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Ford Pickups May Get Integrated Tailgate Step Attachments

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for integrated tailgate step attachments that could be used on Ford pickups in the future, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on September 1st, 2021, published on June 27th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11685313.

Ford Patent Integrated Tailgate Step Attachments

The Ford Authority Take

In addition to filing a patent for a movable step that could be used on future Ford pickups last November, FoMoCo introduced the new Tailgate Work Surface on the 14th generation 2021 Ford F-150, which contains things like a built-in ruler and clamp pockets, though no multi-function tailgate, as many had expected. Recently, the refreshed 2023 Ford Super Duty also added an updated Integrated Tailgate Step designed to make getting in and out of the bed easier. Now, this newly filed patent outlines an idea for integrated tailgate step attachments that could be the next new feature present on Ford pickups.

Though it looks a lot like the existing Integrated Tailgate Step, this new design introduces an idea for ways to protect the tailgate when users are clamping things down on it and drilling or cutting materials like wood. Though the current tailgate design gives users the capability to do these things, it was not designed to prevent damage from occurring, which is precisely where this patent comes into play.

Ford Patent Integrated Tailgate Step Attachments

The attachment brackets outlined in the patent include a workplace support bar and a riser that’s attached to the step support members and to each other, at a right angle. Both the support bar and the riser can be attached to each other or a pivot connector, and are designed to be easy to attach and remove as needed. Overall, it seems like a pretty simple and effective way to improve the functionality of Ford’s existing tailgates, making it likely that we’ll see something like it in production form one day.

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  1. Ryan

    I like how Ford Authority watermarks the patent images like it’s their exclusive content or something….these are publically available on Google

    1. Michael Deusa

      WTF are you really saying??

  2. EPTDY

    This is literally just proof that trucks are too big when you need steps to get in the bed.

  3. Slackjawed Seeweed

    This isn’t really new though. I’ve seen older F-series pickups with this exact kind of thing. They even had an integrated bar that folds vertically from the tailgate and gives you something to hold onto as you go up/down the step.

  4. Rick Wick

    No this is nothing new. I have the integrated oem step in my 2018 f150 xlt.
    It works very well, is probably the best design , works the best in comparison to the other 3 pick up truck manufacturers.
    But you know Ford they’ll have you believe it’s a brand new idea but UT reality it’s been around from 2018 or earlier?
    Anything to get an edge on others manufactures of pick ups when it already exists.


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