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We’re Driving The 2023 Ford Super Duty – What Do You Want To Know?

The all-new, redesigned 2023 Ford Super Duty debuted last September, unveiling new styling, an overhauled interior, a new engine and updated powertrains, and new features, to boot. Now, Ford Authority has been given an opportunity to drive the 2023 Ford Super Duty for ourselves, which leads us to ask – what do you want to know about the all-new model?

On the outside, the 2023 Ford Super Duty features a host of updates including the addition of C-clamp headlights and a brand new cab. A variety of packages are available, including the Tremor Off-Road, STX, Sport, and Black Appearance Packages, as well as the new XL Off-Road Package, which is available on F-250 or F-350 models equipped with four-wheel drive and single rear wheels, adding 33-inch tires, a raised air dam, water-fording axle vent tubes, skid plates, and an electronic locking rear differential.

Inside the cabin, the 2023 Super Duty features a host of changes as well, with a single binnacle design and either a standard 8-inch touchscreen for the XL or a 12-inch display that’s standard on higher trims, a customizable 12-inch digital instrument cluster, an available wireless charging pad, four USB ports, Max Recline Seats, an eight-speaker B&O sound system or optional 18-speaker B&O Unleashed system.

In terms of powertrains, Ford says that the 2023 Super Duty offers the most towing, payload, torque, and horsepower of any heavy-duty full-size truck, but the big news here is the addition of a brand new 6.8L V8 as the model’s standard powerplant – a notable detail that Ford Authority was the first to report. The revised engine lineup adds a more powerful version of the 7.3L V8 Godzilla, the 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel, and a new high-output variant of the Power Stroke that features a unique turbo, tune, and upgraded exhaust manifolds.

All of these powerplants are mated to Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission, while four-wheel drive is standard on all XLT trimmed trucks and above. The automaker’s Pro Power Onboard feature is also making its debut on the 2023 Ford Super Duty, offering 2.0 kW of portable power. The 2023 Ford Super Duty will continue to be produced at the Kentucky Truck plant and Ohio Assembly plant, while all trims of the new pickup began shipping to customers last month after FoMoCo racked up over 200,000 orders as of late January.

While we will soon have the chance to drive the 2023 Ford Super Duty, and on Wednesday, we’ll be able to answer all of your questions about the 2023 Super Duty. So until then, outline your burning questions below and we’ll see you next week!

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  1. Donnie Kurtz

    I have a 23 f350 lariat with 2000 miles with navigation problem it works for awhile and shuts off waiting for dealership appointment anyone else having problem

    1. David Dankenbring

      Having the same problem

    2. John

      My screen goes black (you have to do a soft start to get it back) my trip meter re sets by itself and stops working until you reset. My Car play goes in and out that’s what stops my navigation, I can’t turn off my seat belt minder. I had mine in the dealership twice, they called me and said ford was going to replace my instrument cluster then ford called back and said they are having a software issue and are working on it and not to replace the cluster

  2. pappy

    Ford is complete BS!
    Ordered Oct 22 on the first day for 2023s. Nothing but two delays due to shortage. Checked with the stealership they knew nothing. Built May 4 2023, shipped May 6,2023. Still not at the dealer!! So it takes 5 weeks to get a truck delivered and counting!! Or the dealer has sold it off?? Really takes any joy out of the new truck experience! I can buy a GMC off the lot except it is a GMC? But they have one and the Ford is lost in space!!

  3. Ryan Thompson

    I’m interested in what they say about production delays with regards to the moon roof, 12in monitor. I’d also like to see you guys do a demo of the new towing assist system with the additional cameras and weight sensors.

  4. David Moore

    Why does the 360 camera system become inoperable if you remove the tailgate. Tailgate removed to install a slide in cabover camper. This happens even though you ordered the “Camper Package”.

    1. C. Clarke

      Are you joking or being serious? The rear camera is on the tailgate… remove the tailgate and you removed the camera. Not rocket science. This is a modification you’re making, just like removing one of the wheels will negatively impact performance.

