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2024 Ford Explorer ST Spotted Without Camo For First Time

With the 2024 Ford Explorer set to receive a refresh, Ford Authority has spotted a handful of prototypes out and about over the past few weeks, showing off the model’s new styling cues that borrow somewhat from the previously-refreshed Chinese version of the crossover, as well as giving us a sneak peek at the ST-Line’s interior. Now, Ford Authority has also spotted a 2024 Ford Explorer ST prototype that isn’t wearing any camo at all, giving us our best look yet at the high-performance model that’s become a successful derivative of the long-running model.

2024 Ford Explorer ST front end

Overall, there aren’t really any surprising details to note in regards to how the 2024 Ford Explorer ST looks, as it essentially mimics what we’ve seen from other prototypes thus far. That includes its rather large front grill opening – in this case, fitted with a red ST badge – along with updated headlights and a more vertically-oriented lower grille design with a bit of a front lip in this case.

2024 Ford Explorer rear three quarters

While the sides of the 2024 Ford Explorer ST remains essentially unchanged from the current model, the same cannot be said for the rear, where we can see a revised liftgate, as well as a new taillight design, which “connects” the two units with a bar in the center. It’s difficult to see in these photos, but the familiar “Explorer” script remains, as well as another red ST badge, to boot.

2024 Ford Explorer XT-Line interior

Inside the cabin, it looks as if this ST prototype features the same larger, landscape-oriented infotainment screen as the previously-spied ST-Line model, while the center HVAC vents have been relocated below that touchscreen. There are no other buttons present on the center stack, which essentially hints that HVAC and audio controls have moved to the touchscreen. Right now, it’s unclear if the refreshed Explorer will utilize Sync 4 or the upcoming software developed by Google. As for powertrains, the 2024 Explorer lineup is expected to retain the current model’s lineup, though it’s possible that Ford may give the ST more power as part of its refresh.

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  1. Nico

    Add the PHEV setup from the Euro Explorer and make a statement as opposed to some of the half baked excuses your giving us!

    1. Michael K

      The PHEV is gone for 2024. There is a real EV on the way.

      1. M Baxendale

        Oh joy, another reason for me not to end up with a Ford after my current lease is up. I would entertain a hybrid but I do NOT wish to own an EV. My electric bill is high enough without adding another plug in to the household.

        1. Michael K

          Your electric bill is higher than your gasoline bill?

          1. John klane

            Drinking the gov kool-aide again are ya Mike? You think EV tech is ready for prime time? That this is the only way forward? If you think EV will save the planet think again. Do your research.

  2. Rat

    The Ford Explorer just does not look as modern as it’s competition and the refresh doesn’t help much. Not to say that it isn’t a nice design though.

  3. Jim Lahey

    Ford needs to fire their entire wheel design department. They just keep coming up with absolute turd wheels that not only don’t compliment the vehicles they are putting them on but actually make them look considerably worse.

    The existing ST has the best wheels in the entire Ford lineup other than some of the higher end mustangs….and this is the successor???


  4. Mf

    The front is a little bit boring to me, but I don’t dislike it. Better opening for intercoolers at least.

    The rear is nice. I slightly prefer it to the outgoing rear.

    The interior looks to be a HUGE upgrade. Hopefully they do red stitching inside the ST this time, the old white stitching wasn’t sporty enough, and while the red and blue ST Appearance Pack stitching was cool, it was really rare and there was basically no information on it until the run was basically over.

  5. Michael K

    I like the flared and chiseled fascia, looks especially good on the ST. Not sure I like the new rear-end treatment. I preferred the wider and leaner look of the previous design…this looks like a Honda now. Explorer has some awesome looking proportions, wide flat fenders, long wheelbase and hood, low sloping roofline. Most 3-row utilities look like minivans. The weakness for the 2020 Explorer was always in the weird Joker-smile fascia and the 90’s minivan interior. The interior is slightly improved, but the fabric covered speaker bar design is a weird choice in a segment that tends to be more detailed and richly appointed. I’ve long accepted that Ford interior design is always going to be a weakness for them.

  6. Charles E

    If Stellantis puts puts the new I-6 Hurricane engine in the Jeep Grand Cherokee I suspect that I won’t be the only Ford Sport looking to change.

  7. 1970Mav

    It looks like it’s already been in an accident and if it hasn’t then it’s ugly.
    Why don’t trucks look like trucks anymore?

  8. Bob

    The changes look minor. There was so much hype over the new 2024 but, I just don’t see much difference. I still like it but, I agree about the wheel design.

  9. Michael J Genzale

    That grill seems BIG. Are we entering into ‘grill wars’ started by the ridiculously gigantic grills on some current BMWs?

    1. Mf

      Turbocharged and intercooled motors are the norm now, so it’s going to be more common. Big openings to flow big air to keep them cool.

  10. David

    Rims, rims rims! The black only “ST” rims on the out going model were ok at best! They should have been offered in two tone metallic face with painted background like 2018-19, at least as an option! Or even a complete metallic finish!

    1. Mf

      The 20″ wheels were like that.

      The all black wheels were surprisingly really nice looking..simple, but somehow really nice.

  11. Alex

    Ford loves taking their new prototype to Flagstaff and they always stay at the Hilton. Saw the lightning there in camo a few months before they revealed it without it.


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