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2024 Ford Maverick To Drop 2.5L Hybrid As Standard Engine

In less than two weeks, 2024 Ford Maverick order banks will open up for new and returning order holders. Unfortunately, supply chain issues have resulted in some Maverick order holders being left to wait for their desired pickup, as the company still cannot produce enough units to meet demand. To that end, it seems the automaker will continue to face issues with hybrid production, as sources have confirmed to Ford Authority that the reports about the 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 become the standard powerplant are accurate.

2022 Ford Maverick

The 2024 Ford Maverick lineup will depart significantly from 2023 by making the hybrid optional on XL, XLT, and Lariat. Since launch, the hybrid engine was standard on every trim, although for 2022 the 2.0L EcoBoost became a no-cost option. The hybrid will still be limited to front-wheel drive while the EcoBoost will come standard with front-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive being optional. This is the biggest change to the lineup since the pickup’s debut, but the move isn’t completely out of left field considering Ford explicitly stated that 2023 Maverick order holders could get their trucks faster if they switched to the gas powered model.

2024 Ford Maverick

As for other changes expected to arrive across the 2024 Ford Maverick range, a street performance package or variant may be added to the lineup. As Ford Authority previously reported, two examples featuring a lowered suspension setup were being tested by the automaker. One pickup was a hybrid XLT while the other was a Lariat EcoBoost, possibly indicating that the package will be widely available through the model range. In any event, those in the market for a Maverick will likely have an easier time acquiring one if they opt for the 2.0L EcoBoost. Maverick production has skyrocketed in recent months as supply chain issues have eased for some variants.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Robert jung

    ford again over promise under deliever

    1. James G

      The only damn reason I wanted the Maverick is because it came standard as a hybrid at a reasonable price. I may not get that 2024 after all. I hear Toyota is coming out soon with a hybrid pick up to compete with the hybrid Maverick. Maybe Toyota will get their act together better than Ford?

  2. C.J.


    1. PHIL

      F Ford !!!!!!! You lost this one.

    2. Ed

      Yep, Ford is taking its clue from its dealers. If a vehicle is popular keep raising the price until the it is no longer a good value and sales start slipping. Ford is taking the practice of marking up the price from the dealers

      1. Gene

        People apparently had rather pay the extra $20,000 than feel like the dealer made an extra $10,000 on them. Ford essentially announced, “We are going to raise the MSRP $10,000 and stop dealers from competing on price so you won’t get a $10,000 discount on your next F150 so get ready to pay an extra $20,000”. People cheered that they would pay $20,000 more instead of the temporary situation of $5,000 over sticker (at some dealers, the one I used never sold a vehicle for MSRP and wasn’t in the market at that).

    3. ronarb

      Supply and demand -one goes up the other goes down with price adjustments over time. Nothing that is exclusive to Ford.

  3. JJ

    The F150 supply chain seems to be working. For the lower margin Maverick, not so much!

    1. Mf

      Considering you all but can’t get a heated steering wheel or massage seats in an $80k truck, i disagree that f150 supply chain is working.

  4. John the Greek

    You have to wonder if Hyundai is having the same “supply chain issues” making the Santa Cruz. Maybe Ford should look at what Hyundai is doing.

    1. RS

      There is no hybrid available for the Santa Cruz.

    2. Bob W.

      From day one the Santa Cruz has been significantly more expensive than the Maverick. Ford started out with too low a price point.

  5. BobbyKnobbyCobby

    “Maverick production has skyrocketed…”- Today
    “Some 2023 orders have been moved to 2024”-Yesterday
    Which one is it?

    1. Bill

      Hybrid orders are being moved.

  6. Robert

    The Maverick Hybrid battery is 1/50th the size of the traditional all electric vehicle that is being shoved down our throat by both the vehicle makers and government. So how are they going to make all these full electric vehicles when they can’t even make a 1/50th the size Maverick? Oh wait the profit margin is 10 times as much sorry I answered my own question.

  7. Bill Byrne

    GEE THANKS !!!!!!!!!! I ordered a 2022 xl hybrid in sept 2022 $21590 w/shipping then its changed to a 2023 in oct 2022! 16 months no maverick, now for 2024 a xl hybrid is $26495 w/shipping ???????????????it finally came in 3 months after I found 2023 santa cruz SE awd. and got it too late!!

  8. Jim

    I ordered a 22 XLT Hybrid on 11/4/21 and knew it would be at least 10 months. Picked up my 23 Hybrid March 21 of 23. Exact price I was told for my 22. My dealer was great kept me Informed all the time. Glad I did it and worth the wait.

