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Check Out This Aftermarket Ford Bronco Hardtop: Video

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts (ADV) originally announced that it was developing a fiberglass Ford Bronco hardtop back in early 2022, a move that came largely in response to The Blue Oval’s difficulties securing molded-in color hardtops from its supplier, Webasto. There is certainly some pent up demand for Ford Bronco hardtops as a result, even though the aftermarket piece isn’t exactly cheap with an MSRP north of $5,000. Regardless, final assembly on ADV’s new fiberglass Ford Bronco just began earlier this month, and now, the company is giving us a closer look at the finished product.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Ford Bronco FIberglass Hardtop - Exterior 002 - Rear

As previously noted, ADV’s new Ford Bronco fiberglass top is a bit different than the OEM MIC top in a number of ways, starting with the fact that it has a slanted rear section, giving it more of a fastback look. The rear section sits at around a 12-degree angle, which reportedly ensures that owners aren’t giving up much in the way of cargo space. The glass is tinted to OEM spec, and the defroster is incorporated as well, while the wiper washer assembly and sound deadening headliner are also available.

As one would imagine, the ADV top also utilizes the Bronco’s factory mounting points, though it’s a two-piece top rather than a three-piece like the factory unit – making removal a bit simpler and less time consuming while also cutting down on leaks and noise. The top is also accessory-ready, and ADV plans to release things like a molle rack system that enable the addition of even more goodies back in the rear cargo area. The door on the top also opens up higher than the factory unit, which is great news for taller folks.

While the ADV top is compatible with the factory roof rack, the company is also developing its own unit that will bolt directly to the main roof portion rather than the outside of the hardtop, which makes it easy to take on and off as well. Throw in the fact that the aftermarket top matches the color of the Bronco’s other accessories – like its fender flares – better than OEM, and it’s pretty clear that this is a nice, premium alternative.

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  1. Mann

    Webasto, the Ford supplier should be embarrassed, and so should Ford. I would buy part ownership in this company or ink a long-term deal with them. These guys are amazing and Ford would be foolish to ignore what they did to make a cheap top from the factory, so much superior and better in every way.

  2. OFG

    The second mouse gets the cheese.
    Good job.


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