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2024 Ford Maverick Gets More Expensive Across The Board

Entering its third model year, the ever-popular 2024 Ford Maverick is set to receive a few notable changes, including a rather big one – the hybrid will no longer represent the base powerplant in the lineup, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month. With demand still outstripping supply, many 2023 Maverick orders also figure to be pushed to the 2024 model year as The Blue Oval tries to ramp up production to even things out. This slanted supply/demand curve – coupled with raw materials costs and other economic factors – also means that the 2024 Ford Maverick will be more expensive across the board, too.

2024 Ford Maverick Price Changes
2024 Ford Maverick Price 2023 Ford Maverick Price – July 11, 2023 + / – July 2023 Price
XL $23,400 $22,595 +$805
XLT $26,315 $24,855 +$1460
Lariat $34,855 $34,585 +$270
2.5L Hybrid $1,500 $0 +$1500
Tremor Package $3,495 $2,995 +$500
Destination $1,595 $1,595 +$0

The base XL trim 2024 Ford Maverick will be $805 more expensive than the 2023 model, meaning that the cheapest version of the compact pickup now starts out at $23,400. However, adding the hybrid now costs an additional $1,500 as well, which means that this particular combination will set one back at least $24,900, which is quite a bit more than this same pickup cost when it launched for 2022 at just under $20k, sans destination and delivery.

Things get a bit tricker when we look at the range-topping Lariat trim, as the 2024 model adds the previously optional Lariat Luxury Package as standard equipment, along with the Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist Package, the spay-in bedliner, and black-painted side mirror caps. In this chart, 2023 pricing includes those options, which means that the pickup is essentially only receiving a $270 price increase. Additionally, Lariat hybrid buyers also get a $720 discount, making it a bit more attractive as well.

Aside from these changes, the 2024 Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package for the compact pickup gains new decals for the hood and door, while the optional Tremor Off-Road Appearance Package has been deleted, as has the SecuriCode keypad across the entire lineup. Late last month, Ford Authority spotted a pair of lowered Maverick pickups with manufacturer plates that seem to hint at a possible street performance variant as well. As Ford Authority reported back in April, 2024 Maverick order banks are scheduled to open up on July 17th, 2023. Production of the 2024 Maverick is also expected to begin at the Hermosillo Assembly plant in Mexico on October 16th, 2023, though as always, these dates are subject to change

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  1. Bosko

    That sounds a bit conspiracy theory. Why would ford be trying to scam? There are legit reasons that it’s hard to get this vehicle, with base price being one of the major reasons. You can a lot of them on lots and private party sales but people do not want to spend that markup.

    1. mike s

      Would you please tell us what those legit reasons are? You see lots of F-150s at the dealerships because they make that $10K profit on them, probably more, so it’s not because of chip shortages.

      1. Bill Byrne

        really crazy-as the lots are FULL now of f-150s on the lots, and now discount them!. they avg. make around 750,000 f 150 a year-i more or less, ram makes around 700,000 1500’s-in 1977 they made over 450,000 of the new t-birds, but they cant build 40-50,000 mavericks now?

      2. Zeek

        They’ve been making F150s forever. They know the market and have the facilities to meet demand. There was no known market for a compact truck. Obviously the demand greatly exceeded expectations. The Santa Cruz still costs 10,000 more than a comparable Maverick. And my maxed out Maverick Lariat cost me $16,000 less than my last middle of the road F150 xlt

        1. Bill Byrne

          I know , I never looked at santa cruz because of the price, then I saw our dealer had an SE base for $27000 ish- it sold in one day. so I started looking for a base one, as it has alot more on it than the xlt maverick. we ordered, I found a base SE AWD santa cruz for $28.500 and no mark ups, or add ons- and it will also pull 3500 lbs,if we get a small trailer. and I still get high 20mpg and warr. is about twice the ford. so im happy, but would NEVER got the higher up models I could barley afford the one I got, retired and fixed income. when they do get a SE it sells in 1-2 days really stinks how Ford handled it too ,no customer service anylonger – I had fords for over 40 years. they seem to give a sh– , oh well.

  2. James

    Well. You seem to be in the know, so maybe you can lay out what Ford is doing to scam us all?