  9. Dave Neal

    I’ve had my Maverick since December 2021. No complaints, although I should have gotten the option that included cruise control. I also wish the bed was a bit bigger, but it meets my needs. I’ve carried 12′ lumber in it and I’ve filled it with logs for firewood.
    I have the hydrid. If I stay off the highway, I get over 50 mpg combined. The last time I filled the tank, I averaged 55.6mpg.

  10. Larry leible

    Don’t change the maverick price,you have a great truck,don’t mess it up you have a winner.all your vehicles are not hot as a maverick is right now.don’t let it slip thru your finger’s.remember when a customer comes thru your door you want them in a ford going out the door.the sales will come trust your customers ( where the ones that will place you in the #1 spot)

  11. jerry avlon

    I’m definitely leaning to competitors. This story is getting very old.

  12. Drew Ford Retiree

    Congratulations Ford! You have created a profitable opening so wide, a Brazilian Ram compact pickup will thrive in the US. It’s better looking inside and out. Ram thanks Ford for creating the segment and foolishly treating it like a monopoly.

  13. Greg

    Who cares is the santa cruz doesn’t come in a hybrid version. I have a hybrid explorer work vehicle (not by choice) in 3 years broke down 4 times, in the shop for a total time of 1 year, always some type of electrical bug, instrument panel goes out then back on, fuel door light goes on when closed, car completely died in my driveway while backing up, had to be towed to dealership, after being there 4 weeks they said they don’t know when or if it will be fixed, said it was the hybrid battery, that took 4 months to fix. When accelerating it is too herky jerky, not a car you can feel confident or safe in. Thanks ford for helping me choose not to buy a maverick!!!

  14. eRock9202

    I’m still curious why Ford won’t use the 1.5L Dragon engine that’s used in the Escape as a stop gap for a handful of years? It’s will get roughly the same hp and torque of the 2.5L hybrid engine, it’s small enough to fit in the engine bay (it’s a 3-cyl engine), it’s mpg will be in between the 2.0L and the hybrid, and it something that can be paired with the AWD drivetrain. Only thing is that it won’t pair with the FX4 or 4K Tow packages. It might be a good 3rd option in the lineup for people who can’t get the hybrid but don’t want to pay the severe mpg hit of the 2.0L engine.

    1. Mf

      It’s a low margin vehicle. Options cost money. Low margin vehicles don’t have the money to make additional options profitable.

      1. eRock9202

        That’s a good point. Price is increasing, so one has to wonder how low is the margin is at this rate.

  15. Mr. C

    Ford is run by a bunch of “woke” morons! Their heads are up Joe Biden’s ass! Give the people what they want! Not what the government thinks they need!! This ain’t China yet even though Biden is on their payroll! America! Land of the free and home of the brave!

    1. Concerned Citizen

      I hope you find the help you need

  16. Brad

    Hey. I think the biggest problem for the hybrid system is that is wasn’t able to have the awd system and the lack of towing power for the hybrid. If that was fix they would have a winner.

  17. Impatient Order Holder

    I have had a 2.0L EcoBoost on order since September (’22) with a production date of July 17th. Not sure how that is “sped up,” since I’m wondering if I’ll get my truck before Sept (’23).

  18. Sam Dooma

    I ordered my hybrid in October, 2021. Then moved to to 2022 then moved to 2023. Now, I am being asked to move to 2024. Two years of waiting? What the hell is going on with Ford?. I lost interest in the truck.

  19. Jack Verit

    This thing is a joke. It’s a glorified four-door sedan with an open trunk.

    Two thirds of the configurations are front-wheel drive; and good luck fitting anything bigger than a cooler in that “bed.”

    1. KA

      You obliviously want one and can’t get one!!😂
      It’s a fantastic vehicle in all aspects and the price is fantastic.
      Why don’t you drive one before you say something so stupid!!

  20. Tom Lorenzo

    Ford found on the road dead

  21. Ed

    I waited six months for my base line Maverick hybrid – get deal and I’m enjoying 42 MPG so far.



    1. grumpyunk

      You should check with your dealer, and if that proves useless, check with Ford on their customer service number. If you are scheduled & have a VIN, they will try to make your model before 24 production begins. If not, it can slip to 24, but you will have to re-order, with some price protection through a ‘special offer’, and you can keep your ‘spot in line’.
      Vaguely, that’s it. Check with Ford or go to mavericktruckclub dot com and search there.

  23. Terri

    I’m old but I wanna see a Maverick Grabber edition!!! Twin turbo V6!!! Hook me up. And my toy poodle Frances


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