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North American VW ID. Buzz Debuts As Future Ford EV Rival

Vans were many people’s transportation option of choice for a very long time, up until the current crossover/SUV craze essentially ended that run, as well as severely impacted the sedan market. However, vans are making a bit of a comeback at the moment, largely fueled by those that are converting them into campers and using them to take long trips across the country. While Ford’s EV van lineup currently focuses mostly on commercial customers, it’s set to receive a bit of a rival to the forthcoming Ford Explorer EV in the form of the very retro VW ID.Buzz all-electric van, which was revealed for the European market last year. Now, the North American spec version of that same model has debuted, too.

While the European version of the VW ID.Buzz is available in a shorter-wheelbase, two-row guise, the U.S.-spec van features a wheelbase that’s a full 10 inches longer – making room for a third row of seating and seven passengers. Otherwise, its ultra-retro exterior styling is essentially identical to its European counterpart, complete with vibrant color options and two-tone paint schemes, as well as various other nods to the old Volkswagen Type 2/Microbus that preceded it.

In terms of configurations, North American customers can choose between rear- and all-wheel drive variants with one or two electric motors, respectively. The base model generates 282 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, while the dual-motor version is rated to produce 330 horsepower, both of which utilize a 86.0 kWh battery pack – larger than the one found in Europe. Inside, customers will find a digital dash display and 12.9-inch infotainment screen.

Though it’s been officially revealed, there are still many unknowns regarding the North American VW ID.Buzz – chiefly, how much it will cost and how much range it will offer customers. However, we’re still a ways off from seeing the retro EV van actually launch in the U.S. market, as it’s slated to arrive in June of 2024.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    I like vans and I own one. I’d like the automotive industry to make two changes that would make riding in them much more pleasant. First, make the windows go down for all passengers in all rows. Rear door power windows (see Toyota) would be great too. Second, add a third row door so it is easier to get in and out. You could have a standard slider to the rear for the second row and then a slider for the third row on the opposite side of the vehicle that slides forward.

    1. Ryan

      It was an absolute revolution when vans went from 1 side loading to doors on both sides, I don’t think anyone wants to go back to that.

      The main problem though is that the 3rd row passengers (who are typically the smallest in the vehicle) would be climbing over the wheel well to get in. It’s higher than most adults would even find comfortable.

      The windows going all the way down would be nice, assume they’d have to split the window though and do a fixed rear section which isn’t my favorite either.

      As far as the window on the rear hatch, always thought it was weird only Toyota does it. Not sure if they have some sort of IP that’s blocking everyone else, or if it’s just cost no one else wants to add.

      1. David Dickinson II

        I also thought of a swinging “suicide” door for the 3rd row, which could keep the doors on the same side. However they do it, a door for the 3rd row would be very appreciated. As you mention, this is usually for kids, so it doesn’t need to be as large as a normal door.

  2. Fordmav

    Probably a winner for VW people want vans again . This works .

  3. 1970Mav

    The article says “While Ford’s EV van lineup currently focuses mostly on commercial customers, it’s set to receive a bit of a rival to the forthcoming Ford Explorer EV ” I don’t get how you can compare an SUV to a mini van especially since VW has a cult following for the bus.

  4. Njia

    VW is getting EVs right except … software. Owner complaints about software quality place it among the industry’s worst. EV owners tend to be extremely tech-forward. If VE can’t fix how they develop software, they’ll eventually lose to rivals no matter how well they design and build the rest of the car.


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