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Ford Rival Toyota Working On Fully Electric Sports Car

With automakers making the shift toward electrification, it seems essentially inevitable that one day, in the not to distant future, all-electric sports cars may wind up replacing the ICE models we’ve come to know and love. This is potentially true of the Ford Mustang, as the brand-new S650-gen model will reportedly be the last gas-powered pony car, set to be replaced with an all-electric model by 2030. Dodge is already working on an EV muscle car as well, though it figures to be joined by several others in the coming years. Now, it seems as if Toyota plans on making its own EV sports car as well, according to a new report from Car and Driver.

Toyota Sports EV Concept - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda recently revealed that the automaker has already created an electric sports car prototype developed by Gazoo Racing, revealing some interesting details about this new model in the process. “You hear the engine noise inside the car and you have a manual transmission with a clutch,” he said. “You truly do not notice you are driving an electric car – the only thing missing is the smell of gasoline.”

Toyota hasn’t formally announced that it is working on an EV sports car, but it previously revealed a model called the “Sports EV” – pictured here – along with a host of other concepts. Additionally, Lexus is working on an all-electric LFA successor, and is also experimenting with ways to incorporate a manual transmission into electric vehicles – in one case, using a fake shifter and clutch to merely simulate this experience.

Otherwise, it’s unclear what we can expect from this future Toyota EV sports car, though the automaker did just reveal that it’s working on developing a series of long range EV batteries that will more than double the range of its current models by 2026, and provide up to 900 miles of range by 2030.

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  1. Mark B

    I’ll be interested to see how this idea pans out. I for one would love this option! It would help with my transition to EV’s while still maintaining a level of mechanical engagement with my machine that I’ve come to enjoy over the years. Depending upon how it’s executed, there could be a customizing feature with a mini-menu to select auto-rev, or not, and other personalization. Certainly worth exploring in my opinion,

  2. john

    I’d prefer it to be real EV, not fake ICE. The performance would be the thing, not fake noises.

  3. 1970Mav

    Interesting idea to use a manual, I would definitely like to see how this pans out and at what price. As far as the “fake ” engine sound, there are many cars today that amplify or enhance the engine sound into the passenger compartment so I don’t see why this would be a detriment to an EV’s performance. All they need to add is a spray type air freshener that smells like gas and have it spray only when you put your foot down.


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