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Ford Contract Workers Cut As Additional Job Reductions Loom

Over the past year or so, Ford has laid off thousands of workers in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, all of which were positions that the automaker determined to be redundant. These reductions are all part of the company’s Ford+ plan to streamline operations and boost profitability, and as Ford Authority reported last week, another round of cuts are expected to be announced as soon as this week. Now, as we await that announcement, an unspecified number of Ford contract workers have been cut as well, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“People in certain agency positions across a few skill teams were notified by their employers that their assignments at Ford have ended,” Ford spokesman T.R. Reid told the Free Press. “The changes are consistent with the Ford+ plan – aligning capabilities and roles with product and service priorities and, in the process, reducing costs.” Reid did not reveal how many Ford contract workers were notified of this change, though all were employed by outside agencies.

In addition to these cuts, Ford is reportedly set to lay off a number of salaried, white collar North American workers this week, with most of these reductions reportedly slated to occur in the company’s EV-focused Model e and ICE-centered Ford Blue divisions, while the commercial-focused Ford Pro entity apparently won’t be affected in this latest round of cuts.

It’s unclear how many North American salaried Blue Oval employees will be affected by this change, though it’s believed that “a minimum of several hundred” such jobs will be eliminated following the company’s disappointing 2022 financial results, with profitability lagging behind the competition. Currently, FoMoCo employs around 28,000 salaried workers in the U.S. and around 70,000 across the globe.

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  1. Bill E.

    Anyone with any common sense knows the automobile industry profits are 1000% what they were 20 years ago. Meanwhile wages have hardly moved. Nobody wants to pay 80K for a work truck! So if your business suffers, nobody really cares. We are all just trying to survive the lunacy of the American Economy.

    1. John Q Public

      1000%? Anyone with any common sense would seriously question this statistic.
      In 2000 Ford made approximately $10 billion in profit.
      In 2020 Ford lost approximately $1 billion.

  2. John Tedrow

    How about taking these workers and sending them to finish the F-Series trucks ?? Going on my 9 month wait list in July!!


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