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2024 Ford Explorer Rear Lighting Will Mimic Chinese Version

Over the past few months, Ford Authority has spotted a number of 2024 Ford Explorer prototypes out and about, including an ST and a Timberline, as well as another giving us a good look at the refreshed crossover’s updated interior. Meanwhile, the refreshed Chinese Explorer launched last October, and is being joined by a unique Timberline variant. As Ford Authority reported last week, the North American version of the crossover will in fact share some styling cues with its Chinese counterpart, and now, sources familiar with the matter have exclusively told Ford Authority that the rear lighting element on the American 2024 Ford Explorer – in particular – will mimic that already-launched model in a number of ways.

The North American 2024 Ford Explorer will indeed come equipped with rear lighting that is quite similar to its Chinese counterpart, though there are some notable differences worth pointing out. The two different elements will presumably share supplemental brake and low beam rear lighting that’s located on the liftgate itself, a feature that isn’t currently present on the Explorer sold in the U.S.

Additionally, that lighting element is “cut” up into “notches,” and those segments get smaller as they get closer to the center of the tailgate. This varies from the Chinese version, which has fewer of those segments, while the American version also has more notches beneath that specific area that are unlit and are not present on the Chinese version. Instead, that variant has a chrome strip beneath the rear lighting that matches up with the same area present on the rear taillights.

It’s also worth noting that the refreshed N/A 2024 Ford Explorer has the Explorer name located within that strip, with a Blue Oval above it, while the Chinese version is reversed, by comparison. However, it seems as if the stamping of the rear liftgate is the same on both versions, which is different from the current North American Explorer.

Aside from this notable change, the North American 2024 Explorer also features a headlight and front upper and lower grille designs that are similar to the Chinese version, too. On the inside, a previously-spied prototype featured an updated digital instrument cluster that looks right in line with what’s currently available on upper trim level variants of the Ford F-150, along with a new, horizontally-oriented infotainment screen in the center stack – a different setup compared to the Chinese version’s 27-inch coast-to-coast touchscreen.

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  1. JessT

    could be different lights on different trim levels, there may be a model that matches.

  2. Michael Kukielka

    The rear-end is where they two diverge the most, the taillight cutouts and the fixtures have clearly different dimensions and designs, requiring different stampings/moulds for the tailgate and fenders. It’s interesting how much Ford differentiates their products in China, even in small ways.


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