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Ford Maverick Production Boost May Not Satisfy Demand

From the moment the Ford Maverick launched for the 2022 model year, the affordable and efficient compact pickup was in high demand and short supply, and not much has changed on that front in the months since then. As Ford Authority reported back in January, The Blue Oval plans to add a third shift at the Hermosillo Assembly plant next month in an effort to boost production while hiring 1,100 new direct workers and 5,000 indirect employees, though that still may not be enough to satisfy demand, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley.

“Yeah, we’re going to have a capacity increase in July at the plant,” Farley said while speaking during the automaker’s annual shareholder meeting. “That’ll help. Unfortunately, we completely under-called the demand for Mavericks. So, I’m not confident even with the capacity increase that we’re going to have a lot of Mavericks available to everyone. We still have – look, we have a ten day supply of the vehicle. You can find Mavericks. The capacity increase will help, but clearly, the vehicles hit a really positive nerve, especially with the U.S. consumer. And we’re doing everything we can to increase, especially our supply chain, to increase the production.”

It is worth noting that Ford Maverick production has already ramped up somewhat in the early portion of this year, going from 7,143 units in March to 9,649 in April, with total Q1 production coming in at 25,486 units. Currently, production of the 2023 Maverick is expected to end in October, as Ford Authority previously reported.

FoMoCo plans to expand Ford Maverick and Bronco Sport annual production run rate by a total of 80,000 units by the end of the year, which is presumably for both models, combined. However, it’s worth noting that this means the Hermosillo plant will have the capacity to build 80,000 additional units of these vehicles – not that it will, which is important since the automaker is still facing some lingering supply chain issues that continue to hamper production.

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  1. Bev1

    Who would have thought a practical, useful vehicle of reasonable quality and sold at a decent price would sell well. It’s like 1908 all over again. [Context – 1908 was when the Model T began production]

    1. Robert Wasson

      I’ve been saying all along, the Maverick is the Model T of the 21st century, and the idiots at Ford aren’t smart enough to cash in on it.

  2. Bill

    There is a hybrid and ICE version. Is demand equal for both? Then again, material needed for battery pack is expensive and Ford may give the ICE version more of a boost.

    1. Martinfishdr

      2024 orders are 87% hybrid and a mere 13% ICE. The consumer has spoken loud and clear. But I’m still waiting on mine.

  3. Ken Wiersema

    Ordered my Maverick the first hours 09/16/22 the 2023 opened their banks. Well it’s June so where is it???? What exactly are the parts that are missing? I have never seen such a poorly run company that can sell a product that can’t produce. In the mean time my trade in’s value is dropping. Very frustrated with the we don’t have the parts e mails. Hope they never built stuff for us if we ever get in a war!

    1. Lea Owens

      I ordered my Lariat on 9/16/22. Production is scheduled to start June 12th. I’m excited for it!

    2. Gayla

      We r frustrated too. Ordered hybrid XLT july 2022. Ford tells us they r having trouble getting parts.

      I’m not buying this. Maverick sales are high in South America. Where r they getting their parts for the production of these trucks?? And why doesn’t Ford take care of their US customers first. Doubt I will ever see my hybrid XLT truck. Checking into the New hybrid Tacoma that is due to come out early 2024.

  4. Mike Cee

    My XL Hybrid is in production this week, after an 8 month wait. Hopefully I’ll get it before July 4th!

  5. Erich Chieca

    The people running Ford have no interest in the success of the Maverick. It’s profit margin is an 1/8 of what an F150 brings to the bottom line. I find it interesting though how many F150 are sitting on lots at the moment, many dealers with 200 or more units and weak incentives from Ford to move them.

    The Maverick is what the Mustang was in 1964/65/66 something different, fun to drive, practical, economical to own and priced correctly for the times. Ford cranked out a million plus Mustangs in three years with 3 plants running three shifts. The Hermosillo plant can barely crank out 300k vehicles with 2 shifts over the last two years.

    How Ford missed the mark and did not align at least two plants to run production is just crazy and continuing to use supply chain excuse issues just isn’t cutting for us consumers as most suppliers have recovered. Ford is controlling the volume plain and simple. We ordered two 2023 models an XL Hybrid and an XLT Hybrid on 9/16/22 from one of the country’s highest volume dealers Bill Brown Ford and still do not have a production date.

    Ultimately it will cost Ford customers in the long term once another competitor gets rolling or people lose interest. You can already see this with the Bronco Sport as dealers now have stock inventory available on lots.

  6. Chris Cleaver

    Getting tired of waiting not sure who’s in charge of the production but here’s a thought don’t sell more than you can produce I’m actually considering dropping my order and checking out the Toyota stout see if they can produce a vehicle they are planning on selling hope it takes a bit out of Fords over paid high ups maybe when they start loosing bonuses they will get it together
    But having serious doubts
    Signed tires of waiting last comment never got posted what’s wrong truth hurts

  7. Paul

    Ordered mine a few weeks ago, told anywhere from a year to 18 months for delivery

    1. LS

      In what country? US order bank has been closed since September.

  8. Don Smith

    I’ve never owned a Ford product in the 47 years I have been buying new vehicles. The Maverick caught my interest but I refuse to pay 5k over MSRP. Vehicle manufactures spend a lot of money for conquest sales. Ford has missed an opportunity with me.

