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Ford CFO Says Supply Chain Issues Easing, But Not Completely

After years of battling supply chain issues, the automotive industry began to turn the corner in the first half of 2023, as many expected. However, Ford continues to battle various problems and shortages, along with a tight labor market, which is precisely why CEO Jim Farley previously stated that he believes supply chain problems are more of a permanent thing rather than a temporary storm that will pass at some point. While speaking at the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference recently, Ford CFO John Lawler shed some more light on this topic by revealing that while supply chain issues are easing, they’re still posing problems for The Blue Oval.

2023 Ford Bronco Sport

“Yes. So, we are seeing disruptions due to supply availability, but it’s much less than it was in the past,” Lawler said. “There’s still hiccups in chips, high demand chips that’s happening. And the other thing that we’re seeing is that as the water level overall is rising and production is coming back, we’re seeing some of the suppliers that are not chip related having issues keeping up, ramping up to average per week volumes, max per week volumes. And so, we’re working through some of those issues. And I think that’s still part of the overhang from COVID and the fact that factories weren’t running at that rate, maintenance wasn’t necessarily where it should be, labor shortages, etc. But we’re working through that, and it’s getting much better.”

Lawler’s comments coincide with what we’ve seen from Blue Oval production thus far this year, with many models seeing a sharp ramp up in that regard over the past few months. That list includes the the Ford Bronco Sport crossover, the Ford Transit van, the Ford Mustang Mach-E EV crossover, the refreshed Ford Escape crossover, and the Ford Maverick compact pickup.

As Ford Authority reported last week, even the Ford Bronco is facing no new supply constraints, which is big news for the in-demand SUV. However, some other red hot models – such as the Maverick Hybrid – remain constrained as demand still outweighs Ford’s production capacity.

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  1. Jeff

    Tell that to the guys that are waiting on their super duties. Just another blow smoke up your backside.

  2. Tired of Excuses

    So sick of the excuses.

  3. Tom

    I’ve been waiting two and a half years for a new BCM for my 2018 F150 Lariat. To fix a door lock issue, that occurred wile it was still under warranty.
    Still nothing yet.

  4. steve

    Notice how it said nothing about super dutys, so tired of Ford’s crap. just received another email from Ford stating they are behind with supply chain constraints . its smoke blowing at the worst.

  5. Gayla

    The new Tacoma hybrid is looking like the truck I should buy. Been waiting for my 2022 Maverick XLT hybrid since last July 2022. Don’t think it will ever be built.

  6. Aram

    I’ve been waiting for just about a year for a replacement steering column assembly for my 2009 Escape. It’s sitting in my driveway because the power steering doesn’t work. My dealer says the part is on “expedited” order. No idea when it is coming in!


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