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Lincoln Navigator Refresh Spotted With Nautilus-Like Styling

As Ford Authority has reported over the past several months, the Ford Expedition is set to receive a refresh at some point in the near future. Thus far, Ford Authority has spotted a number of prototypes out testing, giving us a look at the SUV’s upcoming exterior and interior changes, including a new set of rather large 24-inch wheels and perhaps an entirely new screen setup, too. Thus, it’s safe to assume that the Lincoln Navigator – which shares a platform with the Expedition – will follow suit. Now, Ford Authority has spotted a refreshed Lincoln Navigator prototype that gives us a sneak peek at its exterior styling, which looks quite similar to the recently-redesigned 2024 Lincoln Nautilus and the Lincoln Star Conceptas expected.

These elements are quite visible up front, where this Lincoln Navigator prototype features what seems to be a coast-to-coast light bar or similar element – just like the Nautilus and Star Concept – though it’s difficult to discern any additional changes due to the substantial amount of camouflage present here, save for what should be an updated headlight design, at a minimum.

Moving down the side, however, we can clearly see that this Navigator is equipped with what looks to be the same wheel design present on the previously-spied Expedition prototype. Otherwise the basic, overall shape of the large, luxurious SUV remains much the same as the current model, which has also been true of the Expedition prototypes spotted thus far.

Out back, this prototype is also covered in heavy camo, but we can see what appears to be a liftgate design that’s quite similar to the one present on the 2024 Nautilus, along with updated taillights.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Far bigger changes should be in store for the cabin, where the refreshed Lincoln Navigator is expected to receive a coast-to-coast display like the China-only Zephyr and the new Nautilus that could incorporate a digital instrument cluster with the center stack infotainment screen and add a passenger side screen with infotainment controls – just like the forthcoming, refreshed 2024 Escalade.

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  1. MarkJ

    Love the Mark8 inspired instrument panel.

  2. Linc

    Overall shpae seems the same so….meh, not much of a redesign. Understand i think the Navigator looks amazing – if they remove all the “piano black” from the interiors it would be perfect.

  3. Frank D

    Some aspects where it should have changes (which are not visible) and which should be done to be as elegant as possible. It’s to have door handles that are flush with the body (electrical mechanism to pull them out, or below windows, like de new Nautilus.. if it not too high) and front wipers that should be hidden under the hood, like the rear one, hidden in the deflector. If it’s done, the rest looks like the new nautilus and if it’s possible to have it electric, then I’m a buyer in 2 years.

  4. Jim S

    New refresh on Navigator…I’m sure it’ll look nice, but when is Ford going to get rid of these ecoboost engines. Bring back basic 4/6/8 cylinder naturally aspirated engines. Ecoboost engines run extremely hot and boil the oil till it’s black. You can’t even buy a ford cuv/suv with a naturally aspirated engine any longer. Unless of course you can pony up for a mustang, F150, or Superduty. Can’t even buy a Ford sedan anymore. Imagine 3 tons of expedition/navigator running with one engine choice and premium pricing. 3.5 litre ecoboost. How many customers are getting over 100000 miles without some major repair. Ever get behind one of these things when the driver steps on it to get out and pass, black soot exhaust. Ford seems to be placing more emphasis on exterior interior design and less on powertrain design/engineering (ICE) What’s going happen when 2030 rolls around and we’re faced with replacing and disposing of these batteries everyone seems to be buying in electric vehicles. Environmental nightmare.

  5. c

    Even with the camo on, the design looks drastically different from last gen. The front view looks like it will be very similar to the new Nautilus, but with more parallel lines on the grille and more squared off headlights. The side profile is exactly like the broad-sloping style of the Aviator, with the top slowly dropping down as it reaches the rear. It works phenomenally in the Aviator and it would probably work perfectly here. In the back, more Nautilus. Extremely snazzy, detail-oriented taillights, and that’s about as much as I can see here. It’ll probably be smoother and have less contours and edges, but otherwise it likely won’t change much. The interior is completely covered up, so it’s impossible to really know what’s going on there, but given the tech separation between the Corsair and Nautilus, it will probably have the same mega screen display as that car does (the 2024 Aviator is expected to get the same screens as the Corsair). If my predictions are true, this car will return to being the must buy of the full size segment that it was in 2018.


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