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Street Performance Ford Maverick In The Works: Exclusive

Since its launch in late 2021 for the 2022 model year, the Ford Maverick has remained on the buying public’s radar due to its compact car starting price, versatility, and standard fuel sipping hybrid variant. The base XL is a fantastic value play for shoppers interested in a cheap but cheerful commuter pickup, while XLT and Lariat can be configured with a bit more luxury and capability, depending on a buyer’s needs. For 2023, the Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road package became optional for those looking for a bit more off-road capability than what was offered by the FX4 package, and now, sources tell Ford Authority that a street-oriented performance variant is on the way as well.

Ford Maverick ST rendering

Unfortunately, our sources did not fully outline what to expect from this particular variant, but they did say it will feature a lowered suspension and big wheels, and that it will “sit low.” The big question about any type of street performance-oriented Ford Maverick is whether or not it will boast any type of powertrain upgrade or new engine choice, but no information about that is available at this time. Naturally, the idea of a Ford Maverick ST is one Ford Authority has speculated about in the past, and we are not alone in that regard. After the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta ST variants ended their respective runs, the Ford Edge ST and Ford Explorer ST essentially took their spots as street-oriented performance utility vehicles, and both represented a pivot of sorts to crossovers after the company decided not to offer redesigned compact and subcompact vehicles in North America. If the company decided to field a Ford Maverick ST, it would be the first pickup to become a member of that specialized club. In any event, the Ford Maverick team previously said it would not rule out a street performance model, so this variant would be in line with those comments.

We can be reasonably confident that this is not any type of Raptor, as those vehicles typically feature off-road capability and performance, and a lowered suspension would go against the former characteristic espoused by those vehicles.

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor front three quarters view

A street performance Ford Maverick, be it an ST or simply option package not unlike the Tremor, would be in line with the company’s goal of offering more variants across its vehicle roster, with profitability being a key goal in those specific rollouts. As Ford Authority previously reported, the company is aiming for these variants to share roughly 80 percent parts commonality to the base vehicle while generating over 30 percent higher contribution margins to the overall lineup. Future examples of that mentality are the upcoming Ford Bronco work and premium variants.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Hyundai=worldsworstcarmaker

    I ordered my Maverick in 1976 and still hasn’t arrived! Im gonna buy a hunday instead. BUILT IN USA (with imported parts and imported children as laborers)

  2. Thomas S

    While a performance oriented Maverick sounds appealing, I wish Ford would focus on holding the line on prices, (entry level prices have crept up significantly since introduction) controlling dealer markups and address shortages that drive the excessive markups!

    1. Kenneth E. Martin

      Right! All the while Ford is not willing to fill existing orders. My Grandfather worked for Ford Motor Company for 40+ years. He would be appalled.

  3. Kenneth E. Martin

    I agree that a Maverick ST or even RS sounds like a lot of fun, but I wish that Ford would concentrate on filling the orders that it already has for the Maverick before they start branching out. I ordered (and made a down payment) on a 2023 Maverick XLT hybrid in September 2022. I STILL do not have a VIN or build date. In the mean time, my deposit sits in Ford’s pocket doing nothing for me.

    1. Scott

      Ford spent years paring down the build variations on Taurus and Ranger. Then they killed them because the sales and market share dropped!
      Now they want to increase the build variations to appeal to more buyers when they can’t get the customers who are waiting on delivery on the road! This is just ridiculous.

  4. James Baker

    When will Ford open the order bank for the Maverick? So glad they are working on model variants that no one will be able to order.

    1. Kenneth E. Martin

      The 2024 order bank opens on or about July 17th, but of course, Ford has only filled something like half of the 2023 orders to date.

  5. Materialman

    Ford doesn’t need to worry about new models of the Maverick, they can’t build enough of the models they already have. There’s no telling how many of these they would have sold if they had been geared up properly. You still can’t find one on a dealers lot.

    1. Kenneth E. Martin

      Ford says there is a 10-day supply of Mavericks, meaning they are available at dealers. I don’t know about you, but this is not true in Arizona.

  6. Larry

    Making Truck Only Stinks. You are still making cars in Europe but you are ignoring us. There is one car in Europe that you are testing according to this news letter. Why not make a variant for the US? Why not bring the RS or RS500 here like you said you are making a standard 6 speed and a double clutch Automatic? When you are going to smarten up. Toyota is killing you. They have about 5 Hybrids and the Prius just got a major upgrade and it not that little blue car anymore. So how about it Ford? Your Maverick is a great value but how about 2 cars on your list. I have a 11 year old Focus still going great. If that dies I may buy a Toyota with all most 18 years making hybrids.

    1. Kenneth E. Martin

      I agree, Larry. Ford told us that we DON’T WANT sedans or wagons, and that we WANT to be up sold on trucks and SUVs. This is why I want a Maverick – because it is not a bloated truck or useless SUV.

  7. Kenneth Thompson

    I’m in the same boat with Kenneth, having ordered and put a deposit in September 2022. I’m in exactly the same boat being Kenneth as well!
    Meanwhile 20 minutes from my house there are 2 hybrids and an eco boost that can be bought for 15-17,000 over sticker.
    Not sure why they stock the dealers before sold orders!
    All that said, I can’t wait to get mine!

  8. David M

    This could be a major winner out here in SoCal if they get the look right. In my area people have extreme love for lowered vintage minitrucks. If Ford could somehow reference that style in an way that is credible but not cheesy I could see this being iconic.


    Another variant when they can’t build the basic Maverick. I just got told by Ford that may Maverick, ordered the first hour of the first day of the ‘23 order bank opening, can’t be build since the can’t get batteries. Does anyone at Ford know how to run a car company? Henry is rolling over in his grave.

  10. Don

    To say Ford is “not willing” to make enough Mavericks is lame. No company would leave orders on the table if they were able to fill them. I ordered my 2022 Maverick Jan of 22. In October, when my dealer saw an opening in the 2023 order banks, he changed my order to a 2023. I took delivery of my 2023 XLT FX4 on Feb 14, with NO dealer markup. Maybe you other guys don’t have as much a beef with Ford regarding your order, maybe your beef is with your greedy dealer. I’ve heard tales of dealers stiffing customer orders so they can claim the truck and add their greedy markup. FWIW, I love my Maverick. I sincrrely hope you guys are taken care of soon.

  11. Dennis Anthony

    A two door Maverick is what I want with the extra bed
    space for hauling gear. A real work truck is needed
    for so many people so what is wrong with making
    one Mr. Ford. Dennis

    1. crysalis_01

      It would add significant cost to MSRP to add in the additional design, testing, and manufacturing needs. Mav is so cheap because its offered in a single cab/box configuration. If you want a cheap work truck, $28,269 will get you an optionless Ranger XL SuperCab w/6ft bed.

  12. That guy

    A Maverick ST is what I have been waiting for. It would be a vehicle that fits my needs but also wants. I cant justify a Focus ST for the fleet but a small, low, fun, highly functional pickup is perfect! I’ve been waiting for the official news from Ford on this model but regardless I’m placing an order when the banks open up.

    Please give us Eruption green!


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