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2024 Lincoln Aviator Refresh Captured Without Any Camo

Ford’s luxury arm has debuted a number of new products in recent months, including the refreshed 2023 Lincoln Corsair and the redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, but there are many more updated and brand new models in the pipeline. One of them is the forthcoming refreshed 2024 Lincoln Aviator, which began testing back in early December. The 2024 Lincoln Aviator is set to receive a number of updates alongside its platform mate – the Ford Explorer – which have been previewed by a pair of prototypes previously spotted by Ford Authority, giving us a sneak peek at the revised exterior and interior of the luxurious crossover. Now, Ford Authority has spotted yet another 2024 Lincoln Aviator, but this time, it isn’t wearing any camouflage whatsoever.

As expected, the front end of the 2024 Lincoln Aviator looks quite a bit different than the current model, with a larger grille – similar to what we previously saw with the 2023 Corsair refresh. However, the signature lighting located underneath the headlights is vaguely similar to the elements present on the 2024 Nautilus.

Notably, there is a distinct lack of chrome on the front grille as well, though these elements seem to be blacked out with camo, giving that portion of the front end an all-black look, including the signature Lincoln Star logo that’s present in the center top portion of the grille, which is somewhat “pierced” by the aforementioned lighting.

Moving down the side, there aren’t any major changes to note when compared to the current Aviator, which is quite common with mid-cycle refreshes. This particular prototype is sporting the signature Lincoln wheel design that we’ve come to expect from that luxury brand, too.

Interestingly, the rear of this 2024 Lincoln Aviator prototype looks very much like the current model, a big deviance from the front portion. However, as is the case with the front, there is a notable lack of chrome, which could be camouflage, or perhaps a sign that the production model will at least offer more of a blacked-out appearance in standard guise or via an optional package.

2024 Lincoln Aviator interior

Inside the cabin, the 2024 Lincoln Aviator is set to receive updates that are in line with other, newer products in the lineup as well, with fewer physical controls, a larger center stack infotainment screen, and a few other tweaks in terms of button locations. Given the fact that we’ve now come across a fully uncovered prototype running around, it shouldn’t be long before we learn much more about the 2024 Aviator, however.

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  1. Michael G

    That is one ugly SUV.

  2. Walter

    That does NOT look better…

  3. Michael K

    Nautilus it is then!

  4. Michael K

    This fascia resembles some of the Chinese specific Lincoln designs, like their Corsair refresh. But the version we are getting is quite different, you can actually see it on the dashboard display. It looks more like the new Nautilus. That is unless we are getting two different looks, one cheaper and one premium.

  5. Jernorris Grant

    This design is too busy. Who is drawing over there and approving this? Ok prototype calm down. Fix it Jesus. Fix it Lincoln!

  6. KorinD

    Did the middle bar fall off on the grille? The front looks half finished. The sides curve in then nothing. Funny how Ford is trying to erase the “Continental” grille on everything. How would this look with an update of the 1949 frowning look?

  7. dave

    I have to agree with the gang here. does not look good. Looks worse. C’mon Lincoln. We all want to love you.

  8. Bob W.

    At least the wheels have a chrome appearance. I don’t like the trend to all blacked out trim. It looks like the owner has given their vehicle a cheap paint job.

  9. Nico

    There will most likely be 4 different grille designs, 1 each for standard, reserve, grand touring and black label.

  10. Tiller

    I think it’ll look a lot better with a chrome grille. I’ll refrain from judgement until then. I imagine this is blacked out because it’s a pre-production example, though the Jet Package is probably going to return.

    1. c

      Came here to pretty much say this. This is obviously a preproduction model and the grille probably will not look like that.

  11. chris

    The reason why this refresh looks ugly is because the front taillights do not extend all the way to the lincoln logo like the new lincoln nautilus 2024. Other than that, it looks better than the preceding aviator.

  12. Reelr

    I used to call this vehicle handsome, from now I’ll say it has a great personality.

  13. Jack

    Looks like Android Automotive instead of Sync 4. Very disappointing. No 2D Heading Up Navigation in Google Maps, along with constant network connectivity requirements, a Google Account for your car, and likely more bugs that get rolled out by Google without any care or reason. This Android Automotive trend needs to end

  14. Phil

    The New Lincoln Nautilus, when the driver approaches the vehicle, the front light lower trim lights up on each side, and then moves to the Center – I assume this happens to the 2024 Aviator as well – 2024 Nautilus comes in a Hybrid also Black Label is available – combine both – its cheaper than the 2024 Aviator Hybrid and Black Label – but the engines are much smaller 4 cyl. in the Nautilus and 100 K Hybrid – and no airbag suspension in the Nautilus – and 6 seats – but the 2024 Nautilus has the wide – side to side Front screen with weather, etc. and only a 10 inch infotainment screen like the current Aviator and Nautilus – Am anxious to see what they do with the 2024 Aviator- just a 13.2 inch infomaintmen screen or side to side too – More information to come.

  15. Dustin

    That is absolutely hideous! Lincoln used to design some of the best looking vehicles, and now seems they are hitting the ugly design phase. Time to replace their design team.

    1. LarryT

      Lincoln already has a new person heading the design process. We are stuck with the Lincoln Star concept. How sad. Lincoln has such design heritage that will never be seen again. What are the key design themes from the last 100 years for Lincoln that really made a difference? Draw from that to create new themes based on the old with modern flair in keeping with Lincoln design tradition. Dump the Lincoln Star design and start over because that concept is all wrong. MKL100 was closer but still needs some work.

  16. D

    Lincoln is churning out ugly designs after near perfection in the past. It is time for a new design team because the current one is designing monstrosities. This is so ugly!


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