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2024 Ford Explorer Active Will Be Part Of Refreshed Lineup

Over the past several weeks, 2024 Ford Explorer prototypes without any camoflauge have been spotted in public for the first time. These vehicles feature revised front end rear ends and likely pack new technology, but overall they haven’t indicated that the lineup will introduce any completely new or unexpected changes for upcoming refresh. However, there is at least one switch-up that sources say is coming for the mid-cycle action, as an Active trim will join the model range in some capacity.

2023 Ford Escape

2023 Ford Escape Active

At this point, it is unclear if the 2024 Ford Explorer Active will be an addition to the lineup or serve as a replacement for a trim that’s part of the current model, but if the 2023 Ford Escape refresh is being used as a precedent, than the Active may push out the XLT. As part of its broad update, the Escape model range got completely reconfigured, with Base, Active, and Platinum replacing S, SE, and Titanium, respectively. If the Explorer Active is positioned similarly, it would likewise be positioned as one step up from the entry level trim. It should be noted that while the Explorer may be adding the Active, the Escape refresh ended up incorporating Explorer trims into its lineup, including the ST-Line. This may be a sign that the automaker wants both nameplates to feature similar trim levels, and that trims like XLT will be limited to its pickups.

2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line Rear

2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line

As Ford Authority has extensively reported, the 2024 Ford Explorer will feature a revised front end along with a redesigned liftgate that seemingly drew inspiration from its Chinese counterpart and the previous generation Explorer. Aside from alterations to its exterior, the upcoming three-row is also expected to receive an all-new center stack packing either Sync 4 or the long-promised Google infotainment system. BlueCruise hands-free driving will almost certainly be added to the lineup as well.

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  1. Tim

    Too much grill. Butt ugly

    1. sabasigh

      Agreed. Thought the 2020 was pretty sharp….quality, not so much.

  2. Jim Cowen

    Will Ford improve to the F150 and 2020-2023 Explorer where they are dependable.

  3. Bob Dobson

    I own a 21 ST. Love it but quality of build and endless recalls are making me switch to Genesis GV70 Sport

    1. Fras

      I literally just traded in my 22 Explorer st for a 2023 genesis gv70 2 days ago. Yeah Explorer quality is really bad and explorers are expensive. Fully loaded st is $62k.

  4. D Akers

    Not interested in China anything you constantly talk about the.


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