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Ram Rampage Revealed As Future Ford Maverick Rival: Video

Though the Ford Maverick has been a massive hit in the U.S., the compact pickup is also on sale in Brazil, where deliveries initially began last year and the model is already racking up awards. However, the Maverick will soon be joined in that South American country by the Ram Rampage, which Ford Authority spotted testing just last month. Now, the Ram Rampage has been partially revealed, giving us a much better look at this brand new compact pickup.

Ram Rampage Reveal - Exterior 002 - Front Three Quarters

While it hasn’t yet revealed all of the details pertaining to the Ram Rampage, Stellantis has now not only confirmed the pickup’s name – which is being revived after a multi-decade absence – but has also shown us its exterior design in its entirety. As expected, the Rampage looks a lot like a shrunken Ram 1500 – at least up front, where most will instantly recognize precisely what they’re looking at, even without the “Ram” badge present in the center.

Ram Rampage Reveal - Exterior 003 - Rear Tailgate

From there, things diverge a bit, as the Rampage will reportedly ride on the automaker’s “Small Wide” 4×4 architecture that underpins existing models like the Jeep Compass, Jeep Commander, and Fiat Toro, and is slated to be built at the Jeep plant located in Brazil. Wider and longer than the Toro, the Rampage will reportedly utilize an updated, turbocharged version of the 2.0L Tigershark I-4 and the turbocharged 2.2L Multijet II I-4, both of which will be mated to the ZF nine-speed automatic transmission. The teaser below also shows off a digital instrument cluster for the interior, as well as a large touchscreen.

Though we know that the Ram Rampage will be sold as a Maverick rival in South America, it’s currently unclear whether or not the new model will be available in the U.S. as well. In any event, the Rampage is expected to launch later this year for the 2024 model year in that South American market.

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  1. Dave2.0

    4 doors, small bed… still not a real truck.

  2. DAB

    Looks like a smaller Ram: Now that is a good thing. The Ram is the best looking truck on the market and is doing an outstanding job. Dodge needs to offer this in the US.

    Many people would buy a truck (like me) but they don’t need or want a full sized and to be saddled with buying large amounts of fuel for them. I don’t like much about Ford these days, but I’ll give them credit for the Maverick and the fact that they hit a homerun with it. GM is just too stupid to see that. Hopefully Dodge/Ram will see it and bring this here.

  3. rangerdanger

    American flag tail lights but not available in the states or made here???

    1. BlaubKnaub

      Excellent point Danger.
      Someone needs a booted foote into the cranium.

    2. Lurch

      Yes, I didn’t think the Brazilians liked us that much.

  4. Metz

    What’s with brands making cars that would sell very well in the states anywhere but the states?

    1. BlaubKnaub


  5. joe arallo

    so much better looking than the maverick (also the F150) come on ford…..

  6. Drew Ford Retiree

    Love it. Not everyone has the space or need for a full size truck. An alternative to the Maverick is good for consumers… particularly if they are leery about Ford quality and/or want something stylish (the Maverick looks like it went straight from the engineering package concept phase to production without giving the Design Department a chance to style it).

  7. Michael J Genzale

    Don’t know what the mix of sales on the Maverick Hybrid to Ecoboost is, but I suspect the 40MPG Hybrid is a very big attraction to the Maverick. More so in many foreign countries where the price of gasoline is substantially higher than in the US. Didn’t see mentioned Hybrid power for the Rampage. May effect just how big a competitor it is to Maverick.

  8. Kevin

    I will say my whole life I’ve been conditioned to avoid dodge/ram but this could be a head turner. Time will tell the issues if it’s another traditional garbage.

    1. rangerdanger

      Garbage. there was a reason al bundy had a dodge

  9. JoeBryant

    It’s about time Dodge / RAM made something smaller than their full-size trucks.

  10. GeorgeD

    Would buy this over a Maverick hands down. The Mav is too generic looking. Ram has a winner here if ever sold in USA.

  11. JedL.

    I’ll just stick with my Ford Ranger 2020 “Consumer Reports Top pick” for #1 reliability and afFORDability, and not over priced like them others. Way overpriced. Am still trucking and 4wheelin’ just loving my Ranger.


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