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Ford Supervisor Allegedly Committed Heinous Acts: Lawsuit

Like any large company, Ford has faced its fair share of illicit behavior accusations from certain employees over the years, but the Chicago Assembly plant, in particular, has been plagued by allegations of sexual harassment dating back to 2017, which then-CEO Jim Hackett apologized for, though later led to a class action lawsuit against the automaker that was ultimately struck down by a federal judge. Now, a supervisor at the Chicago Assembly plant has been accused of committing heinous acts against another employee there, according to the New York Post.

The employee – Paulette Hyneman – alleged that herself and at least five other employees at the Chicago plant were sexually harassed before she was fired for complaining about the way she was treated at work, and claims that other women at the plant were subjected to unwanted sexual advances and catcalling, as well as shown pornographic material and nude photos.

Hyneman started working at the Chicago Assembly plant back in 2012 and during her time there, was reportedly subjected not only to these kinds of illicit behavior, but also witnessed employees having sex in their vehicles in the parking lot and in the union hall, though the most damming allegation involves her supervisor at the time, who reportedly exposed himself and forced her to perform sexual acts, threatening to terminate her if she refused. In December 2020, the same supervisor allegedly “came to [Hyneman’s] home uninvited, physically forcing her into her bedroom at which point he raped her,” according to the court filing.

“Ford is fully committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity and diversity in all of its facilities nationwide,” the automaker said in a statement in response to this filing. “Ford adheres to a comprehensive and zero-tolerance anti-harassment policy: harassment and discrimination are completely against our culture and cannot be tolerated. When complaints of harassment, discrimination, or other misconduct are raised, our policy is to promptly investigate and address those complaints as warranted. Ford cannot comment on specific litigation or personnel matters at this time.”

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  1. Sam

    Ford should have closed Chicago and left Atlanta open.

  2. ronarb

    UAW doing anything to safeguard their female membership ? It appears not !

  3. TDUB

    This has been going on for over 10 years and management has done nothing. This plant builds the SUV that was popular but soon just an also run with the others. The plant is rife with gangs and other issues that no one wants to work there. Very sad. Alan Mullaly and his staff would have never allowed this. Mr. Jim is too busy giving sound bites about EVS.

  4. Dave Mathers

    The sad thing is these ‘bad acts’ happen almost everywhere not just at Ford.

  5. philip tilley

    why didn’t the girl contact the police, if that was my partner, girlfriend, wife, etc., I would shoot the bastard.

  6. Jerry

    Just another reason not to purchase Ford products along with poor quality, it’s not UAW problem, it’s Fords lack of leadership.


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