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Kyle Busch Says NASCAR Ford Team Deserves ‘Idiot Award’

In early June 2023, the No. 14 NASCAR Ford Mustang of Chase Briscoe, which is fielded by Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR), incurred an L3-level penalty for a counterfeit part discovered on the race car during a teardown by the sanctioning body following the Charlotte 600 on May 29th, 2023. The penalty has been a hot topic in the Cup Series, and a driver from a Chevy team weighed in on the situation with some choice words for Briscoe and SHR, according to a report from Racing News.

As a reminder, the counterfeit part in question was an engine air duct, which SHR did not acquire from NASCAR’s approved supplier, thus resulting in the penalty. In a statement, SHR said, “We had a quality control lapse and a part that never should’ve been on a car going to the racetrack ended up on the [No. 14 NASCAR Ford] car at Charlotte.” SHR also stated that it would not attempt to appeal the penalty.

Kyle Busch drives the No. 8 Chevy Camaro ZL1 in the Cup Series. One of the division’s top competitors, Busch is known for being opinionated, and had an amusing response when asked about the No. 14 NASCAR Ford team’s penalty.

“I wish we had a ‘what an idiot’ award,” Busch said of SHR. “I mean, even if you can’t find that part, you know you can call one of the other race teams and say – ‘hey, do you guys have this? Can we buy it from you?'”

He added, “It blows my mind. I don’t get it. For as little as that probably meant, that was a huge fine to the pocketbook and points book.”

That’s certainly the case, as Briscoe’s No. 14 NASCAR Ford team was docked 120 points in both the driver and owner standings, as well as the loss of 25 Playoff points. Crew chief John Klausmeier was fined $250,000, and was suspended from six point-paying races.

Busch was, however, pleased with NASCAR’s decision to display the counterfeit part and explain the reasoning for the penalty.

“I think it’s kind of cool that they show all of that stuff; show exactly what’s going on and what guys are doing,” he said.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. CWJ

    If that been a Hendrick car….they got rid of penalty money wise….and points would have been returned…they should appeal it….no different than all the stuff other GM teams get by with….fine and penalty should have not been that huge away….you are only allowed to dominate…with a bow tie on the hood

    1. Dave

      You are so right. I quit watching NASCAR because Jimmy Johnson kept getting caught cheating and being let go to cheat again and again. The last time I had a count, he had 11 times been caught.

      1. Daryl

        lol, all teams cheat, the ones who do it best don’t get caught. Ever watch Petty, Waltrip and other old timers talk about how much they cheated and never got caught? And this goes for all other forms of motorsports (and probably sports in general). Just look at Ferrari in F1 during the early 2000s – good lord!

        1. CWJ

          The problem is Hendrick gets caught….they just never do anything about it….Google John Middlebrook former Nascar appleals judge…and read his understand

    2. Tyler

      Why… you….type like….this….

      1. CWJ

        Why dont you?…..this is not a cursive school….you knowed exactly what i doing it for… and will keep doing it…

  2. Dave Mathers

    Hopefully Kyle hasn’t spoken too soon. The season is not over yet and RCR could possibly get caught in a similar fashion. Remember ‘it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught’!!

    1. Mary Mc

      I really believe Kyle runs off at the mouth before his brain cells even start working. It’s his great way of getting attention, even with his wins he still doesn’t receive blockbuster attention. We’ll leave that to Larson, Blaney, Hamlin, Truex Jr… hehe!

  3. Maverickan

    Or he could have said NASCAR is ruining stock car racing with all their idiotic rules. But he’d rather bash one of his competitors instead.

  4. James

    Fella’s right you all are, but reason they don’t have the idiot award no more because, Kyle already won all of them awards (crying) for taking second place and the best one pushing Kevin Harvick’s car down pit road with nobody in it, now that’s something a baby would do or maybe he is just stupid.

  5. Mark

    NASCAR’s best days are in its rear view mirror.

  6. G-man

    Kyle you already won the Idiot award when you drove for Gibbs, remember? Maybe you can win it again for RCR, don’t forget your crying towels…

    1. Jonny

      He is too busy wiping those tears with the 2 Championship trophies and all the wins he had at Gibbs

  7. Jordan

    Still not as boneheaded as botching the Explorer, Bronco, Ranger, and Maverick launches. Ford probably lost 100k’s of sales from just failing to get enough vehicles out there, and then the initial quality fails

    1. James

      When did they start racing Explorer, Bronco, Ranger and Maverick ya big dummy were talking about the big baby Bush who best of all should keep his mouth shut.

  8. S man

    NASCHEVY it’s about as boring as watching paint dry.

  9. Robert

    My guess is, the part in question was never intended to stay on the car that was being loaded for the track. It was probably just for assembly so they could finish the car while waiting for final parts to arrive. Someone in the shop messed up by not swapping it with the approved part when it arrived, which is probably why they didn’t appeal.

  10. Mike

    Nascar has screwed Ford over and over again and they’ve done it with the new car again. They took away downforce a few days before the first race probably because it would’ve given them a chance against the chevys. SHR was probably trying something to get some help with the Mustang and then forgot to put the right part back. If they did it on purpose, Briscoe really doesn’t have a chance to win so why not try something so they can go to Nascar with some evidence and ask for help. It sucks needing the Ford to be perfect to have a shot at Hendricks cars. It’s as if Roush, SHR and Penske forgot how to win all at the same time. I don’t even bother watching anymore.

    1. Kenny Smith

      It’s not that Ford forgot how to win the fact is NASCAR kisses general motors ass every chance to get and gives them every advantage possible it all started in the early 2000s I guess they bribed NASCAR more than four did because it seems that Chevrolet gets away with all kinds of crazy miscues and Ford can’t catch a break if Ford’s winning a race and someone’s 8 or 10 seconds out in front you can be guaranteed a caution will be thrown somehow or the other if it’s a Chevrolet winning by five or six or eight seconds they won’t throw a caution to save someone’s life I don’t know what it is but NASCAR is Chevrolet now and the sport sucks worse now more than ever along with the Chevrolets. And Kyle Busch is one of the idiot award more times than I can count so I don’t know what he’s crying about again.

  11. Monty

    NASCAR has always favored Chevy, nothing new. Hendrick owns nascar which was obvious when he got caught with a modified roof on one of his cars, he was busted and appealed several times. Finally one of his GM buddies that worked for nascar approved his appeal. When ford is leading a race nascar finds a way to stop the race so Hendrick can catch up.


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