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2024 Ford Maverick Build And Price Configurator Is Live

Entering its third model year, the Ford Maverick remains as popular as ever, though unfortunately, to the point where The Blue Oval continues to struggle to build enough units of the compact pickup to meet demand. This means that Maverick customers still face a long wait when ordering that particular model, and has also led some pretty big changes for the 2024 model year, as Ford Authority has reported extensively on thus far. Now, however, those interested in creating their dream 2024 Ford Maverick virtually can now do so, as the model’s build and price configurator has officially launched.

Those that visit the 2024 Ford Maverick configurator will immediately notice a number of notable changes. The biggest, of course, is the fact that the highly-efficient hybrid powertrain is no longer standard equipment, and is instead a $1,500 option. Rather, the more powerful yet less efficient turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost has replaced it at the bottom of the lineup due to high demand for the electrified version.

On top of that, the 2024 Ford Maverick has also received a round of price increases for the entire lineup, ranging from $805 for the base XL up to $1,460 for the XLT. Meanwhile, the Lariat has added the Lariat Luxury Package as standard equipment, along with the Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist Package, the spay-in bedliner, and black-painted side mirror caps.

Aside from these changes, the 2024 Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package gains new decals for the hood and doors, while the optional Tremor Off-Road Appearance Package has been deleted, as has the SecuriCode keypad, windshield wiper de-icer, and manual sliding rear window. Late last month, Ford Authority spotted a pair of lowered Maverick pickups with manufacturer plates that seem to hint at a possible street performance variant as well. As Ford Authority reported back in April, 2024 Maverick order banks open up today, July 17th, 2023. Production of the 2024 Maverick is also expected to begin at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico on October 16th, 2023, though as always, these dates are subject to change

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  1. Bill

    It’s not open yet.

    1. Brett Foote

      Order banks usually open later in the day.

  2. Jetfixxxer

    It is not.

  3. Billy

    I just ordered mine.

  4. philip scheil

    I am canceling my 2023 order and getting my refund. Ford has been strining along and now jacked the price 25%+. I will be buying some thing else and right now I am not sure/care what. But definitely not a ford

    1. Dave Di Franco

      Orders still not open as of 439pm.

    2. Tom

      I saw where they compensate you if you get a 24 when had 23 ordered and didn’t get 1

  5. Sd1

    Had to resubmit my 2023 as a 2024. Luckily we get price protection if we had a 2023 order. Just waiting for this non-sense to end, and unfortunately people like myself are part of the problem.

  6. Smitty

    Unbelievable how Ford treats its customers. . .been waiting for a hybrid since January of 2022 and no information except to place another order. That tells me that they just don’t care and want us to jump through their hoops so they can tout how popular their truck that they cannot deliver is. Sad!

    1. Dave Di Franco

      Time for a Tundra! They don’t know what they are doing!

  7. Doe Wilson

    I’d buy a 2023 Lariat if I could find one.

    1. L Hogue

      I have a 23 Lariat loaded limited black edition being built coming to me in 3-4 weeks Im going to sell if interested Not cheap however ..

  8. Duane

    There are dealerships that have em on lots guys… I just got a Lariat Tremor found sitting there to buy ( no markup) there were 3 others too a red one AWD xlt AWD lariat and a hybrid. Maybe look around or if your in SE Michigan head over to crest Ford flat rock.


    I am very skeptical about Ford giving “full price protection” if you have a valid 2023 order and are pushed into the 2024 model year. The dealership does not have it specifically in writing and we had to eat the 2023 price increases. Another $2300 bump just pushes current and future customers to other brands. The Ford F-150 Lightning just got a big haircut–another Ford mistake…..

  10. joe

    where can I order the 2024 Mav?
    anybody knows?

    1. Jp

      Go to ford website and build one then submit to whixhever ford dealer you want

  11. L Hogue

    Too funny took 10 months to get my 22 Lariat Loaded Set 22 I Ordered a 23 limited black edition loaded and it’s now just being built this week ! Today when the order banks finally opened at 658pm put in my order for a 24 lariat loaded ..On average its taking 10 months to get a higher end one ..I love this truck it’s been great to drive . The dealers service and recalls not good ..Alot of confusion between dealers and Ford .

  12. K. Brown

    My son and I ordered 1 each. Exact same truck on Sept 16,2022. Xlt with fx4 pkg awd gas motor …my son got his little over 2 months ago. I was called today and told mine would be rolled over to the 2024. Makes no sense to me they’d build one and not the exact same one going to same place….Screwed up!

  13. Mr. Tee

    No Area 51 color available either. My dealer (who I will never buy anything from again) collected at least 4 non-refundable deposits from people who tried to order 2023 mavericks in Sept 2022 but dealer couldn’t get into the order bank before it closed. Folks would rather lose a deposit than pay the net $5k price increase over 2023 for an xl hybrid with an uncertain delivery schedule. Personally I’m never buying a Ford again and am unsubscribing from Ford Authority. Good luck to the rest of you.

  14. CorBot

    I ordered a 23 last year when the order banks were open. Had a horrible experience trying to roll it over to a 24 last week when they reopened the order banks and they told me there was zero chance to still get a 23 built. Funny though – I called Ford to inquire about the price compensation for the 24 and magically the 23 hybrid is in production same day. I got a VIN and everything… interesting. lol

    I will say this has been the worst ordering experience I’ve ever had since day 1. There is no communication. The dealers act like they don’t know anything too. I also get frustrated when you walk into a dealer and there’s 20+ staff members and only 2-3 customers. It reminds you that the price you pay and the service you get done all goes to line their pockets and pay for that oversized showroom.


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