  9. Nancy Chrusciel

    I ordered my truck on 9/16, it is now 6/02 and I could no longer wait with my lease was up, I got a Bronco, it really upsets me when I read Ford is doing all these wonderful improvements on upcoming cars, but can’t take care of customers they have been so patient. I have been a loyal customer since I was 18, now 73, this will be the last Ford I will own. Putting me at the bottom of the list because they don’t have Tonneau covers and mud flaps is unacceptable!! I have a feeling that all of us who are waiting for this truck are going to be pushed into the 2024 model, with another wait.

  10. speedwagone!

    Tired of people posting this hunk of junk is a model T. There are model T’s still driving today, 20 years from now every one of these insults to the Maverick legacy will be in a landfill. Dont worry about the increased production not meeting demand, the recalls and total production stops due to fantastic quality problems and poorly engineered engine will give you plenty of time to consider a Toyota Stout. I wll admit its most base form is priced ok by todays standards, but Ford’s quality has reached a basement where Dodges are better. Guess Ford need to merge with Fiat to improve their quality too.

    1. Dr Dan

      I agree those waiting for 2023 will most likely be pushed into 2024. If customers want this option, will this mean more cost for the 2024?

      Dealer told me that i have recently been placed on priority status!

  11. Betty

    Ordered in Sept od 22 and we have started looking at other options, tired of waiting!!

  12. O6VistaBlueGT

    Ordered the moment the order banks opened on 9/15 at 4:30 (Ford’s brilliant idea to wait till later in the day for some stupid reason 🤦🏻‍♂️). Still NO VIN! I’m sitting with my bought out Fusion Energi Hybrid that I want to sell when this arrives someday (value of Fusion Energis are crazy good). And now I’m gonna have to place a 2024 order just to CYA. Ford has borked this launch and the entire production SO BADLY it’s not funny, it’s pathetic!

    I’m NOT a truck guy. Don’t need a full size and don’t want the Ranger. This appealed to me because I love my Fusion Hybrid, but the idea of something like it with a small bed for my bike or a kayak is really cool. I’m a Ford person. Sold them for 23 years (’97-2020 when I left due to severe Crohn’s). I love my 2006 Mustang GT, but I will say with 100% certainty, that whenever I get my Maverick, it will be my last Ford. Absolutely pathetic they can’t build more to satisfy us who waited so long.

    Hey Ford, great idea for you. How about NOT accepting any new 2024 Hybrid orders. You will have tens of thousands of orders in the bank still. How about satisfying those orders first. And how about using a 2nd plant. Flat Rock isn’t busy, just saying. Ford, GET IT TOGETHER!!!

  13. Ted Zachary

    My first maverick lariat ordered 11/15/21 then shoved into 23 year finally built May 26 but take a month till it gets to dealer. No communication from dealer without force. Second maverick ordered 9/22/23. First one will be worn out by the time it comes in. As a ford customer for over 50 yrs and stock holder I’m bout done with Farley and ford motor.

    1. Bill Byrne

      same here ordered oct 2021!! our ford dealer now has TONS of f-150 stiing around,NO Mavericks! after 40 plus years of Fords I may be done with them.

  14. Blackbelt

    Ford is pathetic. They can find a way to build 800,000+ F150’s but can’t 100,000 Mavericks. As someone else said, dealers all have 200+ F150’s they can’t sell, while thousands and thousands of customers wait for them to build their Maverick.Why did they bother to introduce a vehicle that it’s clear they have no interest in actually selling?

  15. Scott

    Hoping Toyota’s stout comes out before my order is ready, ordered (9/19/22) I’ll buy a Toyota

    1. LS

      If the Stout exists. I’ll I’ve seen is a photoshopped Maverick with a Toyota like grille.

  16. Bob Gorth

    This should be a case studied in business school, how not to treat customers. Produce Mavericks elsewhere. Fire people for incompetence. Do something!!!

  17. Theo

    Waiting for the 2024 Toyota Stout Hybrid pickup to come out. Been a loyal Ford guy for about 40 years. After reading all the complaints regarding the Maverick delays just can belief how screwed up it has become. Ford use to be something now there nothing the way they treat customer.

  18. Edward de Jong

    There is no mini Toyota truck coming to the USA. Yes, Toyota makes wonderful small trucks, through their partners like Daihatsu, etc. but they will not sell a product that undercuts one of their best selling models (the Tacoma). So you are dreaming if you think Toyota will rescue you.

    Of course they should have allocated two plants for the Maverick. It’s the vehicle a huge number of Americans would love to have.

  19. George Lebsack

    I ordered an XL hybred last year when the 2023 order bank opened. I spent 31 years in marketing and distribution for Nissan and Fuji Heavy Industries(Subaru). Ford should be actively thinking about holding their customers that have been waiting for these vehicles for outrageous periods. Give them an accessory credit.

  20. Phil

    Wait and see, there always the first time Edward de Jong.

  21. Dave

    Ordered mine 9/16/23 (XLT hybrid). Was told I get emails weekly on status untill vin# was posted. I have never heard one thing from dealer or Ford. I sold my 2nd car (stupid) now I’me down to 1. I hope I can get my good faith deposit back. $500.


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