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2024 Ford Maverick Adds New Terrain Color: First Look

The 2024 Ford Maverick gains two new exterior colors to its lineup, including Azure Gray Metallic and Terrain. Here’s a first look at the latter color, Terrain.

Terrain is tagged with paint code VA, and is a no-cost option for the 2024 Ford Maverick XLT and Lariat trims, while it is not offered at all on the base XL trim. It can be outfitted in conjunction with a handful of interior colorways, including Navy Pier/Medium Slate, Desert Brown, Black Onyx, and Black Onyx – Tremor. As a reminder, the following list comprises all available exterior colors for the 2024 Ford Maverick (relevant paint codes listed in parentheses):

  • Atlas Blue Metallic (B3)
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic (M7)
  • Cactus Gray (NE)
  • Iconic Silver Metallic (JS)
  • Oxford White (YZ)
  • Shadow Black (G1)
  • Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat (G4) (new for 2024)
  • Terrain (VA) (new for 2024)

Meanwhile, the following are all available interior colorways:

  • Black Onyx/Medium Dark Slate
  • Navy Pier/Medium Slate
  • Desert Brown
  • Black Onyx
  • Black Onyx – Tremor

Finally, the following represents all trim levels for the 2024 Ford Maverick:

  • XL
  • XLT
  • Lariat

While it gains two new colors, the 2024 Ford Maverick ditches four exterior colors that were previously available for the 2023 model year, including Area 51 (paint code KU), Avalanche Gray (paint code DR), Alto Blue Metallic Tinted Clearcoat (paint code L3) and Cyber Orange Metallic Tri Coat (paint code SB).

Other changes are on the way to the 2024 Ford Maverick. As per prior Ford Authority coverage, the compact pickup will drop the 2.5L I4 hybrid engine as its standard engine option in favor of the 2.0L EcoBoost I4 as standard. The Lariat trim, will also change significantly, gaining quite a few standard packages and features that were previously optional, while the off-road-focused Tremor will replace its optional appearance package with standard decals. The compact pickup will also drop the SecuriCode keypad across the board.

The 2024 Ford Maverick is expected begin production at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico on October 16th, 2023. Interested customers should expect to shell out a bit more for the forthcoming model than they would have for the 2023 model year compact pickup, as it gained price increases across the board.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Bob

    Customer: Dear Ford, we’d like AWD Hybrid.

    Ford: Here’s a light brown color

  2. Bill Byrne

    A little more if I first got the Xl hybrid- and now order a 2024 its only $5,000 more, drop in the bucket for us retired ,fixed income guys !!! then they DROP good colors??? we reordered twice waited 19 months, never a PEEP from Ford the total time, never a peep from dealer, they seemed clueless, and they are BIG with 8 dealerships!! I saw a santa cruz SE base awd new in late Jan for sticker, no add ons $28,500 and got it 4 and 1/2 months later the Maverick come in !! I could not afford to buy and try and resell ( with my luck) so the dealer was tickled as they then could sell it for over sticker, and they did. I have had santa cruz over 6 months now, so far NO issues and mileage is good-enough avg. about 28 mpg, so im happy. I priced out a new 2024 mav xlt with eco-awd-360 co- and trailer hitch set up and it was now $2,000 over the santa cruz, too bad Ford handled the PR ( or no customer service) better, If I was informed by ford and dealer on a reg. basis ,It may be in my driveway now! after 40 years of Fords we may be done, and they dont seem to care?

  3. Jim Elsasser

    Ooooo….a new color. Tan.
    Ford is really going out on a limb wth that.
    Boring and mundane on their designs and colors.

  4. Gayla

    OMG …. Who cares about new colors. Just build the darn trucks.

    Placed my hybrid Maverick XLT order July 2022.

    Now silence…… for months… barely a word from Ford and our dealer.

    I never dreamed it would be such an issue to order and buy and new vehicle.

    Im very disappointed and am currently looking at other trucks. The hybrid gets my attention so I wait for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma hybrid. Yes it’s lots more money but with all the Maverick price increases the cost may average out for me.

