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2024 Ford Ranger Gets Special Pre-Order Discount

Following the official debut of the all-new North American 2024 Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor in May, the build and price configurator for the redesigned pickup launched just a couple of weeks later. This revealed that pricing for the mid-size pickup rose across the board compared to its predecessor, though that can be attributed to things like the addition of new tech and the fact that the Ranger now comes standard with the STX Package, which was optional on its predecessor. However, those looking for a little price relief when placing their order can get it in the form of a special pre-order discount, according to a dealer bulletin seen by Cars Direct.

That bulletin reveals that the 2024 Ford Ranger is getting a $1,000 custom-order incentive, which just began earlier this week. This discount is reserved for those that place an order for a new Ranger – not customers that purchase one off a dealer lot – and is officially known as the Ford Retail Order Bonus Customer Cash Certificate. This offer is valid through October 2nd, but those interested in taking advantage must place an order for a 2024 Ford Ranger by July 5th.

This discount is available to both lessees and those looking to finance or purchase a Ranger outright, and is the only discount that will be offered for the new mid-sizer, at least during the model’s launch. Interestingly, the Ranger Raptor isn’t excluded from the deal either, which is usually the case with other Raptor models, as well as special or limited-edition Blue Oval vehicles.

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor

However, as Cars Direct notes, Ford’s dealer bulletins don’t always specify these types of exclusions, so one will want to confirm this information with a dealer before placing their order for a new Ranger Raptor, regardless.

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  1. rangerdanger

    Doubt it…new model and $1k off?!

  2. DingDing

    No retail order Raptors will be built by Oct. Current orders are for dealer stock only if they want to be scheduled, so no-one is getting this deal on the Raptor.

    The regular Ranger has that ugly global front end and already looks outdated compared to the GM twins and new Tacoma. Plus they are holding back the 2.7 option for now and it’s missing options like rear console air vents, ventilated seats, sun/moonroof, auto 4wd, 60/40 rear bench, and probably more. No fun colors outside of a blue and orangish red. Oh and it’s overpriced. It’s no wonder why people aren’t climbing over themselves for one.

    1. NoGreed

      I’m honestly expecting Ranger Raptors to be available at msrp. F150 Raptors keep dropping in price and the recession is going to be worse when these hit the market.

    2. Jon smith

      Don’t buy it then, look else where!!!

  3. Patiently waiting

    When Toyota comes out with their 2024 Tacoma extended cab and new engine . The Ranger will not far well as a competitor . We really need affordable midsize trucks like the Maverick.

  4. Dave

    So there offering a special order 1k discount on 2024 Ranger but you have to order it in July……but there 2.7L twin turbo can’t be ordered till late fall? Makes zero sense, come on Ford get your act together

  5. Chad

    Better pre order a transmission while you pre order the truck

  6. Bill J

    Dont fall for $1000 discount on the new ranger . Let’s face it production is set for Aug. 7th nothing in stone . To get it by the beginning of Oct. Good publicity stunt .
    I ordered a ranger raptor on the 27th I’ll be happy with Nov. delivery .

  7. Terry

    CarsDirect needs to provide proof of this discount, have yet to find a dealer that knows about it. Probably just clickbait to drive traffic to their site.


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