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2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line Interior Refresh Fully Revealed

Until recently, any type of information about the 2024 Ford Explorer was extremely limited. That’s beginning to change, as Ford Authority has been detailing what our photographers have spotted and also explaining what sources have told us about the vehicle, including the fact that the three-row will boast a larger infotainment screen as standard equipment. Now, photographers were able to take some quality shots of a 2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line, and one solid shot of its interior, showing off a revised center stack and dashboard.

2024 Ford Explorer XT-Line interior

2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line interior

2020 Ford Explorer XLT interior

While this latest 2024 Ford Explorer sighting also gave us a great look at its exterior, it’s the first time we’re seeing the cabin completely uncovered. For starters, there’s the landscape-oriented infotainment screen atop the center stack, clearly larger than the eight-inch Sync 3 unit in the 2023 model. The center HVAC vents have been relocated below the touchscreen, and below that is the audio power and volume knob, flanked by a row of buttons. Those buttons appear to be for essential items like emergency flashers, traction control activation/deactivation and auto start/stop deactivation, among other things. There are no other buttons on the center stack, which practically guarantees HVAC and audio controls have migrated to the touchscreen. At this point, it is unclear if the new touchscreen will utilize Sync 4 or the upcoming system developed by Google.

2024 Ford Explorer XT-Line interior

There is also a new center storage cubby below the aforementioned controls, which could be the location of the wireless charging pad on certain models. Currently, the wireless charging pad is located underneath the center console lid, behind the cupholders, but that area appears to now be home to storage, complete with a removable rubber floor. The dash has also been redesigned, with the material flanking the touchscreen looking awfully similar to the fabric-covered speaker array setup featured on Ford Mustang Mach-E models with the B&O premium sound system. The interior door panel also looks slightly different than the current design, and the front seats feature a different pattern than the 2023 ST-Line as well.

That said, it seems other areas were left nearly untouched, like the center stack below the new storage area, save for a slightly redesigned cupholder assembly. The steering wheel and center console lid appear unchanged, as does the driver’s instrument cluster, along with its housing.

2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line Rear

This shot gives us our clearest look yet at the changes coming to the 2024 Ford Explorer liftgate and rear end. Both taillights will now be connected visually with a horizontal strip that contains LED signature lighting that also appears to light up during braking as well. It also appears that one of the two vertical segments within the rear taillamps will also be utilized for brake lights. Overall, this is an aesthetic that mimics, but does not completely copy, the refreshed Explorer already on sale in China.

Last but certainly not least is a clear shot of the 2024 Ford Explorer ST-Line front end. This is less of a mystery, as previous sightings have already outlined the changes for this particular section. That includes a new design for the headlamp assemblies, a new grille, and a revised lower fascia. And based on what we’re seeing here, it looks like the company is planning on adding a light blue paint option for 2024, which might be welcome for buyers, as Stone Blue – the only blue currently available – is quite dark.

In any event, we’ll have more 2024 Ford Explorer info soon, so subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Explorer news, and for comprehensive Ford news updates.

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Badhac

    That looks a lot better than the current one. Hopefully they use some better feeling materials too

  2. Drew Ford Retiree

    The rear end looks a little better. The front end just changed to a different flavor of “uninspired”. The interior does not seem to address the cheap looking and cheap material issues that render the 2020-23 model as uncompetitive.

  3. JimL

    That dash looks MUCH better!

  4. Nico

    Add the PHEV that has been cancelled in Europe…give people a choice Explorer ST and Explorer ST PHEV! And get your sh*t together on the Quality issue…it used to be job 1…you get the quality issue solved and people start to take notice!

  5. Kyle

    Ok that actually looks a lot better. It looks way more cohesive. I don’t see any fit and finish issues like the current model.

  6. Don A

    Certainly better looking, but functionality is going the wrong way! Stop taking away buttons and knobs!!!

  7. Outlook214

    ST-Line. Why??? Why??? Why?? Why take away from the ST moniker? “Sport” appearance package would have made soooo much more sense. Think SVT-Line, GT-Line, Tremor-Line, Raptor-Line. Such a dumb marketing move. Good gosh……

  8. Mf

    Hopefully the ST gets that interior too. The ST Line having a sportier interior than the ST was dumb beyond words.

    The interior is a dramatic improvement. It should have come.with that interior to behind with.

    The new rear is fine, the front I don’t like as much as the outgoing model. They need to officially release this thing already.

  9. Gary . Virginia.

    I’ll wait until I see this in person. I have a 22 and it’s been a great vehicle with no problems to report at this time. Mine has the 20 inch wheels with rapid red skin get alot of compliments.

  10. Prentice Ethington

    I do not like the look of a tablet sitting on the dashboard. It looks like a complete afterthought by the interior design team. The idea “bigger is better” is taking these people down the wrong road, as far as I am concerned.

  11. Mr. Mike

    I like the improvements. I walked away from my ST order when I saw all the issues and reliability ratings. What has Ford done to address this? I did end up with a different Ford, but it just seemed like the Explorer ST was a hot mess.

  12. Michael

    Having that IPad type design on the dash board has got to be the worst idea ever. It’s ugly and it gives a reason for street people to break in your car to try to steal it. Why can’t we get the Chinese version No Pad


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