    For those who are considering ordering a Maverick, please think again. Plus buying one off the lot will likely mean the original MSRP has about 10k or more tacked on because the dealer can do that when a truck is ordered and then the customer does not buy it.

    Good luck!

    1. Arthur Kraft

      Ah, the reality of being “environmentally conscious”!

    2. John

      You didn’t order in July of ’22. Order banks didn’t open until September.

    3. Marco G

      You might get lucky this month. Same month placement for a hybrid . Just got a September 1 build date, with vin and tracking.

  5. Gary . Virginia.

    Don’t blame you one bit. I walked away from a deal but before I even left the dealership a woman purchased the maverick at the balloon price. With more competition coming ford may be forced to learn a lesson.

  6. Kermit

    That is the new America. Sadly. I just reordered the 2024 after 10 months on the 23.

  7. Kevin

    Cmon on beige died at 2005

    1. Emmett

      Beige died in 1985…the corpse just stayed around stinking up the place for a couple decades.

  8. Richard Hufstedler

    I ordered a Lariat last year when the order banks opened for the 23s and I just got word that my order is going to be built in September, I just hope that it will not be damaged in shipment! I’m really hoping it comes with the things that I ordered

  9. Emmett

    At first I was like “No way am I buying a truck in ‘old lady beige’ .”

    But then I was like “Oh, it’s called Terrain…sure then, I’ll take a beige one.”

    (eye roll)

  10. Robert

    You need to offer fire engine red!

    1. Randy

      They would sell 50% in plain red, I would have ordered instead got white

    2. Marco G

      Your neighbors would mistake it for Fire Department, lil

      1. Marco G


  11. Jack R McCall

    Have had my Ford Maverick for 18 months. One of the best cars I have had in my young years, I’m only 80.

    1. Srfdude

      Right on, Jack. Same as myself, 80 and counting, just picked up my ’23 a couple months ago, Love it!

  12. PGM

    We ordered a Maverick Lariat 9/23/21 and received it 3/23 and it sets in the garage, afraid to drive it, in fear of someone wrecking it (no repairs available). By the way, I’m 92!.

    1. Jack R

      Still waiting since 9/23–was 85, now almost 87. Wonder if I’ll ever see
      mine. And no PR–didn’t even update us or tell where we are in line.

      1. Jack R

        Correction— waiting since 9/22 on my ’23, & now probably ’24.
        Never ever had this trouble buying a car or truck.

  13. NR

    Only someone or some group Hellbent on taking Ford down would look very hard and introduce the ugliest color possible. There is no way normal humans were polled on this color and responded with a thumbs up.
    Looks like you guys need to hire a large group of Non -Eighty year old designers. Inject some new blood into your company before its to late.


    I can’t believe that they got rid of area 51 color as it was one of the most chosen in 2023. I also ordered mine in 2022 and was surprised when the dealership called me and said it was coming in a week. 1 week later I was in the dealership and my XLT Hybrid Lariat Lux package was there and missing two constraint items. I go into finance to do the paperwork (paid cash) and was suprised when I couldn’t make the numbers add up. Dealership hit me with$3,995 additional markup. That ADM destroyed my enjoyment of my new vehicle purchase and I came close to walking away but if I would have, I would not have my Maverick today. I have over 5K on the odometer and I do Love my truck and have had zero issues thus far.

  15. Val Moule

    So sad they discontinued the Area 51 color which was my favorite. All of their colors now are so boring. Toyota, Subaru and other brands have a much better variety. Maybe Ford should just go back to the Model T color option – black only.

  16. Hal Howell

    My 2023 XLT is Cyber Orange which I like but the new Terrain is one I would’ve liked and chosen BUT it needs to be a tad darker.

  17. Hal Howell

    There’s absolutely no reason for me to be sad I got the 2023. Mine came with the CO, 2.0L, BAP, AWD, SIBL, HITCH and Co-Pilot 360 AND the SecuriCode keypad!


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