offer. With either or both of these deals, an entry-level Mach-E can be had for less than a Tesla Model Y, which is typically $2,700 cheaper than its chief competitor.

As Cars Direct points out, this discount is likely being offered in response to improving inventory levels, which stood at a 112 days’ supply as of the beginning of June – more than double the average Blue Oval SUV or pickup. As Ford Authority reported last week, Mach-E production also increased by 15 percent in May, going from 11,858 units in April to 13,639 examples last month.

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  1. Bob

    Ford dealers charge over MSRP. They add extras no one wants. They are rude and no nothing about the EV’s they are selling. Its why so many people are buying a Model Y instead of a Mach-E. Also dollar for dollar the Mach-E can’t compete with the Model-Y.
    So many things just come included while you have to pay extra and up the trim level into the 60K range to get these things with Ford. So no thanks Ford you keep your Mach-E

    1. Tony (uk)

      Lol so why are you reading this?

  2. Banana211

    “Thanks to high demand and short supply,” so why an incentive???

  3. Miho

    It’s great to see the competition heat up in the midsize electric market. Unfortunately for Ford, the Mach E in its current form is outmatched by the Model Y and will likely be behind the Blazer EV. The 2024 Mach E should have fewer trims and options. It’s time for Ford to wake up and see why so many people are flocking to the Model Y. Simpler trim and fewer options. Why does the Mach E cost more than the Model Y? Jim Farley if you can’t address this question then you can make all the comments you want about the Cybertruck, but you’re getting outgunned big time by Tesla. Plus you don’t even have a car in the Top 10 of the made in America index. Lots of work to be done Jim! Are you up to the task?

  4. Bigburningassteve

    MMMM……112 days of Mach e inventory does not equal short supply high demand!


    As a current Mach E owner, I want Ford to succeed with EV’s. That said, the 3K incentive is a good start, but this needs to be added to 0% APR for 72 months financing to level the field with Tesla MY. Also, dealers must be stopped from markups. Tell the customer that if they can show that they tried to buy from 3 separate dealers and could not get MSRP, that Ford will guarantee the MSRP price. Then Ford needs to address those dealerships with reduced allocation of EVs. If Ford continues to allow Tesla to take market share, Model E division will not survive.

  6. Daniel Akers

    The same thing they are talking about happened to me. The dealer lies about the vehicle to the customer. My Maverick 2023 lariat. Ford changed the vehicle at lease three times during the wait. Point is I paid more than the vehicle was worth my fault!
    Enough said.


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