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Ford Focus Loses Fight Against Super Duty Tow Truck: Video

While roads have always been a bit of a battleground filled with impatient drivers and angry folks on the verge of snapping and doing something silly, it certainly seems like we’re seeing more and more road rage incidents these days. Of course, this could just be a byproduct of the prevalence of dash cams and cell phones with cameras, coupled with a plethora of online forums designed specifically to highlight these acts. In any event, we’ve seen time and time again what a Ford Super Duty can do to smaller vehicles, and in this video recently posted to Reddit, that is once again on clear display in an incident that came about as a Ford Focus driver was trying to merge into heavy traffic.

Ford Focus, Super Duty Crash During Merge - Exterior 002 - Front

We get a nice view of the action courtesy of camera footage provided by the driver that was in front of these two vehicles, which was traveling in the merge lane ahead of the Ford Focus. It seems as if the Focus driver was trying to merge and wasn’t interested in letting the Super Duty prevent this from happening, so they just kept going until the merge lane narrowed.

Despite this, the Super Duty driver didn’t relent or slow down to allow the Focus in front of them, which prompted that driver to turn sharply in front of the big flat bed truck – and things, well, they didn’t exactly end well. Instead of sneaking in that tight spot, the Focus smashed into the front of the Super Duty, leaving both vehicles sitting in the middle of the road, damaged and awaiting law enforcement to file a report.

[iRoad N10] Focus refuses to wait his turn…pays the price
by u/Show-Tune-Singer in Dashcam

While the Ford Focus driver was clearly in the wrong here, it’s also worth wondering if the end result of the Super Duty driver’s actions were worth it. They certainly had no obligation to let the Focus move over, but at the same time, doing so would have prevented this accident from occurring in the first place. Either way, both drivers are now stuck trying to explain their case to police – and their insurance companies.

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  1. John

    Zipper, people, ZIPPER! LOL.

  2. John Pantelis

    Typical entitled jackass. No turn signal. No respect for a much larger vehicle. And with this video no way to say it was the truck driver’s fault. These idiots are the biggest danger on the roads today.

  3. Michael Ean

    The Focus driver is a scummy, selfish person, but they had, unfairly, put themselves ahead just before the mirror hit. At that point the truck was in the wrong. But the next move by the Focus was deplorable. And without this video who would believe the truck driver about what happened.

  4. Dave

    Stupid title to article. I thought the focus would just crunch a super duty truck. Glad you assign fault in the accident. I see a small car merging a an idiot in a large truck,surprised, refusing to touch his brakes and be courteous to merging traffic. A typical problem with fools who think the size of their vehicle gives them the right of way. Truck driver is at fault besides have little man in big vehicle attitude. What a idiot.

  5. John Osbourn

    Well, what we have here is a classic case of two stupid drivers trying to occupy the same lane, at the same time, because of their egos.


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