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Counterfeit Part From No. 14 NASCAR Ford Displayed And Explained

In early June 2023, the No. 14 NASCAR Ford Mustang of Chase Briscoe incurred an L3-level penalty for a counterfeit part discovered on the race car during a teardown by the sanctioning body following the Charlotte 600 on May 29th, 2023. Now, NASCAR has displayed and explained the illegal part in question that led to the hefty penalties that carry major implications for the Playoffs.

Counterfeit air duct seized from No. 14 NASCAR Ford Mustang

The No. 14 NASCAR Mustang was found to have an illegal air duct, resulting in a $250,000 fine and six race suspension served to crew chief Johnny Klausmeier, and a 100-point owner and driver point deduction from Briscoe’s team. Said air duct is affixed to the bottom of the car beneath the engine panel, and serves to move heat out of the engine compartment. The part is 3D printed at the NASCAR Research & Development Center, and is sold and installed by Fibreworks Composites. However, the duct taken from Briscoe’s car was discovered to be out of compliance, as it was not supplied or produced by the approved source.

Brad Moran, Cup Series managing director, displayed the part to members of the media at last weekend’s race at Sonoma, pointing out that the textures of the air vent taken off the No. 14 NASCAR Ford were “clearly” different. This indicates that the air vent was not from the single-source supplier outlined by the sanctioning body.

“There’s some defects that are built into it that are built into each one as it’s a 3D part,” Moran said. “So we know what they are and there’s certain little characteristics that are in it. But again, that was after we scanned it and everything. It was a visual that doesn’t look like this [real] part, and then the more we examined it, the more we realized it’s not a part they bought.”

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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    Nascar has lost their minds over this ! I wasted a minute of my time watching this moron, explain nothing—- except fines and punishment—- Stupid Racing, Stupid Rulers, I am can’t believe I once when to the races—

  2. Gary . Virginia.

    Ford get the hell out of Nascar.

  3. Bruce Holberg

    What a joke. NASCAR isn’t saying there was any benefit from this design, only that it wasn’t original. They imply there was but don’t come right out an say what it was, if any.

    1. Alexandra Purcell

      NASCAR rarely discloses what an illegal part can do, lest they give teams any ideas.

  4. CW

    If that was Rick Hendrick car….Nascar offical .Mike Helton….his longtime buddy…would have made sure it was not a big deal….and threw out the fine and penalty….just look record….like they have done in past….infact former Nascar appeals judge John Middlebrook ..who was picked by Helton…was a Hendrick business associate and former GM ex….threw out Jimmy Johnsons illegal stuff way back…you got it made if you can pick your own judge….

    1. Alexandra Purcell

      Hmm, HMS has the most severe penalties out of any other team this year. Granted, some of them were rescinded, but NASCAR seems to have it out for good old Hendrick this year.

      1. James

        Most penalties maybe, severe I doubt it not when you have them same pricks judging that are in bed with Hendrick and Nascar. As far as having it out for Hendricks teams , that’s just to make it look good so people like you can defend them when these forums come up.

  5. Randy

    What a joke. Nascar might as well build all the cars, hire the drivers and the cars would be handed out by drawing numbers. Wait, they already did that – IROC. I rarely watch any more.

  6. Christopher

    I have not watched a NASCAR race in over a year because all the penalties and nick picking on the small parts.Fist the louvers and now the naca ducts for the exit air for engine heat,watch nhra exclusively real racing


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