    Legit reasons are supply shortages, staffing, embargo… Ford cannot keep up with popularity of this truck. Ok. Now, your turn. 😁

  3. Aggies76

    Just got a letter from Ford regarding a safety recall for my 22 Lariat Hybrid. It advised a loud or grinding noise could proceed catastrophic loss of oil and result in engine fire. The estimated time for Ford shops to get parts for repair is October 2023. Our Maverick runs very well and delivers on promised fuel economy, but I find it hard to understand why production continues if it will be October before parts to fix this condition are available to affect repair. What are you hearing in Maverick Land?

  4. John Mueller

    I ordered a 2022 Maverick back in 2021. I’ve never seen one on the road. Now Im waiting for the hybred Toyota Stout unless I can get my Maverick first.

    1. CJ

      I see a lot of them here in Los Angeles, One dealer call me the other day and told me they know I have an order, but If I would like to have one they have it in the lot, I asked for How Much they said 44,000, then I asked is the Lariat with all the extras as the one I ordered, they just said no is the LX, Then I said, Thank you I’ll wait, my Chevy Colorado with 250 00 miles can handle it for a while. They said, just in case you need it badly is here!!!

      I hope Toyota really comes with the Stout before my order is in the lot!!!!


      my wait time was 2 years my last email from Ford your maverick was shipped hoping the dealer doesn’t add $10000 to price

      1. Billy

        If you ordered it, your dealer cannot charge over sticker MSRP. I just got mine today, so I tell you from experience. I also ordered a F250 Lariat Super Crew that I got at the end of March…same thing, paid sticker MSRP even though identical trucks the dealer owned were $15K higher than mine.

  5. Bill Byrne

    there goes the 19,995 xl hybrid BS when it came out- we ordered a 2022 then changed to a 2023 18 months !!!! now if I order a xl hybrid ITS $5,000 MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said the heck with it.Jan I got a 2023 santa cruz SE then 4 months latter the Mav. shows up ! they could give a crap , as they sold it WAY over sticker so much for us retired people on fixed income getting a low price!!

  6. Tom

    Moderator pulled my post. I used the b word for female dog. I gave the truth on dealer v. Manufacture and customers creating this fiasco. Why would you pay over sticker? You morons.

  7. Greg

    I’ve been a Ford guy for years currently have an F150, but I’m waiting for the Toyota Stout.

  8. Mike

    I’ve been a Ford owner for years, always drove a F series truck. Wife’s arthritis got worse so bought a Ranger but she still had trouble getting in it. So got lucky and found a low mile used 22 AWD Lariat. Dealer wanted $4500 over MSRP would have passed but dealer offered full MSRP for the Ranger. Wife loves the Mav’s easy entry, I love the MPG 33.8 over last 6800 miles.

  9. Jim

    I order my lariat backe last September. I asked if I could change my motor options from hybrid to all wheel drive and ford told my dealer that I’ll loose my place in line if I made a change. Now my dealer is saying I’ll have to put in for 2024 even though I wrote a check for $1000 talk about honor. Deal said they will offer incentives but might not be enough to cover my current prices.
    I’m currently seeking other dealers Toyota, Hyundai etc leaving Ford as a l9ng time customer. I have a Ford mustang, Ford Ranger, a 2 Mercury Grand Marquis, Ford focus…

  10. Dave

    Done with Ford Motor Company!! Ordered a Maverick XLT truck September of last year. Had a quote sheet from the dealership outlining all the prices. Took Ford 8 mos to build and deliver the truck. When I went down to pick up my truck the salesman handed me a pricing sheet with an increased MSRP of nearly $1500. At NO TIME during the build of my truck was I contacted about ANY price increases. So, I told the salesman and the dealership WHERE THEY CAN STICK THEIR TRUCK!!! Bye Ford. It’s been nice knowing you.

  11. boyd jacobs

    as a stock-holder in ford, i suggest ford motor co.should pentalize their dealers that sell above the sticker price—- they are doing harm to the ford co.—-people are going to other brands and probably won’t buy a ford, again.

  12. Michael Carney

    Ford has never liked dealerships, they are a separate company. Selling a vehicle over MSRP is actually illegal but some will still do it. The 2024 keyless entry option leaving sucks and a drop in bedliner for xlt does also. Dealer say he can pull out the drop in and do a spray bed. Has anybody ever done this.

  13. John

    Between dealers and Ford trying to push SUV’s and high priced F-150’s people will be starting to look elsewhere. Ford loyalists once when they see what they can get for lower price will gone. Let’s of luck getting them back.


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