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2024 Ford Maverick Tremor To Get New Graphics, Ditch Package

The 2024 Ford Maverick order banks are opening soon, and as a result, information about the model year changeover are starting to leak. As Ford Authority previously reported, the lineup will now come standard with the 2.0L EcoBoost while making the hybrid optional. Additionally, the Lariat Luxury Package will now be standard on that trim, which will no doubt raise its price. And now, sources have confirmed that online reports about changes to the Tremor lineup are accurate as well.

The 2024 Ford Maverick Tremor receives two big changes for the upcoming model year. For starters, it will gain decals for the hood and door, although it is not clear what they will look like. Fortunately, should those decals turn off prospective buyers, a graphic delete option will be added. Additionally, the Tremor Off-Road Appearance Package will not be a part of the lineup, as the company opted to delete it. The package includes a hood and lower door Carbonized Gray graphic decal, Carbonized Gray roof, Carbonized Gray door handles on Lariat, and Carbonized Gray door handles on Lariat and XLT pickups equipped with the XLT Luxury Package. Since this package contained decals that sound suspiciously similar to the ones that every future Tremor will offer, it is possible that the company decided to simply switch them to the upcoming model while ditching everything else. The Tremor Off-Road Package currently costs $3,000 on XLT and Lariat.

The upcoming changes to the 2024 Ford Maverick lineup may be supplemented by a new addition to the model range as well. Photographers recently spotted a Maverick XLT hybrid and Lariat EcoBoost clearly featuring some type of lowered suspension setup. It is unclear if the option will be paired with actual performance upgrades or is simply meant to be more of a cosmetic appearance package.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Robert c

    Oh who gives a rat’s ass about Tremor decals.
    Produce the damn XL hybrids!

    1. Chris

      10 months and still waiting on an XL!!

      1. Robert

        2024 Ford Maverick hybrid will be overpriced give them a chance to get caught up there’s no one will hardly order them and they can sell their turbo charges that’s what they want to do they don’t care about Green just

      2. Rick

        Year and a half!

    2. Rob Mcginley

      Ford is famous for adding cheap looking decals and raising the price.
      Is the 2.0 litre reliable yet?
      The 2.5 is extremely reliable and should be the choice engine.
      I think the sales of these vehicles will falter if Toyota brings there smaller trucks to market. The dash on these are very cheap looking.

      1. Bob

        Seems like they only want the unreliable engine to be used.

  2. Bob

    The hybrid went from $21,490 to $26,495. Up $5,005 in 2 years, 23%. I am shocked there is no Nisan, Chevy, Toyota or Dodge equivalent out this year. No competition allows Ford and their dealers screw whoever they want.

    1. Robert c

      Still waiting in line to be screwed by Ford. Waiting in line for the people behind me who want two scoops because I only want one.
      Sucks to wait in line for the people behind you.
      I am waiting my opportunity to be screwed by Ford.
      They won’t even acknowledge my existance.
      Playing with decals.

    2. Bill Byrne

      Yeah <Nice I ordered an xl in sept 2022 for that "old"price, it was reordered in 2022 Oct as a 2023 18 months now if I reorder a 2024 its $5,000 more. I had Fords over 45 years, sorry no longer, No customer service!! sold my eco f-150 ,got a Base santa cruz SE , have it 6 months now, no issues.

      1. Bill Byrne

        IT should say First order was sept 2021-for a 2022

      2. JT

        I would of waited 10 years before being seen in a Hyundai. They are available because no one wants one. You wait for a Ford because you want the best. America’s truck. 45 years of commitment gone because of parts shortage? Idk, your money of course. 28 years of Ford loyalty for me. I will never switch.

        1. Bill Byrne

          no, they seem to also have NO customer service anymore, and NEVER ONCE let me know what was going on it sucks because I have had over 30 fords/mercury’s . I do have to say we have had 4 Hyundai /Kia and have no issues with any of them 100,000 on the Sorento, and my wife now has a kia soul, now 6 years old ,never been to shop ,but reg service- I pray the Santa cruz ,is as well, so far 6mo. so good- cant say that with ANY ford or mercury I had , most all had issues, but I still like them, my 2019 eco2.7 f-150 was in the shop 8 times in 3 years for issues. but I still liked it. I would never got the santa cruz, but its a base SE awd at $28,500 , all the dealers here in our area in Florida, seem not to have any problems selling them, I even wrote ford a letter, Did get an answer, but it was all BS abd they could care less that my first NEW car was a 1974 gran torino elite! no PR at all.the dealer was just about as bad,im 68 ,its really sad, most companys could give a Sh– anymore!

  3. Scott

    Got email from ford wanting me to upgrade my maverick order, I don’t want to pay more and wait even longer for the Damn thing

  4. Ken Boosen

    Drop the ST rumor you keep pushing. Ford has said no for 2024.

  5. Jeff

    I wonder how many of us who ordered the 23 hybrid that will never be built will say bye bye to Ford. I will not reorder a 24 and will wait for my deposit to be returned. Toyota should have the Stout ready by the end of the year without a 2 year wait. Can’t believe that I was dumb enough to waste a year waiting for a ghost truck.

  6. Shelbykl

    The Dodge Rampage looks great with way more features, nicer interior and way more horsepower 296 horsepower than the Maverick. I think Ford is falling behind, GM sold more EV’s this quarter and Ram’s new in line 3.0 turbo six has 500 horsepower for the 2024 RAM thats 100 horsepower more than the 3.5 ecoboost. A inline 6 motor is so much more balanced than a V6 and will last longer. RAM is going to be unstoppable unless Ford upgrades their Ecoboost line for the 24 model year. With Chevys EV 450 mile range for their truck Ford better get on the ball and up the range on the Lightning. Its looking grim for Ford after TFL’s ike test the 500 horsepower powerstroke looked like a joke with the Chevy’s way lower horsepower motor that was running neck and neck. The Chevy got up to 60 faster with the same load while the Ford seem to choke and paused for a while before finnally it started accelerating again. With GM outselling Ford in EV’s now, Ram putting a way better designed motor a in line 6 with way more power and with Chevy’s EV having 100 mile plus extra range on their truck. I guess Ford will have to find another Market since like when they failed in the sedans they just quit. Now what is Ford going do quit the truck market and EV market. I am a Ford fan will probably be one till I die but Ford has lost its way its and is not number one in anything and cannot even put a heated steering wheel in any F150. F150 is number one truck line but GM sells more trucks with Chevy and GMC combine now. Hope Ford is watching and make the 2024 F150 class leading beacuse its looking bad. Sorry for the rant Ford just needs to get on the ball before they get left behind.

  7. Sandy

    In June 2022 I prepared and printed my 2023 Maverick XL Hybrid order. July 2,2022 I took my order and a check for $500 to a local So Calif dealer. I have a VIN# and a build date of Aug. 28. I did get a phone call from the dealer saying that the mudflaps were on backorder and would I be willing to forego the mudflaps. I said, “sure, I just want the truck, I can always add the mudflaps after I get it.” I did call the dealer twice just to follow up. Order went in on time.

  8. T Fowler

    Ordered Maverick Lariat Tremor in Sept of 22. Still waiting. Going to get stuck with the higher 24 price I know


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