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Permit Issued For Ford Model T Assembly Plant Demolition

As Ford Authority reported last October, the old Commodore Point plant in Jacksonville, Florida – which produced the Ford Model T and was in operation from 1924-1932 – is set to be torn down, despite some efforts from the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission to stop that from happening. Ultimately, the old Model T plant has deteriorated to the point where it was determined to be too far gone to repair and/or save, and thus, the preservation commission has been busy collecting construction documents and photos to preserve the memory of the plant before it’s demolished. Now, the next step in that process has been completed after the city of Jacksonville issued a permit that will allow it to be torn down, according to the Jax Daily Record.

Ford Commodore Point Plant

That process will be entrusted to ELEV8 Demolition, which will take down the nearly century-old, 165,025-square-foot building that’s located along the St. Johns River under the Mathews Bridge. It’s one of roughly 1,000 buildings designed for Henry Ford by industrial architect Albert Kahn, as well as a facility that Ford himself helped plan and operate. FoMoCo utilized the structure into the 1960s, but it’s been empty and in a sad state of disrepair for many years at this point.

“Historic sites and properties matter to Jacksonville’s people,” said Jacksonville Historical Society CEO Alan Bliss.  When historic buildings such as the 99-year-old Ford Motor Assembly Plant building are demolished, we erase another part of the culture, history and life stories that form our Jacksonville.”

Ford Commodore Point Plant

The owner of Commodore Point, Amkin Hill Street LLC, reportedly tried to salvage the old building, but it was deemed structurally unsound. Following its demolition, the company is aiming to lure a U.S.-based shipyard owner to the area with a goal of adding around 300 jobs.

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  1. Martin Scott

    I really wish that at one time or another Ford initiated a plan to buy them all up or a least a sizeable amount for restoration. Inside could be a some sort of museum with 1900’s theme and 1900’s companies that still exist today. Of course a sales floor is a must.
    We have one of these buildings in Toronto. It’s now a restaurant on the first floor and an espresso machine sales centre and showroom. The building is in excellent condition. Another Ford plant built in the 30’s is currently a mall – shoppers world (it’s way less historical in style) .

  2. Eric caloca.

    I think it’s wrong I should leave the plant alarm is for our children’s children’s

  3. No

    Ford doesnt care about keeping the past they want to destroy it.

  4. Dennis

    Henry Ford is rolling in his grave, shaking a fist at them!! History being lost! The young generation does not care about such things! Just give them a new phone!!

    1. Lois


      “History is bunk” – Henry Ford

  5. John Wayne

    Such a shame. The last 2 generations don’t even know there own history. And they want to destroy ours.

  6. Hugh

    This new generation has no compasion at all for our country’s history or how we got were we did today. It more about what’s in it for me. They don’t want to be bothered with the process of developing their skills. It’s I went to college and expect to be rewarded with 6 figures the on the day after they graduate on top of having demands. I only want to work from home and not be required to work more then 4 hours a day as I have things to do. I also need 6 weeks of vacation and a sign on bonus. Don’t even think I will work past 4pm and noon on Fridays or start working sooner then 10 am? . I could care less what you do with the old Ford building unless it has something to do with me. Speaking of when are you going to pay for all of my student loan forgiveness that was promised to me.

  7. Josh Jones

    Why not make it a musem like clean it up some make it safe and draw money that way that would be cool why keep destroying history

    1. Aiden_hewitt11

      The reason they aren’t is because


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