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2024 Lincoln Navigator Ditches RWD

Ford has been in the process of reducing complexity across its lineup over the past couple of years in an attempt to boost profitability and making things a bit simpler on customers, too. One change that’s particularly notable relates to the elimination of two-wheel drive in certain models and configurations, with the all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty and 2024 Lincoln Nautilus being the most recent vehicles to ditch 2WD in favor or all- or four-wheel drive only. Now, we can add the 2024 Lincoln Navigator to that list, as the flagship luxury SUV will only be available with four-wheel drive for the new model year, according to Cars Direct.

In addition to order guide data, this news was also confirmed by Lincoln itself. “24MY Navigator will be exclusively available as a 4×4,” said Lincoln spokesperson Anika Salceda-Wycoco. For the 2023 model year, rear-wheel drive is standard on base and Reserve Navigator and Navigator L trims, while four-wheel drive is standard on the Black Label.

As has been the case with other models that have made this switch, the elimination of rear-wheel drive from the 2024 Lincoln Navigator lineup will also result in a price increase. The 2024 Navigator will start out at $84,660 including the mandatory destination charge of $1,895, which is $3,040 more than the base, Standard model costs for the 2023 model year – $81,620. On the bright side, four-wheel drive models are only getting $40 more expensive, however.

Other than these changes, few updates are coming to the 2024 Lincoln Navigator. The big SUV will once again be available in Flight Blue – a color that was removed for 2023 – as an option for the base Premiere and midrange Reserve trim, replacing Ocean Drive Blue in the process. Otherwise, bigger changes are coming for the 2025 model year, when the Navigator is set to receive a refresh with styling updates and a new coast-to-coast interior screen, similar to the new Nautilus.

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  1. John

    $85k STARTING for a kid hauler with a crappy V6??? Good luck with that.

  2. Richard Rassh

    Why does a kid hauler need a v6?

    1. John

      I think the better question is, “Why does a kid hauler NEED to start at $85k?” The fact that it also has a turd for an engine just adds insult to injury.

  3. Richard Rassh


  4. GaryK

    I don’t need AWD in Florida.

    1. Cigna

      Safe to say, very few in Florida will pay $85,000+ for a vehicle that they don’t need. Maybe Dianne Craig is not aware of Florida’s weather.

  5. David Dickinson II

    “Reducing complexity” seems to be Ford’s code for jacking up the price. They are reducing the number of low priced options and sticking people with higher bills. Farley wants to move up the automotive food chain but 1) Ford’s quality problems are well known and are catching up to them; 2) consumers’ buying power is rapidly declining; 3) pent-up COVID demand is waning. I don’t see a big market for $100k automobiles in the near term. There are a few fools, but not enough to keep Ford going.

  6. Dale Morton

    Hasn’t ANYBODY noticed the article title states they’re getting rid of RWD on these vehicles and not 2WD?!?😆

  7. Ron

    Iam surprised that Ford is still in business.

  8. philip tilley

    It should have the Coyote engine 450 bhp.

  9. Ian

    I love how everyone is up in arms when Land Rover has had this business model for 70 years.

    Stop complaining, don’t buy it.

    1. John

      People have expected this from land rover, that’s why nobody has been buying them. It’s disappointing because it’s coming from Ford now.

  10. Jason

    Well I am disappointed 2024 will still be the old out of date design. I am surprised anyone buys these. I would love to have one when they can bring it up to today’s world. The ol saying “this ain’t daddy’s Cadillac” comes to mind. In this case it’s more like “this is your grandads lincoln”. But cannot wait to see 2025!

  11. Cigna

    Must be of one Dianne Craig’s brilliant ideas, expect 2023 calendar year sales to be below 2022’s dismal sales. Lincoln is on schedule to become China-only by 2030.

  12. JLP

    Maybe they did their research and discovered that AWD/4WD models outsold 2WD?


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