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Ford Water Pump Class Action Lawsuit Transferred To Michigan

More than one Ford water pump related lawsuit has been filed in recent years, including one covering a long list of vehicles equipped with the family of Duratec V6 engines that claims water pump failures have led to serious engine damage.  Another Ford water pump lawsuit filed last October in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York – Mark Militello v. Ford Motor Company – also pertains to vehicles equipped with various Duratec V6 engines, but now, that lawsuit has been transferred to Michigan following a request from Ford to do so, according to Car Complaints.

This class-action lawsuit pertains to a variety of FoMoCo models built between 2007-2020, including the Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex, Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKZ, and Lincoln MKX. It was originally filed by the owner of a 2016 Ford Explorer, whose water pump failed with just over 61k miles on the odometer due to a coolant leak, reportedly forcing them to spend $2,000 for a new unit due to labor costs associated with the replacement, as it’s located behind the timing cover and is difficult to access.

According to the lawsuit, defective, unreinforced bearing oil seals used in the water pump allow coolant to leak across the mechanical seals and penetrate the bearing seals, which contaminates and washes out the bearing lubricant. Since the water pump is in line with the crankshaft and located over the main body of the engine, it reportedly allows coolant to leak from the water pump into the oil pan. Making matters worse, mixed coolant and oil can lead to engine failure, too.

In court, Ford pointed out that another water pump-related lawsuit – Roe v. Ford Motor Company – was filed four years prior by the same lawyers, containing identical complaints. The automaker stated that the decision to file this newer lawsuit in New York was “motivated by forum shopping, and a desire to avoid the supervision of the Roe court.” Ultimately, Judge Larimer agreed, stating that “the existence of the Roe action in Michigan, which was filed over four years before the complaint in this case, also enters into the equation. Generally, when two actions are filed in different districts involving the same parties and subject matter, the litigation should proceed in the district where the first-filed action was brought. What decisively tips the balance in favor of transfer…is the earlier-filed Roe action in Michigan.”

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  1. cj

    This what is a example of todays Ford….lots of there recalls are design issues….like this one….and instead of doing right thing…they are fighting instead of trying to fix it….before this design of installing a water pump inside the timing chain cover was ever put on drawing board….it should be have been reviewed by cerified mechanics at a Ford Dealership…not at Dearborn….and it would have saved the customer first..from a costly and bad Ford experience,,,and Ford image as a car company. ,,this design of water pump…is on a lot of Ford Vechicles….and if you in market for a used car…beware..

    1. Dean

      I spent 1800.00 to have my water pump replaced on my 2013 taurus. Thank God it leaked externally.



  3. Jim Finnerty

    Don’t know about the design but back in the 80s and 90s Honda’s timing chain had to be replaced at 80,000 miles. Honda would insist you change the water pump too. It was always a double hit on service costs.

    1. Tim

      This is why, I’m general, having a water pump driven from the timing components is a bad idea. Chrysler’s 2.7 was a huge offender with failing water pumps sludging the engines. At least with VW and some Hondas etc. they’re timing belt engines and when the water pump seals fail, the damage is usually not as bad. However I’m some of those belt driven applications the engine is interference and if the water pump fails and seizes, that $50 pump just hoses the whole engine. It’s a design issue, and a stupid one at that from a maintenance and longevity standpoint. Unless the goal is the opposite— then I guess it’s as it should be and the companies that design the junk should be held at task.

  4. Ronnie

    My 2017 escape fuel pump went out causing the cam to wear out on the end so now a new motor.

    1. Hates Stoopid

      There is no way, a fuel pump, affected the camshafts. They are completely unrelated.

  5. Stacey

    My wife’s 2016 water went out 6months ago
    Ford explorer and seal around windshield have come apart causing cover to fly off

  6. Gerardo R.

    Just had my water pump changed a week ago on mu 2017explorer with 60k miles on it

    1. Julie

      How much did you pay?

  7. Chris

    The person at Ford who signed off on this water pump design should be beaten!

  8. Dawn

    My 2018 ford explorer water pump failed in early June 2023. It’s still sitting at the Ford Dealership service center with a 14,000 dollar fix (our coolant leaked into the engine destroying it). They don’t have the engine to fix it. So gave us a January 2024 estimate before we can even think of seeing the car again.
    They offered us a ‘low cost’ rental for $35 day. So on top of the financing (we still have 5 years left on the loan), the cost to fix it… they also was $980/month to rent me a car. What a money making SCAM. Ford should be ashamed of themselves. And anyone who works for Ford knowing they do this should be as well.

  9. Matthew

    My 2015 Ford explorer was in the shop 7/21/23 pressure test was done and came back negative. 7 days later my car was dripping coolant. Brought directly back to ford. Come to find out water pump was bad like I originally thought…. $2500 for the full job and all they have to say was sorry for them missing the water pump prior. Car is still in the shop!

  10. Joe Smothers

    My 2014 Lincoln MKS went out about a year and a half ago. Took it to a ford dealership and they informed me that the motor was shot and it would cost me over 8000.00 dollars to put in a rebuilt motor. I asked them if Ford fixed the internal water pump problem before I shelled out that kind of money and he said it is the same engine. So here I sit with a nice looking MKS can’t use it.

  11. Michele Mannion

    Experiencing the same problem with my 2016 Lincoln MKX….water pump failure. Mechanic quoted $3,200 to replace. However, when he open up the engine, he informed me that there is significant damage to the engine. So now I am looking at an engine replacement cost of $9,849.00.

  12. C S McBride

    I have had the same problem with my MKS. The water pump went out on August 2, 2023. There were no warning signs, no engine light, no indication from gauge that the engine was overheating. I too was told at the dealership that there was a catastrophic failure and that the engine was compromised. I was given two quotes, $4600 to repair engine and water pump or $14,000 to replace the engine. Ford knew years ago this design was seriously flawed. They did not share this with their customers and have been seriously negligent in this matter. Those of us affected have lost thousands of dollars. They don’t care. I was even told I would be responsible for having the vehicle removed from their lot to a salvage sight. The car was in excellent shape prior to this and should have lasted a few more years. I believe there is a law suit pending in MI concerning this.

  13. Karla Munoz

    My 2016 just went out while I was driving on the highway. No wearing. Nothing. Price tag on repair $5,000+the towing to the dealership.y car was well-maintained prior to this. Nothing wrong. Even the tech couldn’t understand this. This is definitely a law suit.

  14. Camille

    Just took my 2015 Ford Fusion 1.5L eco boost in for a coolant leak and the dealership said it was the water pump, $1600 to repair. A few days later the coolant in my reservoir went missing again. I take it back to the dealership and this time they claim the leak is coming from the inner cooler underneath the intake manifold, another $1600 to repair. I called Ford customer service and they refused to pay for the cost of the second repair or do anything about this. My car has about 95,000 miles on it and it is already on the path to destruction. I do not recommend this car and I will definitely be trading mine in soon. Anyone know how we can join this class action lawsuit on the coolant leak?

  15. Ford Edge lawsuit

    Information for lawsuit FordEdge
    I live in New Mexico

  16. lori v

    only had my MKX 3 months , engine replacement because water pump leaked into oil . I will be going back to GM vehicles. They’re loosing a lot of us to GM

  17. Brandi C

    Where’s the lawsuit information on this my water pump went out in my 2017 For Explorer?


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