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2024 Ford Maverick Lineup Will Not Have SecuriCode Keypad

The Ford Maverick remains in high demand and short supply following its debut for the 2022 model year, and things don’t look likely to improve any time soon, even as production of the compact pickup has ramped up significantly. Rather, while some Blue Oval models are beginning to show up on dealer lots, the Maverick remains a difficult vehicle to find – especially the rather thrifty hybrid version. Now, with the 2024 Ford Maverick set to receive a few changes, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the model will ditch its SecuriCode keypad, too.

Currently standard equipment on the 2023 Maverick XLT and Lariat, the SecuriCode keypad will not be a part of the 2024 Ford Maverick lineup at all, as the automaker has removed it altogether. This isn’t an unprecedented move, however, as the the Ford Edge also ditched the SecuriCode keypad for the 2023 model year, too.

Aside from this update, there are a few changes in store for the 2024 Ford Maverick, ranging from small to rather significant. As Ford Authority previously reported, the Tremor Off-Road Package for the compact pickup gains new decals for the hood and door, while the optional Tremor Off-Road Appearance Package has been deleted. The Lariat Luxury Package is also now included as standard on that particular trim, along with the Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist Package, spray-in bedliner, and black-painted side mirror caps.

However, the biggest change for the 2024 Maverick is the fact that the hybrid powertrain is no longer standard, either. Late last month, Ford Authority spotted a pair of lowered Maverick pickups with manufacturer plates that seem to hint at a possible street performance variant as well. In the meantime,  many 2023 Maverick order holders may be facing the possibility of having those orders pushed to the 2024 model year amid high demand.

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  1. Bill Byrne

    GEE the XL hybrid is ONLY about $5,000 higher than the 2022 we ordered

    1. Bill Byrne

      we ended up with a santa cruz SE awd reg eng. no issues had it 6 months NO ISSUES so far,love the warr. almost twice the Ford. my wife has a 2016 kia soul never been in shop ,but reg, mtce.our Sorento from 2008 had 120,000 on it no issues. I got rid of my 2019 f150, Which I had new and was in shop over 8 times for issues.FIST time in 45 years, NO FORD in my driveway.sad but if they made the Mav. in a year,it would be in our driveway. Ford really SUCKS in the NO customer service dept.

  2. Jorge Acosta

    When an auto manufacturer introduces a new model, they endeavor to it each subsequent year. Not so with Ford. Complete opposite. Feel like they are becoming traitors to their market base. They are losing confidence with me and millions more. Instead of extending the process to satisfy demand they are covering their bank butts

  3. Jorge Acosta

    When an auto manufacturer introduces a new model, they endeavor to improve it each subsequent year. Not so with Ford. Complete opposite. Feel like they are becoming traitors to their market base. They are losing confidence with me and millions more. Instead of extending the process to satisfy demand they are covering their bank butts

  4. DeezNuts

    Ordered my 2023 in Sept 22 just got word I’m never going to get it and to get in line for 2024. Maybe FORD should stop making electric vehicle that lose them 1B + and focus on the stuff people WANT TO BUY and ACTUALLY deliver it.

  5. Old Ford Guy

    Apparently Ford has no corporate memory. Back in the early 90s, Ford decided to delete the external keypad on the Crown Vic, Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car. The buyers revolted! Sales of those vehicles plummeted until Ford re-instated it as standard. I remember that the entire industry was taken by surprise by the customer reaction. Perhaps things are different now with all the connectivity options (and the limited supply of Mavericks), but I would hope that Ford does not carry that decision over to ongoing products. Ford is the only carmaker to offer such a feature (that I know of) and, believe it or not, it weighs heavily on the purchase decision.

    1. Matt

      The Ford app lets me open the car door anyways. it is definitely a bit redundant. And sure, maybe you don’t have cel phone service somewhere and that’s a problem when you’ve suddenly lost your keys, but that’s an awfully small amount of the time, isn’t it?

      1. Hugh

        That’s the problem. You have to have the phone with you. Can’t lock it in the truck with your keys as you can with the keypad.

      2. eRock9202

        I have an Escape with both the keypad and the Ford app. Ford’s app is not very responsive. There have been numerous times in the winter where I would be 10 to 20-feet away from my vehicle and the app wouldn’t remote start, lock/unlock doors, or even turn on the alarm. Even the perimeter unlock with the keyfob is hit or miss at times for just getting in the vehicle. For those times, it was nice having the keypad to just punch in the code and get in the car on those cold days.

        If the app was much more reliable and responsive and/or keyfobs were much consistent across the board, maybe I can see the need to remove redundancy. But right now with Ford’s current track record for quality, they should keep that keep pad for at least two more model years.

        1. SEO

          you obviously dont understand how the app works. its not bluetooth or direct connected to vehicle. that signal has to go to a server then go to a satellite then beam to the car. if you have the app, then why are you not remote starting your car to make it warm unless your car is a stick which i doubt.

          1. eRock9202

            I fully understand that with the app. That’s why I usually check to see if my data or wifi has better connection before using features. That doesn’t explain why I have on numerous times in the winter pressed remote start only to have the vehicle either fail to start or the app say it did when I can clearly see that it did not. I have also had issues where the app will glitch and the remote button is gone.

            As for the lock/unlock feature on the app, I’ve had similar issues. Sometime I’m rushing inside because of a downpour. Sometimes I’m in an emergency and I forget. Sometimes my paranoia kicks in, so I want to remote lock it just to be safe and because I’m out of range for my keyfob.

            I can what if this to death, but people can still come up with numerous scenarios where they still want the keypad regardless of if the app is available or not. The app is great when it works and when cell/wifi service is adequate. But it’s not so great to the point where I believe Ford can ditch redundancies. Maybe by 2026 MY, but not now.

