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2024 Ford Expedition Limited Adds Optional Excursion Package

The Ford Expedition was treated to a refresh for the 2022 model year, but bigger things are in store for the coming years, with another refreshed version of the SUV already undergoing testing. In the meantime, the 2024 Ford Expedition will carry on mostly unchanged for the new model year, but it seems as if there’s at least one change coming the SUV’s lineup – the addition of the new, optional Excursion Package, which is already live in the 2024 Ford Expedition build and price configurator.

2024 Ford Expedition - Configurator - Iconic Silver Metallic JS - Limited - Excursion Package - Exterior 002 - Side

While the 2024 Ford Expedition Excursion Package retails for $3,995, the configurator doesn’t currently list the contents of this new offering. However, sources familiar with the matter have provided Ford Authority with that information, noting that the Excursion Package is optional on the Limited trim model and also requires the Limited High (302A) equipment group, which adds $2,705 to the total cost.

The 2024 Ford Excursion Package adds a variety of equipment including the Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package and the Advanced Cargo Manager with black roof rail crossbars, along with suspension/drivetrain upgrades including ControlTrac with eLSD, a 3.73-geared electronic limited-slip differential, and the Continuous Controlled Damping (CCD) system with suspension road preview. Inside the cabin, the Expedition Package also adds a set of floor liners in the first and second rows.

2024 Ford Expedition - Configurator - Iconic Silver Metallic JS - Limited - Excursion Package - Interior 001

All of these features were already available for the Expedition, but the Excursion Package is notable given that model’s history in The Blue Oval lineup as a Ford Super Duty based SUV. The launch of the 2024 Expedition build and price configurator also provides more evidence that the forthcoming refresh is slated for the 2025 model year.

2024 Ford Expedition - Configurator - Iconic Silver Metallic JS - Limited - Excursion Package - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Ford Authority first spotted a refreshed Expedition prototype back in May, and has since spied a few others, giving us a good look at the off-road-focused Timberline, a newly-available set of 24-inch wheels, and the SUV’s overhauled interior, which could add a new infotainment screen, among other changes.

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  1. Samurai

    Really? How about you put a diesel engine on it and make an ACTUAL Excursion instead of this lame excuse of a package.

    1. Sunny

      The emissions systems on those diesel engines will be a headache ones the warranty is over.

      1. Jackson

        We have an 03 diesel excursion which is a beast. We love it. So far, 194,000 miles not any problems. Sure would love to have a 2024.

  2. crabbymilton

    The original EXCURSION was a beautiful vehicle. Unfortunately, many discovered that you could buy a short bed SUPERDUTY and put a cap on the bed hence, your own version of an EXCURSION. As far as the package goes, not the worst idea and there are so many trim packages anyway so what’s one more? I don’t think the 6.7 diesel would fit in there. They don’t even offer a diesel in the F150 anymore I don’t think so I doubt that such an option would be offered in the EXPEDTION either.

    1. Sunny

      Unfortunately bed caps and camper shells do tend to leak over time and the bed isn’t dust proof. If you drive on unpaved roads a lot, your cargo is going to get covered.

  3. steve

    The EXCURSION was an awesome suv. I had two in the short time it was available. The tree huggers shamed Ford into not building any longer. Now that all the cars ( death traps) are gone, people are buying Suburbons, Yukons, and expeditions which you drive down the interstate and they blow all over the place because they are so lite. The rest of us are buying super duty diesels that weigh north of 4 tons with a lot of torque and most use them as everyday drivers like my self. Ev’s have come big in last 3 years, but I believe they are un-affordable for most, and range fears.

  4. Titus - Ford transplant

    I may sound like a dork; But i plead the 5th. If Ford would make the installed V6 without the twin turbo’s. Because i’d rather have a procharger than a slow reacting turbo!

  5. Sunny

    It looks like Ford is still in the middle of editing things on the website, as it looks like they just changed all the 2023 to 2024 on the Expedition. There is also no mention of the change on Ford Media Center yet. I really hope they released more features for the model next. year. With GM removing 12v outlets and replacing them with underpowered USB ports in the vehicles, GM vehicles are a huge deal breaker at this point, no matter how great the other features, like SuperCruise, are. Wish Ford would make a Timberline MAX, would be the ultimate off roading SUV, and add BlueCruise to more trim levels.

  6. Mf

    I’m a believer that there’s be a market for a new generation excursion. Plenty of people that have large boats, campers, trailers, and families that could use the extra capable SUV and don’t want it in a pickup truck/need a 3rd row.

    That said, an often overlooked part of the original excursion is there was no extended length expedition at the time. So if you needed space behind the 3rd row, you had to go excursion.

    1. Tiller

      Even with Super Duty prices now there is a lot of people willing to shell out $100,000+ for something like the Excursion. Many owners have hung on to theirs because Ford hasn’t made anything like it since.

  7. Dr Fredrick Harding

    I must have an Expedition that will pull modest sized travel trailers over the 6000 pound limit!!’
    The Twinkie size trailers under 6000 pounds are not big enough to put families in

    Bring the Excurdion back on the f250 frame

  8. Dr Fredrick Harding

    Bring the Excursion back

    Nothing exists to fill this slot


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