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2024 Lincoln Aviator Once Again Spotted Without Any Camo

The time has come for an update to the 2024 Lincoln Aviator lineup. As Ford Authority has extensively reported, Lincoln has been testing prototypes of the three row luxury SUV for quite some time now, but fully exposed examples are just starting to get out on public roads and strut their stuff. Last week, photographers spotted a silver painted Aviator out and about, and now, a second one recently caught the attention of them too. Overall, it appears the Aviator exterior gets some changes up front, and no changes to its rear end whatsoever.

2024 Lincoln Aviator

Right off the bat, we can see that the 2024 Lincoln Aviator will receive some noticeable changes to its grille, which has become larger, not unlike what the brand introduced on the 2023 Lincoln Corsair, which received a similar change to its front end. Additionally, the headlamp assemblies are shaped differently than before, and the signature lighting extends through the bottom and side of the assemblies into the grille itself. This is in line with how the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus front end is handled, although on that vehicle, the lighting forms a single light bar across the entire grille and connects both headlamp assemblies together. The lower fascia and bumper are tweaked as well, with a single chrome strip underneath the grille that seemingly replaces the dual strips that run underneath each headlamp on the current model. Notably absent are the front fog lamps, which appear to have been eliminated.

2024 Lincoln Aviator rear three quarters

Out back, the most interesting changes are the ones that aren’t there, because it seems the 2024 Lincoln Aviator rear end will simply carry on with no alterations whatsoever. It looks like Lincoln may have taken out some chrome directly above the license plate and nixed some red at the edges of the taillight where it meets the side panel, but other than that, there isn’t much to see here. It’s worth talking about those wheels however, as a darker version of them are currently standard on the Grand Touring, but given the lack of a charging outlet, it is unclear what trim these wheels will appear on, or if they’re optional equipment.

2024 Lincoln Aviator

In any event, the biggest changes may take place inside, with the 2024 Lincoln Aviator possibly receiving new center touchscreens along with a new infotainment operating system. We know that the 2024 Ford Explorer is getting a new setup, as photographers recently spotted its interior fully exposed for the first time several days ago. At this point it is unclear if the new system is Sync 4 or the Google developed platform that has been talked about in the past. We also don’t know if the Aviator will receive any additions to its powertrain lineup or revisions to the Ford 3.0L V6 EcoBoost or its plug-in variant, which is standard on Grand Touring. The SUV is practically guaranteed to get Lincoln BlueCruise though.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Metz

    Put it back on

  2. Michael K

    A fairly lean update, but I think it looks better. It looks like they cancelled plans for an integrated front lightbar, but it still looks interesting. The rear could have used some help however, at least restyle the headlamp fixtures so they aren’t so featureless. The interior is likely a much smaller update, just slotting in a wider screen and Blue Cruise hardware. I hear the GT has been discontinued.

    1. RichG

      Agree about the rear. It’s a mistake to do nothing to it.

  3. Drew Ford Retiree

    Likable aesthetic changes, but quite modest in scope for the 5th year of this model. The real keys to success will be quality and price, neither of which are buying points in the present model.

  4. Kyle

    I like this grille better than the one in the other post. I think this actually looks better than the current model, however I think they should have updated the taillights to be more similar to the new Nautilus.

  5. Nautical-one345

    I like it. Though I’ve thought all along that quad exhaust tips is a bit much for this, or and SUV, unless used for a hardcore performance SUV it seems overkill. Lincoln interiors are very nice though so that I appreciate very much!

  6. John Hart

    Looks like the same old and tired Ford styling seen on the streets of the United States for 30yrs

  7. DavidH

    I think the vehicle pictured needs a recall. The middle section bar on the grille fell off.

  8. John Stangle

    I was ready to upgrade my 2020 Aviator in the 5th year of production…….. This is not worth upgrading for me. If it had a similar front end as the New Nautilus, I would do it! I like the modernistic design and look of that grill…. This is trying to emulate an Hyundai or worse a Genesis grill.

    1. c

      Where the hell do you see Hyundai in this grille? Genesis at least has the small rectangular patterns (though horizontal vs vertical), but otherwise has a very different shape. This grille doesn’t resemble Hyundai at all.

  9. c

    Wish they had changed the taillights more, but otherwise they fixed the only problem with the current model styling. The old grille had a weird hood drop right before the top section, as well as a cutout at the bottom. Headlights I really can’t decide one way or the other. I like the refresh better overall.

  10. Lo

    What’s the latest on the Lincoln Aviator? How long before the solve the 360 camera issues?

  11. Jason

    That new grill is ugly. I am now removing the aviator from my shopping list. Terrible that they spend money on an update and it’s worse than before.

  12. D

    The new Lincoln front-end designs are atrocious! Also, why did they remove fog lamps?

  13. Robert Teitelbaum

    New front is both more elegant and less interesting. So a matter of taste. In my opinion the weak spot of the current exterior design is the boring rear, with its downturned tail lights. So agree with those above who think the rear can use a redesign. But even with the current cooler exterior, and nice interior, the best part of this car is the twin turbo 6cyl power. Just sold my mkt eco-boost wagon to a friend after ten-years of ownership. Most fun family car ever.


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