  6. Mike

    I’m glad I got my Maverick before Ford screwed it up.

  7. Robert

    No sliding rear window or 400W invertor anymore – and you’re talking about keypada and added decals?

  8. Robert Goffinett

    I’m done with Ford. I own a ’15 mustang and a ’19 F150………no more,!!!! You are right about Hyundai…

  9. mike s

    Bob, there will be no competition, at least at the original prices. Ford’s decision to raise, substantially, prices for 2024, means the competition will do the same. TRUCK FOR UNDER 20K was the headline just 3 short years ago. Now 25% increase in prices means the competition will also require those margins. Ford has not only shafted many customers they have also assured there will be no cheap pickup truck from any manufacturer. Shame oh Ford, why anyone would buy a vehicle from these shisters is beyond me.

  10. mike s

    The result of this is Ford can raise the price of midsize trucks (ranger) even more. The public has been played for a sucker by Ford. Disgraceful.

  11. Robert Arthur

    I hate that Ford is getting rid of all the key features that attracted me to buy my 22 Lariat Lux. The keypad on my Sport Trac saved me having to call a lock smith two times while I owned it, so I loved the fact my Maverick has it. They also got rid of the leather covered wheel I really like, and now other features are going as well. Instead of stripping all the models, they should just strip the XL which is meant to be a work truck and leave the others alone!

  12. Robh

    Not sure why they would delete that key pad entry thing. I have had it on a few Ford vehicles and its one of the few things they put on a car that is actually useful. Most non Ford owners who are not familiar with it might not be swayed one way or the other by deleting this feature. but if your familiar with it, your going to not like that they took it out. Ford makes some really questionable decisions to pinch pennies. Another one that not too many people talk about is on any vehicle they have with a Suv/cuv, station wagon body style, they cheap out on making it so the rear glass can be opened independently of the rear tailgate. All their recent vehicles of this body style only hav fixed windows that cannot be opened separately from the tailgate. so if you have some long item like long two by fours, etc, in order to carry those things, you’d have to leave the entire tailgate open to get it in. I mean what would it cost them to have a couple hinges and a latch so the glass could be opened separately from the gate? Deleting simple features such as this or that keyless entry just make their vehicles less satisfying to own

  13. Kermit Robbins

    Ford is like the government. They are forcing us to take what they want to build. The government is taking our choice making away from us.

  14. Sd1

    The keypad is one of my favorite Ford features. Have it on my new Bronco and my 2023 F350. Use it daily. Ill be disappointed if my 2022 Maverick order becomes a 2024 and doesn’t have it.

  15. MM08

    hahaha you got me good there!!!

    oh it isn’t a joke.. wth ford?? you’re losing me and many many others here

  16. Randyw

    Ii was lucky , my my23 Xlt hybrid lux was built , I’m just waiting for delivery. I don’t know if I would buy a. 2024 with the price hikes and less options.

  17. Hal Howell

    I really lucked out when I bought my ‘23 XLT! To be honest it’s the first vehicle I’ve owned that has that feature and at first I care the real purpose of having it but since I’ve had it a few months I have come to appreciate the feature. Dumping it makes no sense to me. It certainly can’t be because it was such an expensive feature.

  18. Dennis Wilson

    I have a 2013 escape. I have spent $3,000 to get 80,000 miles on it. Ae water pump, windshield wiper circuit board, a water switch on the fire wall. Ford is try hard to make me buy another brand. The service dept. stripped my oil plug, over charged me for everything I had to buy. Lack of confidence in both.

  19. Karl

    Once GM, Toyota and Ram gets into this space, Ford will be offering rebates to move the Maverick! I bleed Ford blue but this is downright ridiculous and greedy. Logistics and material cost have improved significantly yet they are playing loyal and new customers for suckers. Shame on you Ford!

  20. Joey

    When I bought my maverick a year ago, I was taken aback by the options Ford had available on this “Economy, budget truck”. I’ve been surprised by the get go that the maverick has the keypad option factory when the ranger only had an adhesive, dealer installed option. Additionally, the maverick initially came with standard digital temp displays on the climate control knobs as well as ambient lighting standard in the center console/dash area. All of these were really nice perks at the time and have since all been removed from all options. It’s like Ford didn’t have confidence in the Maverick when first released so they were throwing all these unique options to it to get buyers. It’s a shame that it’s no longer what it was, because I sure love my truck and probably wouldn’t buy a new one since they have removed so much of what I think gives mine character!

  21. David

    Arrgh. As a surfer, this is such a useful feature. This is going to change my buying decision. Please Ford, raise the price if you must, but don’t lose the option.

  22. Roknhrs

    I’ve had a door code since 2001 on my Explorer Sport 4×4. It has 285k miles and runs as well as it ever did. I love it. But I will eventually need a new vehicle. I really like the Maverick. As we all know, it’s been near impossible to get one. With the prices increasing even as availability is low is causing me to reconsider. I love my keypad. Not that I lock my keys in a lot but rather I can access the car without my keys at any time. What happened to the days of building a car with the things you want without having to have additional things thrown in. Especially since what the price is going up I can find really good SUVs in that 33k and up range. The Maverick sells like crazy because it’s affordable for most of us. I have a decent job but I can’t afford a $60,000+ truck. I can’t even afford a $40,000 vehicle. And that’s what some dealers are asking for a used Maverick lariat with a few thousand miles on them.
    My Explorer Sport is obviously quite old and doesn’t have a lot of today’s frills and creature comforts. And as nice as some of those things are, deep down I know I really don’t need them. Wouldn’t it be better to sell a lot more affordable cars than selling a few really expensive cars?


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