      1. B. Olson

        It seems like a good question to me. The 360 view could just have a blank section where the rear camera aims. You know the camper/trailer is back there but it would be nice to be able to check what is in front and on the sides.

  5. Smitty

    I guess it depends on the dealership that you order from as well. I have a buddy that ordered his fully loaded 23 f350 lariat with the Hi-Po 6.7L from out local dealer.. His experience was super smooth the whole way through. His truck has had no issues whatsoever.. Sucks when others have crappy experiences!! I believe this is the case with The Big Three no matter what right now!! I hope it gets better.

  6. Monte from Nebraska

    Ordered my 2023 F250 Lariat on October 28, 2022 – 7 days after order banks opened and to this day (June 12) still no VIN available from the dealership. Hope the new experience outweighs the doubts.

  7. David Dickinson II

    America’s workhorse vehicle. I’d like to hear as much about the real-world use and functionality of Pro Power Onboard as possible.

  8. Dave Helland

    I Have a F350 Limited on order since Feb 2022 subbed over to a 23 model in November and still no build date. So when are they starting to deliver Limited models?

    1. Dave

      Update my dealer called a ford mgr and he looked at the order and said it will not be built. They are not building anything with a sun roof. I bought a 24 high country gm that was in stock at local dealer and for 10k cheaper than the ford. Held my nose doing it but ford dont seem to care.

  9. John Tedrow

    Ordered my 2023 F450 Platinum with the HD motor on October 28, 2022 – 7 days after order banks opened and to this day (June 12) still no VIN available from the dealership or Ford. Call every two weeks to Ford themselves and I’m told that I have a clean build, that’s it. Hope the new experience outweighs the doubts.
    I’m truly beginning to wonder if my 23 is going to be a 24?? if its a 23 they better plan on discounting!!

  10. John Ritch

    What is the gas mileage towing and just driving empty with the new F250 6.8L V8?

    1. Michael

      I’m driving this weekend to pick up my boat, looking to find that out myself by next week. 4 hour trip one way. I can tell you I’m getting 10-12 around the city, stopping at every darn light.

  11. Jim L

    Why is the 6.8 only available in the XL package?

  12. william e lewis

    I ordered an F350 platinum November 8 of 2021. Still no billed date. had to change it November 2022 to a 23 model. Can’t get no information from Ford or the dealership.

  13. steve

    To all on here, If you ordered a 2023 Super duty from a dealership with your name on it, you should have received an email from Ford directly with in an hour stating the order was excepted. I ordered a king ranch in Jan. , I have received two emails from Ford, not the dealer stating parts shortage, but it did state I was early in the build cycle for king ranch.

    1. Michael

      Correct. Ordered in late April and received June 6th, F250 Lariat with a lot of options, Rapid Red, Blackout package.

    2. John Tedrow

      My 23 F450 Platinum HD was ordered 10-28-22 at 9:05 am. Received an email from Ford the 10-30-22 confirming the order. Next email from Ford was 12-15-22 stating: “Unfortunately, continued supply chain issues are slowing things down. We’re working diligently to try and reduce these delays.”
      Next email dated 1-29-23: “Please understand that while getting your vehicle into production is taking longer than usual, we are doing all we can to minimize the delays.”
      Since 1-29 I have never seen any correspondence from Ford period. The wife and I started calling ford directly starting in April 2023. All Ford says every time is that there is no Vin # issued and we have a clean build, that’s it, except call your dealer. We do call the dealer every two weeks and get the same answer. The disappointment is beyond compare at this point.

  14. Vincent

    I saw an article you ran regarding loose or missing bolts ion the steering columns of 19 affected vehicles, vin specific. Mine was not one of them, but my steering column was making a clunking sound and you could feel it in the steering wheel. Dealer addressed it, but it still feel and hear it occasionally. Any more on that topic? as I understand you will loose control of steering if it separates and I’m on the highway regularly. Thanks!

