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Ford Ranger PHEV Out Next Year, Coming To U.S.: Report

Long before the debut of the all-new next-generation Ford Ranger, rumors regarding plug-in hybrid and all-electric variants were already swirling, with some even suggesting that the PHEV version could enter production before 2025, and that the high-performance Ranger Raptor could also eventually get an electrified powertrain option. The North American debut of the new mid-size pickup came and went with no conformation on this front, however, though now, Drive is reporting that the Ford Ranger PHEV is not only coming, but it’s set to launch next year, too.

The report claims that the Ford Ranger PHEV is scheduled to launch at some point in 2024 as part of that same model year’s updates, meaning that we won’t have to wait much longer to see the electrified pickup. Ford Australia didn’t confirm this report, but previously stated that the new Ranger was built specifically with electrification in mind, meaning that the automaker clearly planned on offering some sort of hybrid, PHEV, or EV in its life cycle.

As for what that powertrain might look like, this report notes that the Ranger PHEV will utilize the existing Ford 2.3L I-4 EcoBoost base engine, paired with one or more electric motors. This would represent a first in terms of that particular combination, as FoMoCo doesn’t currently sell any PHEV with the 2.3L EcoBoost, though as one might imagine, specifics such as output, electric-only driving range, and other pertinent info is currently unknown.

Drive believes that the Ford Ranger PHEV will be built in South Africa – at least for the Australian model – though it will also reportedly be sold in America, where it could spawn a plug-in version of the Ranger’s platform mate, the Ford Bronco. It’s also possible that Ford may offer a PHEV Everest variant, though details on that potential model are also a bit murky at the moment.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Plug in hybrids make a lot more sense than straight-up EVs, especially for trucks that are in non-urban places that will take decades to get an infrastructure able to charge EVs.

    1. Slobbydoo

      Except now you have 2 power trains which could fail and 2 power trains to maintain and service.

      1. Junius

        Not necessarily. The 2 motor single planetary system as used in the Maverick and some others is actually dramatically simpler than a conventional ICE/auto. There is a long history of older Escape Hybrids with the same configuration putting in well over 400k miles in New York taxi service.

      2. Jay

        Direct drive power trains much simpler and more than twice as efficient as drive shafts.

    2. Jay

      There is an electrical grid throughout the country. The infrastructure for EV’s already exist everywhere. It takes a couple hours to hook up charger. The real question is when are we going to build nuclear power plants and stop letting big oil lobby against them. We need oil for many things but burning it away in 20 percent efficient automobiles is ridiculous at this point in our understanding of engineering.

  2. Slobbydoo

    Phev will indeed be built for ROW in Silverton. No, Raptor will stay with 3.0L. no PHEV everest in the works.

  3. upl8n8

    Seriously, F Ford. They have the ability to drop the exact same PHEV system into the Maverick as they have in the Escape, but refuse to do it… trying to force customers to pay far more for a PHEV raptor.

    This is a corrupt company putting profits ahead of customer demand. And frankly, their quality lately has been hot garbage.

    Hey Ford, recall some more vehicles why don’t ya. Import some more vehicles from China… Give Tesla more of your money.

  4. Bob Aronson

    Bring the diesel engine ranger here 1st before wasting time on an electric or even a hybrid model

    1. Jed Clampettt

      Why? Diesel fuel is more expensive.

  5. Crum Research

    with Tesla Supercharger NACS connector perhaps, ideally

  6. Al

    They’re pushing this EV vehicle crap when in fact the mining for cobalt and lithium is equally if not more damaging to the environment. It require large quantities of water that can’t be recycled back into streams, lakes and such. Plus the devastating creator this leaves behind. Plus it most likely won’t be able to drive more than 250 miles on a charge. Also the price tag will be so high the middle class family won’t be able to afford it.

  7. Bill

    That’s why they don’t let them mine for it in the USA because everyone will see how destructive it is to the environment


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