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1988 Lincoln Town Car With Just 17K Miles Up For Auction

These days, years after the last Lincoln Town Car rolled off the assembly line, that same luxurious sedan is becoming more and more of a common site at various online auction sites. In recent months, we’ve seen a 14k-mile 1997 Town Car Signature hit the auction block, as well as a 20k-mile 2002 model. Now, this equally pristine 1988 Lincoln Town Car has surfaced for sale at Cars & Bids, and it has just 17k original miles showing on the odometer.

17K-Mile 1988 Lincoln Town Car - Interior 001

In spite of its age, that low mileage total means that there aren’t a whole lot of bones to pick with this beautiful 1988 Lincoln Town Car. There are some scratches and dings on the outside, of course, along with a little underbody rust and creases in the leather seats, but that’s to be expected for a vehicle of this vintage. Otherwise, it’s simply a nicely-kept example of a vehicle that just doesn’t exist anymore.

17K-Mile 1988 Lincoln Town Car - Engine Bay 001

Finished in silver and gray paint over its square flanks, this particular Town Car rolls on 15-inch steel wheels with wire hubcaps for a classy look, which is further enhanced by plenty of chrome trim and a Landau top. Passengers will find themselves awash in luxury thanks to the presence of power windows and locks, leather upholstery, power front seats, and automatic climate control, too.

17K-Mile 1988 Lincoln Town Car - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

Power for this large sedan comes from the naturally-aspirated Ford 5.0L V8, which in this guise was originally rated to produce a somewhat meager but reasonable for the time 150 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. The classic engine is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission, driving the rear wheels as most vehicles used to. Overall, this is a very nice example of a model that we don’t see much of anymore, making it a desirable target for fans of the Town Car – or just luxury sedans – in general.

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  1. DAB

    I saw this just last night on their auction site. Very very nice car with a few minor paint blemishes. The interior looks amazing except for the strange warped glove box. I know these cars did have that issue, but normally not on such a low miles and clean car. Minor, for sure.

    I sure do wish the American brands would bring back true sedans. Shame on Ford/Lincoln for abandoning so many loyal customers. Even though I’m not a big Ford guy, I have owned numerous of them including 2 brand new Lincolns and several used along with about 4 brand new Ford and Mercury’s. But not more. I refuse to bow to the truck/SUV only mentality.

  2. Crabbymilton

    Say what you want about GM. But at least by them about to roll out the CADILLAC CELESTIQ, they show an interest in more premium sedans.

    1. Jack63

      The Celestiq will be more of an ultra-luxury sedan than a premium sedan, and with an estimated price tag of $300,000, it’ll be priced well above most Americans budget.

      1. Crabbymilton

        True but perhaps it will spawn lower cost versions on the same platform.

  3. Mark

    I guess that the Lincoln Lawyer must have got a new ride.

  4. JE

    From the times Lincoln really was “what a luxury car brand should be” as their publicity read then. With an uncomplete and boring lineup of overstuffed Ford SUV´s, nowadays Lincoln is precisely the opposite of that.

    1. GreggoryH

      The current Lincoln brand is so lost that it’s well beyond being a damaged brand.

  5. CrabbyMilton

    You should probably open a bank account like most people. There are banks all of the place so what’s the problem? If you keep your money in a coffee can in the basement that’s fine but most dealers might have a problem with a large amount of cash for a deposit.


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