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Ford Ranked Third In New Registrations For Q1 2023

Following some tumultuous times in the automotive world, Ford has thus far bounced back in terms of sales over the past few months, recording a 10 percent increase in Q1 2023 as supply chain problems ease and inventory improves. This has largely been driven by the automaker’s Ford Blue ICE and Ford Pro commercial divisions, which showed strong growth in the first quarter of the year, along with a variety of desirable, newer models. Even though Ford’s brand consideration dropped slightly in Q1, it still ranked among the top in terms of most leased makes, and according to Experian’s recently released Q1 2023 Automotive Market Trends report, The Blue Oval fared well in new vehicle registrations, too.

Experian Q1 2023 Automotive Market Trends Report New Vehicle Registrations

Among all automakers, Ford ranked third for new vehicle registrations in the first quarter of the year, accounting for 13 percent of the total market. That placed it behind only General Motors (17 percent) and Toyota (13.6 percent), as well as ahead of Stellantis (9.7 percent), Honda (7.9 percent), Renault/Nissan (7.2 percent), Hyundai (5.6 percent), Kia (5.3 percent), Tesla (4.2 percent), Subaru (4.1 percent), Volkswagen (3.4 percent), BMW (2.6 percent), Mazda (2.4 percent), Daimler (2.0 percent), and Geely (0.8 percent).

Ford has held onto third place in new vehicle registrations for four consecutive years now, dating all the way back to 2019, when it finished second in that regard. FoMoCo gave way to Toyota in 2020 and hasn’t managed to retake that spot ever since, while GM gave up the top position temporarily to the same Japanese automaker in 2022, only to regain it this year.

Much of Ford’s success in this regard can be tied to consumer interest in certain models, many of which have recently landed on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the most considered vehicles on sale. That list includes the Ford Maverick compact pickup, the full-size Ford F-150, its F-Series counterpart, the Ford Super Duty, and the Ford Explorer crossover.

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  1. John Tedrow

    Probably could have been #1 if they could actually build them in a reasonable time.
    Now going on 8 months since I ordered my 23 F-450 Platinum and still don’t have a build date or vin #.

    1. Montana Patriots 2024 BiHa

      Geez, I’d be frustrated with that.
      I hope it’ll be “Something that good is worth waiting for”, but if goes on much longer, you’ll have a 2024 to wait for.

      1. John W Tedrow

        Beyond frustrated……. is an understatement!!

  2. rapturd

    My friend waited a year for a raptor


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