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Redesigned 2025 Ford Expedition Taillights Spotted: Photos

The refreshed 2025 Ford Expedition is on the horizon, and already, Ford Authority has spotted several prototypes undergoing testing, such as one showing off a new set of 24-inch wheels and an Expedition Timberline prototype a short while later. One of the more significant changes to the forthcoming Expedition will deal with is taillight design, and now, we’ve spied one with its taillights on display without camo for the first time, revealing exactly what’s in store.

2025 Ford Expedition

These spy shots clearly show that the 2025 Ford Expedition will move away from the current model’s “C-clamp” taillight design, adopting a swooping, inward-facing element that is shaped like either an “L” or “J,” depending on which side of the liftgate the light is mounted on.

Additionally, the taillights rise above the SUV’s beltline, extending into the D-pillar. However, they don’t cut into the sides of the SUV as with the current model. Instead, they are more vertical, and do not feature the same stepped design that the current model has.

2025 Ford Expedition prototype

2022 Ford Expedition Timberline

Aside from the redesigned taillights, the 2025 Ford Expedition is likely to receive some relatively minor updates at the front and rear of the exterior, such as a relocated third brake light and revised headlights, and front grille. Bigger things may be on the way inside the cabin, however, as prototypes have featured camo covering their dashboards.

2025 Ford Expedition

As for the 2024 Ford Expedition, very minor changes are in store. The full-size SUV gains the optional Excursion Package, which adds $3,395 to the overall cost of the Expedition and bundles a variety of equipment, such as the Heavy Duty Trailer Tow Package, Advanced Cargo Manager with black roof rail crossbars, along with suspension and braking system upgrades. The 2024 Expedition also adds the new Wild Green color to its exterior paint lineup.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Michael K

    They just straight-up copied the Tahoe, amazingly lazy and unnecessary. You can see there is some sort of light strip element on the tailgate, might be similar to what the new Explorer is doing.

    1. Sunny

      It stream lines the supply chain. Instead of having different parts for every vehicle, this simplifies everything across the line up.

  2. steve

    Ford is coping everything GM. sunny says its stream lining. I bet sunny doesn’t want to pay 10K more for and expedition than an explorer , and let’s be real , the expedition is wider than explorer so its not the same part. Ford is coping GM cause they sell tahoe’s two to one Ford expedition. Ford super dutys copied GM too with ugly unpainted bed steps, and bumper steps.

    1. Phylster

      It’s a taillight, only so much you can do with them.

      1. Chad Taylor

        Actually if you look at Q1 2023 Ford moved just under 20k to GMs 27k Tahoes, so not quite 2 to 1.

        1. C

          It IS 2 to 1 if you also include Suburban sales. But then you’d also have to include ExMax sales so it still isn’t 2 to 1.

  3. Bladerunner

    The lights look rather bulbous and large, but that is usual for this segment. Excited to see the final product – hoping it looks great.

  4. Skiddish

    The taillamps are very GM. First the Super Duty blatantly rips off GMs bumper and side steps, now this?? It also looks like the wiper will be tucked underneath the spoiler as well, again, very GM.

    1. Leo

      Looks like the Expedition will have 4 wheels and a steering wheel, wow! Very GM!

      1. RichG

        I agree. These people are ridiculous with their GM comments.

      2. C


  5. Jim Elsasser

    Oooooooh….new tail lights. Fords really going out on a limb with that. Does Ford actually have a design center? Same old boring stodgy designs. Good Lord use some imagination and design something exciting !!!

  6. frank

    its amazing how everyone is commenting and its 90% camoed out. you think you can tell but you cannot

  7. dustin

    I just hope they have amber rear signals and projector lamps. Imagine spending all that money to get reflector headlamps and cost-cutting integrated signals/brakes.


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