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2023 Ford Maverick Orders May Get Pushed To 2024 Model Year

Since its arrival at dealers in late 2021, the Ford Maverick has been on the buying public’s radar, due to its attractive starting price and standard hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, despite a significant ramp up in 2023 Ford Maverick production in April, it seems the automaker is anticipating that it will not be able to fulfill all of them. That’s based on a recent email the company sent to order holders outlining what will happen once 2024 Ford Maverick order banks open up on July 17th.

According to the email, the automaker is telling 2023 Ford Maverick order holders to contact their dealers on July 17th, 2023 to go over the 2024 Ford Maverick lineup and submit an order for one. That order would not negate the preexisting 2023 order or prevent it from being built. In fact, Ford says that any 2023 order that is not built will be prioritized for 2024. The email also said that the automaker is planning and offering a dealer-level incentive to offset any price increases, which all but confirms that future models will be more expensive.

Additionally, the company outlined what will happen if 2023 Ford Maverick order holders with a 2024 order end up getting their pickups scheduled for production. Essentially, the automaker will work with the dealer to remove the 2024 order from their system. Finally, the company told order holders to submit a 2024 order as soon as possible since it expects order banks to close relatively quickly.

2023 Ford Maverick rear view with motorcycle in bed

As Ford Authority previously reported, 2023 Ford Maverick production has already included a number of orders originally planned for the 2022 model year. Last year’s order conversion involved simply changing to a build with less constraints, so this new tactic telling customers to place a new order while retaining the old one is potentially an admission that the older strategy did not work as intended, and it might be a better way for the company to keep track of its orders. As for 2024, it is unclear if hybrid availability will change, but a street performance variant may be on the way, based on what photographers recently captured. Unfortunately, hybrid production is limited to due ongoing supply chain issues.

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A special thanks to Ford Authority reader Matteo G. for informing us about the letter. 

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Ford500guy

    Wow, another production delay on the 2023-24 Mavericks is not very encouraging for the people who have been waiting 1 1/2- 2 years for their trucks to get built. Maybe if I order a 24, I might have it built by 25 or 26. Thanks again Ford. For nothin.

  2. JimL

    But by all means, Ford, keep laying off US workers. I’m sure we don’t have any spare manufacturing facilities here in the US to supplement the builds.
    What a poorly run company. And I’ve been a loyal Ford customer since 1979, so I get to say that.

    1. TimD

      They are laying off redundant salary jobs. The claim is that they don’t need as many engineers due to electric vehicles.
      Seems to me that electric cars are rolling computers and they will need all of the help they can get.

    2. Richard Guyer

      I feel the same way!! First new vehicle was a 1979 F-150 Ranger XLT. Im 66 now and have purchased over 100 new fords personally and for my buiesness

  3. dave

    What about Escape models. When doe they start making 2024 models

    1. Richard Guyer

      The Escape is being discontinued

  4. Bob

    Ford is insulting their buyers by dragging their feet making the affordable truck.


    DRAG your feet and buyer will pay MSRP!!!

  6. m smith

    I work in the tech industry with plenty of shortages in critical parts, but companies always communicate way better than Ford chooses to do. Simple. . . just let folks know where their order stands in the queue . .. I have been waiting over 1 1/2 years and can never get a simple answer from Ford Support and my dealer is super frustrated because they cannot help me. Ford has this information, but they choose not to share it with folks who have put a deposit down. .. really poor customer service!

  7. TomD

    I believe that if you want a Maverick you need to plan your purchase.
    Order it on the 17th however don’t back down on what you want. You know up front that it will take 18 months to get so plan accordingly. Go buy a car that will last two years or until your truck is delivered. Put only enough money in the get by vehicle to keep you safe. When the new truck is delivered sell it to a scraper and walk away from it.
    The only problem with this is that you might be tempted by something else during the wait.

  8. Jim Elsasser

    Sure Ford. Delay production and make customers reorder and then upcharge them. Right Mr. Farley ? What a scam !

    1. Richard Guyer

      Took me 2 years to get my 2021 bronco base as a reorder 2022 base with a color change because rapid red was not offered in 22. They did hold the price but only on early 21 orders. What they did do was never give me the 200,000 points as a waiting long time bonus they promised me. Even had the message on my Bronco account. It was worth $1,750 for accessory options. Ford is not very trustworty these days!!!

  9. David Dickinson II


  10. Wayne E.Kirby

    So I’m very confused ! On The 17th do we order at the dealership, or online ?

    1. Bill Byrne

      should say $26495 for the same 2024,sorry

    2. Robert

      Oh god if we could only order online. No you must always go thru a dealership to buy a ford.
      Ford says they want them to “help” you order.

