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Ford Maverick Rival Ram Rampage Spotted Without Camo: Video

The Ford Maverick immediately became a huge hit in the compact pickup-hungry U.S. when it launched some time ago, and it’s also on sale in Brazil, where deliveries originally began last year. However, the Maverick will soon be joined in both that South American country and the U.S. by the Ram Rampage, which Ford Authority spotted testing just last month. Stellantis has already partially revealed the new Rampage, and Ford Authority spied a U.S.-market Rampage prototype out and about recently as well, providing us with a sneak peek at the new model’s interior. Now, the new Ram Rampage has been spotted completely uncovered in this video recently posted to Instagram.


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This Ram Rampage prototype looks just like the one previously seen in a video teaser from Stellantis, featuring the same red exterior paint and black accents as that model. The Ram badging is prominent as well, leaving no doubt as to what we’re looking at – the brand new, forthcoming Maverick fighter in the flesh.

While Ram has expressed a desire to bring a small truck to the U.S. for some time now, there are many obstacles to overcome first. For starters, Stellantis is expected to build the Rampage in Brazil, meaning that it would be subjected to the chicken tax if it is imported into the U.S. from that country. However, it could get around that by building the pickup in America or perhaps in Mexico at the Toluca Assembly plant, which currently produces the Jeep Compass, with which the Rampage shares a platform.

Ram Rampage Reveal - Exterior 003 - Rear Tailgate

The Rampage will reportedly ride on the same “Small Wide” 4×4 architecture that underpins not only the Compass, but also the Jeep Commander and Fiat Toro. Wider and longer than the Toro, the Rampage will reportedly utilize an updated, turbocharged version of the 2.0L Tigershark I-4 and the turbocharged 2.2L Multijet II I-4, both of which will be mated to the ZF nine-speed automatic transmission.

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  1. Dale A Ganske

    I hope Ram produces it soon. Ford delays are absurd! No one knows anything!! I’ve been waiting 9 months, others for 2 years. Lousy management and transparency. Too many smart guys at the top and they’ll lose their shirts on all those EV’s.

  2. William

    Bye bye Maverick long wait times if this hits the US market.

  3. Hal Moore

    I have been waiting 18 months for my Ford Maverick XLT hybrid. If the Rampage should be available as a hybrid, or the rumored Toyota Stout, I would purchase immediately. Been a Ford client for a long time. But this extended wait and their lack of being able to provide a build date is just terrible business.

    1. rangerdanger

      Sounds more like a dealer allocation problem

      1. rapturd

        My friend ordered a raptor in 22 and got it in a year later…still longer than normal but it shouldnt take longer than a year

  4. Chris Henzelmann

    I bought a new Rampage in 82. I loved it. It turned a lot of heads on the highway lol! 😎

  5. Mike W

    15 month wait,6,000 miles since I got it,45 mpg average.50+ mpg last 3 fillups. Why would you not by a hybrid, no plug in, it’s pretty quick, Lariat has heated seats and steering wheel, great in Chicago area. Ride is stiff, but it is a truck. Does exactly what I wanted . Price was good until they raised them for a truck they couldn’t deliver. Could probably sell it for 10k more than I paid. But keeping it for a long time.

  6. Billy

    Who wants a Ewe?

  7. Ben

    Looks more like a ranger competitor.

  8. Murungu

    Why no extended cab/long bed so you can use it as a work truck?
    These things are just a car with an open boot/trunk.

  9. Tom

    Just got my build date 9/23 finally 9months


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