  15. CT

    My brother has had his F-350 Godzilla since April. It is currently being bought back due to rear diff issues. It has the 4.30 with Fords new 11.6 diff. Constant whining (noisey) since day one. Dealer pulled the cover and fluid is full of metal. Ford can’t supply the parts to fix it so the dealer is working the buy back and ordering another truck. He loves the truck. Sad situation. Kudo’s to the dealer. They are great.

    1. Al

      Can you expand on what the noise was and what was determined to be wrong. I have 24’ F-250 w/7.3 and it just started making a weird noise that is similar to sharpening a blade on a manual sharpening wheel.

  16. Shane

    Was just wondering if all new super dutys have that ugly@ss step on the front side of the bed? I’m hoping not as I am ready to buy new truck but and want a super duty but may have to get a 22 model.

    1. Michael

      That is the only I don’t like on my Lariat, however I’d be pretty certain an aftermarket trim will be available for it soon. It will be worthless with a shell top.

  17. Dave

    Placed order on 11-17-22. F250 Supercab 4×4, 6.8 gas, roof lights, FX4, nothing else. Thats the whole order. Now 7 months later, I’m still unscheduled clean. The dealer is no help at all, they just keep saying, “We don’t know when it will get scheduled”. I’m starting to think the dealer wants me to cancel order, so they can jack up the price and sell it to someone else.

    1. Michael

      I ordered in April, and picked my F250 Lariat 8’ bed with a black out trim last week. The dealer told me that many dealers didn’t verify customer orders. Mine definitely did get verified. But you are correct, if you cancel they will still receive it and mark it up.

  18. Frank Devooght, 5129341196

    I bought a F250, 4wd, 6.2L in 6/14. It currently has 62,000 miles on it. In the last 3 years I have put 6000 miles on it I do not drive it over 55mph because of “death wobbly” I will never buy another F250 or F350 because of this issue. Ford refuses to fix the “death wobbly issue at their expense or do a recall because of the “death wobbly” issue. (I previously owned a ,’88 F350 and ‘2000 F250 with no “death wobbly” issues.)
    I also bought a F150 in 2022. I ordered it in 3/22 and received in 11/22. Received an email in early July 2022 that their were parts issues. I received these emails every 3 to 4 weeks until I finally the truck at a price close to $2000 over agreed to price in April, 2022. The dealership would not honor the original price. Needless to say I will not order another Ford vehicle.( P.S. I love my 2022 Tacoma which is a close equivalent to the F150.)

  19. Deadarmadillo

    I’d like to see a comparison, say, F-250 Godzilla vs. F-250 Power Stroke, empty and pulling a 10K or 15K lb. Trailer?

  20. Heidi Mensinger

    In October (day after order banks opened), we ordered a Platinum F-350 w/ 6.7L HO Power Stroke & Moonroof. We receives a confirmation from Ford as well as a couple follow on emails regarding “supply chain issues”. At the time we ordered, many of the new options weren’t on the build sheet to select (available Spring 2023), but I see them now thru the website build options. We expected to wait being a Platinum w/ moonroof, but have concerns about when/if our build will occur and whether or not we will be able to add the new options that we couldn’t select on the build sheet?

    Was also curious if anyone know if the “Stowable Ramps” that were available on the ’22s were available or standard on the ’23s?

  21. Steve may

    Does it have the death wobble like my 2019 ?
    Ford needs a recall !!
    Taken it to the dealer two different times and they say it’s fine……it’s not

  22. Annoyed fordguy

    Ordered a 350 xlt fx4 crw cab 8 ft bed on Oct 27,22 yes I have gotten a build date. Got pushed off a week. Called Ford directly, clean build etc etc aka no one knows anything. Dealership has no info. Ford says shipping is on the dealers and dealer says its on Ford meanwhile WHY ISNT IT BUILT YET! ITS AN XLT, WAS SUPPOSE TO BE BUILT IN THE FIRST WAVE WHEN THEY STARTED IN JANUARY! Didn’t fix my ac this summer in my old truck bec I ordered a new one in Oct. Shoulda went with a gm and had a new truck already with family discount

  23. Larry O\'Brien

    6.8 better MPG OR OFFER. 3.5 400 HP V6O


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