    3. Mike

      When I went through this for my 22 turned 23, my sales person called me and did the work for me. Didn’t have to go in. Call your dealership!

  11. Bill Byrne

    GREAT MY XL WAS ORDERED AS A 2022 IN SEPT 2021 COst $ 21590 WITH SHIPPING now the 2024 IS $2695!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i GOT a Santa Cruz base SE awd ,and will skip the Maverick !!!

    1. CJ

      I think the Toyota small truck will be first in production and my maverick will be cancelled!!

  12. Kermit Robbins

    I think Ford has really let their customers down. It is ridiculous waiting this long for a new truck.

  13. Robert

    These hybrid batteries are 1/50 of what the full electric vehicles that are being shoved down our throats. 1/50! How can a company making trucks for 120 years not get them? BS. They don’t want to sell many of these trucks. They want to sell 50 to 75K trucks. It has to be on purpose. No company could be this stupid or incompetent.

  14. Bob

    But anything other than a Ford Maverick. They don’t deserve your money.

  15. Stuart Knop

    Does the dealership make add additional costs or will I pay the price listed online?

    1. Mike

      Ford held to my 22 order price for my 23 Mav. Bigger question is what the cut was for the Mexican Cartel.

  16. Jeff

    I don’t plan to reorder to a 24 and just wait for Ford to cancel it so I can get my money back. Ford knows more than they are telling us but they keep us in the dark. It’s been nothing but a scam from day one so thanks a lot Ford. I see a Toyota Stout in my future by hopefully the end of the year or very early 24. If I reorder to the 24 it could be 12 to 18 more months of waiting for the Maverick.

  17. Mike

    I love my 23 Mav Hybrid Lariat (was supposed to have been a 2022). I must say I think it was worth the wait. However, if I were a stockholder I would be seething that Ford after all this time has not addressed the problem! Hottest selling Ford, NOT brought back to the US for production meaning US layoffs are in disgusting VAIN. SURE, let’s prop up the Mexico Cartel economy!!!

  18. Jeff G

    I got the email from Ford last week. I wanted a 2022, but they shut the orders down in early November. Had to extend my Fusion lease for a year. Fast forward to Sept 2022 as I ordered my 2023 Maverick Hybrid XLT on 9/15 at 4:30 pm (EST), the moment the order bank opened. I’ve been waiting 9+ months (will be 10 on the 15th of July) so I’m pretty certain I’ll be pushed back to a 2024.

    Supposedly there will be a special incentive for us who had to roll out order over. Rumor is it will be in the amount of the difference in price from a ’23 to the ’24. That and we get priority for 2024 orders (they say built first). We shall see. But as a former 23 year Ford salesperson (all at the same dealer the whole time) and who still has my 2006 Mustang GT I ordered new, once I get my Maverick (and I’ll eventually get it) it will be my last Ford ever!! I’m done! They are a truck/suv company and their customer service in regards to all these new launches is unbelievably abysmal!! Farley has been a disaster. Ford hasn’t been the same since Mulally left. He was a great CEO and leader.

    1. Richard Guyer

      I’ve been a Ford customer all my life buying trucks and many performance mustangs and Shelby’s and other models totaling over 100 since 1979. As I see ford switching to all electric I am preparing for them to go out of business as we elect a Republican in 2024 you will be back in the gas market. Should of focused on a nice hybrid lineup of product. I purchased a 22 lightning and it is awful in cold weather, Should only be used in southern area below the Mason Dixie line. By stooping the c max, Focus,Fusion,Eco sport, and other models we lost a company where people could buy an affordable vehicle. If you don’t have $35k + you cant even buy a ford. Now for the wealthy only. Henry Sr. is probably rolling over in his grave .

  19. LT

    I ordered a Maverick xlt hybrid on September 16 2023. I recently talked to the sales manager at the dealership where I placed my order. I told him that I read that Ford will allow a person to changes their order from the hybrid power train to the eco boost. So, I had the sales manager change my order to the eco boost gas engine. The sales manager said he could almost guarantee I will get the 2023 Maverick now that I changed my order. Within one week of changing my order, Ford sent my an email, stating that my order was scheduled for production and sent the VIN. Perhaps they don’t have any hybrid drive trains left.

    1. philip scheil

      Did they raise the price?

  20. Edward Maguire

    Fire Departments in the United States are finding it very difficult to extinguish electric car fires.The majority of electric cars fires 🔥 are left to burn themselves out.Damages to parking structures due to fires and overweight electric vehicles are a real concern.E Maguire,Lt(retired )

  21. philip scheil

    If the dealer tries to jack you on your ordered maverick I would suggest that you take the “NEW” purchase and sales agreement along with your contract to small claims court for a $50/100 fee and see what happens!!!!


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